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StreetPass Mii Plaza (3DS) artwork

StreetPass Mii Plaza (3DS) review

"A mixed bag of games for stalkers and hackers... "

When Nintendo created the 3DS, they included an interesting feature called Streetpass Ė when your 3DS comes into close proximity with another 3DS, data is shared. Some games use this to provide additional features ranging from decent to useless. Streetpass Plaza is the main hub of Streetpass. Here, you can keep track of everyone you meet, and participate in two free games.

Itís grown a lot over the years. Nintendo has updated this thing a few times. Now, you can complete a map of the world based on people youíve encountered, or a list of accomplishments for the Streetpass games (as well as a jukebox so you can listen to this lovely collection of elevator music on the go!)

Some of these updates are free, but many of them are released as paid DLC. Some of it is worth it, some of it is not. It depends on how many different hats and costumes and speech bubble backgrounds you want for your Mii character so they can look cool when saying hello to other Miiís you meet. One paid feature lets you collect everyoneís birthdays with prizes given out for completing certain objectives, like one hundred unique birthdays or completing a month and so on.

The main point of Streetpass Plaza is the mini games. The games are all designed to make use of the people you meet. You can use ten people at once, and that tends to be the best way to play. In the early days of Streetpass, I actually had to take my 3DS outside of the house and go to a shopping centre (and one time, a pop culture convention) to get my hits. But even though I live in Sydney, I might get 4-6 hits going out on a good day, and none if it was a bad day. Progress through these games could be excruciatingly slow. If youíre in an area where you barely get any hits at all, none of these games are worth the time and money. You can use the play coins to achieve most of the same results, but itís a slow grind (and walk) to do it this way.

Even with a lot of hits, some of them still arenít worth it. These mini games are a mixed bag. As much as I hate describing something as a mixed bag, this seems the best way to describe them. Iím not entirely sure what a mixed bag means, but in my mind, it means the collection of varied mini games I am about to describe to you. So, letís do a list! The first two are free, the rest are all paid DLC.

Note, US and PAL titles for these games are often different, so Iím going to be nice and include both.

Puzzle Swap

Nintendo will give out free pieces of new puzzles when they are released. They started with half a dozen, but now there are over sixty of the damn things. Each puzzle is made up of 15 to 40 pieces. Each person you meet on Steetpass will let you take one piece from them (assuming they have pieces you donít have). At current count, thereís 1618 total pieces.

If you donít have a steady stream of Streetpass encounters, this can take a while. You can use play coins to give you a random piece, but sometimes it will give you one you already have, because Nintendo are cruel like that. Some of the larger pictures have special pink pieces that can only be received from other people.

Once completed, you can view a 3D image of your favourite Nintendo properties. Some of them have elaborate animation to them, too. The images do look great, with the 3D providing a lot of depth. You can even tilt the control stick to move the perspective slightly.

Find Mii / Streetpass Quest & Find Mii II / Streetpass Quest 2

When you create your Mii, you are asked to pick your favourite colour. Your Mii will then wear this colour shirt. Every Mii you encounter will be wearing a certain colour, which influences what they can do in each of the games. Be prepared for a lot of red and blue.

In this simple RPG, the colour of the shirt denotes what type of magic/skill they can use. You and your party of up to ten adventurers will fight monsters and other obstacles. Some enemies are weak against water, so you would cycle through your party to find a blue shirt that can use water magic. Most enemies can be cut down with a sword, though. Each time you encounter an individual Mii, they will level up in this game, so it pays to stalk the same group of people as much as possible.

Your reward for progressing through this game will be hats, hats and more hats. For your Mii.

A sequel was provided in a later update, which introduced branching paths and even more hats.

Mii Force / Streetpass Squad

This is a SHMUP! Itís not going to be anywhere near as good as the Genesis classics youíre expecting. You fly a ship through space saving Miiís who are trapped in air bubbles around the place. Once rescued, they provide your ship with a new weapon (depending on their shirt).

You can choose where on your ship to place the weapons, so in addition to moving through space, you will also need to rotate your ship so the best weapons face the opposition. If you get hit, you lose a weapon. Once you have no weapons, you are dead. This game can provide a reasonable challenge as there will often be enemies everywhere, and the bosses are huge and have specific weak points for you to expose.

Each level has additional objectives which l find unreasonable (collect all the treasure, donít get hit!), but then again, I was never very good at this particular genre.

Flower Town / Streetpass Garden

This is one of the best games in the plaza. You collect seeds and grow and cultivate plants, using selective breeding to produce flowers of new species and/or colours. You can create a garden to display your favourite plants, and thereís plenty of interesting pots to use, too.

The flower shop in town will provide specific requests. Itís often up to you to find the flower that suits the customerís need (If thinking isnít your style, and trial and error is not your style either, then the Internet has all the answers). Thereís quite a few requests you can fulfil to earn prizes, and some of these can be a worthy challenge. Thereís about 300 unique flowers in this game, so itís a slow burner. Itís relaxing, though.

Warrior's Way / Streetpass Battle

In Battle, you will build an army and attempt to conquer the world. As you achieve victories over your enemies, your army will grow. You will campaign against enemy generals across the land, but you will also meet the people youíve encountered. You will fight enemy generals (or simply defer to them if their army is too big for you to realistically battle). If you win, you collect some of their troops (if you lose, the reverse). The battles are all basically three rounds of scissors (archers)/paper (infantry)/rock (cavalry). The size of your army is also a factor. Tactically, you will divide your army up into the three groups, and you can only use each part of the army once per battle.

Monster Manor / Streetpass Mansion

In this game, you explore a haunted mansion. The floor plans are lost, so you create the map with pieces given to you by your Streetpass encounters Ė connect the same colours to make the rooms bigger, or have a bunch of different coloured hallways. Youíll also fight monsters from time to time, which arenít that difficult. I like this one a lot, although the inventory management is atrocious. There are different weapons for different elements, and each monster has their own weakness. This means out of your 8 inventory slots, 5 will be taken up by different guns. And the game just keeps throwing guns at you constantly. You have an extended inventory of 99 and that fills up fast. So, at these glowing orb stations you will need to combine guns of similar types to level them up. I donít think the game needed so many weapons Ė surely other items could be found in chests.

This is the opposite of survival horror Ė my Mii could outfit a small army with the arsenal Iíve gathered in this game.

Ultimate Angler / Streetpass Fishing

This fishing game is good. Different coloured shirts bring you different types of bait. You go out on a boat to some beautiful fishing spots, and you cast your line and catch fish. Each spot has a specific fish you need to catch to unlock the next one. The mechanics of fishing are good Ė if youíve played any other fishing mini game in other video games, youíll pick this one up quickly. Itís more enjoyable than Ocarina of Timeís fishing mini-game, but not as relaxing as fishing in Animal Crossing. Iíve never played any game that was just about fishing, so I canít make any comparisons there. Sorry.

Battleground Z / Streetpass Zombie

This is basically a low budget Dead Rising. Your Mii encounters are scattered around town, and zombies are on the loose, so itís up to you to rescue them. Each colour shirt provides a different weapon and youíll use that to whack zombies until the weapon breaks. Each level has specific goals to try and achieve.

Slot Car Rivals / StreetPass Slot Racing

I hate this. Itís stupid and annoying. You race slot cars. You can accelerate or not accelerate. You accelerate to go fast, you take your finger off the A button when youíre on a red corner, or you crash. It sounds easy, but the camera does not make it easy to see what youíre doing. Your car doesnít matter. The Mii encounters give you pieces after each race to make a temporary chip for your car to use next time. There wonít be a next time.

Market Crashers / StreetPass Trading

This is a very quick mini game. Itís quite easy. You get to play a day of trading. You buy stocks at a low price and try to sell them at a high price. Your encounters act as advisors, telling you when stock is likely to rise or fall. Youíre given goals to reach certain milestones of money, and when you do, your reward is another milestone. You can unlock merchandise for your showroom, which seems to be mementos from the other StreetPass games.

Feed Mii / StreetPass Chef

Your encounters will bring you ingredients (based on the colour of their shirt) and itís up to you to turn it into a delicious dish. You will be told to cook up a dish without a recipe (these come from experimenting with leftover ingredients). You can usually figure out the dish based on common sense and logic, or if that fails, just Google it. I tried to come up with some food puns and metaphors for this section, but itís surprisingly difficult when youíre actually talking about food. By the way, the food graphics in this game are the second best Iíve ever seen in a game (the top spot being taken by Ignisís delicious creations in Final Fantasy XV).

Ninja Launcher / StreetPass Ninja

This sounds much cooler than it actually is. In this mini game, you shoot a ninja out of a cannon, and you have a very limited time to work out the trajectory needed to hit the various balloons, which you can move around. Hitting the balloons will provide you with the weapons you need to fight the enemy at the top of the cliff.

Mii Trek / StreetPass Explorers

This one is pretty basic, but enjoyable. Your squad of up to ten Mii buddies give you a certain number of steps. You then progress across a map, shooting dangerous animals with tranquilizer darts, taking photos of wildlife, clearing overgrown bushes, and searching for treasure. The paths will split from time to time, so you must choose which way to go. The session ends when you run out of steps. The wildlife photos are quite pretty, and you can look at them in a gallery.

And thatís it. Streetpass has grown to encompass a collection of mini games that spans genres. Some are more fun than others. But none of them are worth your time unless you can get those Streetpass hits. Fortunately, Nintendo have created Zones where you can get hits from people who were there previously. Unfortunately, these are only in the United States. So, a guy like me just buys a Raspberry Pi and a Wi-Fi dongle and does a little bit of harmless MAC address spoofing, and then I can have as many Streetpass hits as I want, when I want, thus making this thing actually playable.

If Nintendo were to frown on me for this, I would justify it by telling them that if I didnít do this, I certainly wouldnít have paid for the additional games, so this has benefitted them financially. Iím not the only one, either. If not for people using ďRaspi PassĒ all over the world, the world map function would likely be useless, unless youíre the type of person to go backpacking across Europe with your 3DS on the entire time (and given the battery life, that seems unlikely).

Despite their simplicity, I find most of these games to be quite addictive. Except Slot Racing. Slot Racing can go to hell.

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Community review by jerec (February 16, 2017)

On very rare occasions, Jerec finds a game that inspires him to write stuff about. The rest of the time he just hangs around being sarcastic.

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board icon
honestgamer posted February 16, 2017:

Thanks for reviewing this! When I added the listing recently, I said to myself "There's no way anyone will actually take the time to review it, let alone do it justice," but I was wrong and I'm happy to admit it.
board icon
jerec posted February 16, 2017:

I was thinking about reviewing this the other day and I was wondering if I'd have to fight you to get it added to the listings, but then I did a search and it was there, amazingly enough.
board icon
hastypixels posted February 18, 2017:

Y'know even in Canada it can be a pain to amass StreetPasses. I resorted to "jostling" my 3DS until it produced the coins I wanted. Lazy, I know - it wasn't always possible to carry my 3DS to work where I was walking a lot.

Why we only get the new 3DS XL up here has never made any dang sense to me, but then, that's Nintendo for you. Now it doesn't make any real sense for me to own one of those. I'm glad you mentioned the Raspi Pass. Even in the city, it's not smart to walk around with your 3DS hanging out, unless you want to replace it, that is...
board icon
jerec posted February 18, 2017:

Yeah, I used to take my old 3DS with me when I went for walks, but since upgrading to an XL (and later a New XL), they don't fit in my pocket, and I rarely carry a bag when I'm out and about.
board icon
Nightfire posted February 22, 2017:

Great review. It was super long, but considering the content, that seemed appropriate. I also liked how you broke down each minigame entry with HTML breaks and bolded headings. This was quite a different read, but in a good way. Now I know all about Streetpass. I still have no interest in playing it, though. It has also affirmed my belief that Nintendo has gotten weird in its old age.

A last note: Here is the definition of "mixed bag". You're welcome.
board icon
jerec posted February 22, 2017:

Thanks Nightfire. The mixed bag thing was a bit of an in-joke because I've sometimes complained about people using it as a description, like how can you have a mixed bag of graphics?
board icon
Nightfire posted February 22, 2017:

Hmm... An example that comes to mind for a "mixed bag of graphics" is FTL: Faster than Light. It had a mash-up of pixel graphics, crisp line drawings and photorealistic backgrounds, not all of which worked well together.

Also, while most games obviously have a more consistent graphical style, there are the odd titles out there that cut corners or get sloppy at certain portions of development.

I know that's not a very witty answer, but you asked. :X
board icon
honestgamer posted February 22, 2017:

Yeah, "mixed bag" makes sense in a lot of contexts. That's the chief problem with using the term: it's too darn useful, which means a lot of writers--some of them hacks and some of them not--have liberally used it before you. For that reason, you should generally find some other way to make your point. Generally... but not always. ;-)

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