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Assassinís Creed: Rogue (PC) artwork

Assassinís Creed: Rogue (PC) review

"It is essentially Black Flag: Lite."

Assassin's Creed: Rogue is essentially Black Flag Lite. Considering that Black Flag is considered one of the best in the series (my personal favorites include BF and Brotherhood), it would make sense that they would try to make that lightning strike twice. The product we have is a shorter, slim version of Black Flag.

This is not necessarily a bad thing. Black Flag was plagued with one issue: It was riddled with "Follow the people and eavesdrop" which was one of the most annoying things I had to endure. It balanced out with greatly refined Naval combat (first introduced in AC3 but did next to nothing for you) and colorful characters that you empathized with and care about. They're trying to do the same thing in Rogue but with a smaller cast and more streamlined combat.

For example, metal was a commodity in BF that you had to cause a ruckus at sea and get wanted levels to face against higher level enemies. In Rogue, -every- enemy ship carries metal and you'll find your ship upgrade a hell of a lot quicker than in BF.

The same idea translates to the main story which hauls ass Every mission seems to throw 5% completion on my save file. In ten hours you may very well already be at 50% completion which seems a bit short considering it's original asking price (I pre-ordered the deluxe, which is a bit cheaper now).

In essence, they trimmed the pointless fat of Black Flag but failed to replace it with substance or content, but that's still not a dealbreaker if you left BF thinking "I wish there was more sea stuff". Even then, Rogue didn't add much to it, but instead gave you more reasons to do it. If that makes sense.

Storywise, it's actually one of the more interesting ones. I still care very little about the "modern day" aspect of the games (though I'm happy Desmond is out of the picture) but we're put in the shoes of an Assassin that witnessed (and unwittingly caused) a great disaster because the Assassins are meddling in things they don't completely comprehend, and did not take Shay Cormac's words in account when he is distressed at the mess they caused. After being shot off a cliff, Shay then meets several Templars that seem to refrain from the usual "Kick the dog" moments of series past and still press their goals with all the manipulation involved. Shay is out to stop the assassins from making more of a mess and keep them from accidentally (or purposefully) murdering thousands of people at a time.

The story is clearly painted with the "Templars aren't really that bad, okay?" brush, but still offers the opposite opinion that I had been waiting for. We get a little more of that in Unity with Elise, who also isn't a knee-breaking lunatic.

Ultimately it's a great game. It's Black Flag: Templar edition. It's not as expensive as it was, so nab it now or on sale. It's not a bad buy if you're a fan of the franchise.


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Community review by Zydrate (August 22, 2017)

Zydrate is most active on Steam and Tumblr.

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