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Bonehealing and other stuff
August 13, 2022

Two more weeks. It's been six so far and apparently I'm healing slow. There could be a real, identifiable reason for that which I will be investigating. In the meantime I wear the Aircast boot for a little longer, but not when I'm at home. It's neat that we have something this useful, but not that it barely holds together in some places. Modern medicine is complicated.

I have a box of computer components which have little value to me. Video cards are annoying. You'll get the latest beast only to find yourself outpaced within a period of months or years. Progress is nice, but this is why consoles are comforting. The age of the Nintendo Switch does not diminish how much fun it is, and legacy hardware has always been one of the strengths of gaming.

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Miss me? Of course you did!
July 27, 2022

It may be premature to announce your return before you actually make the stage, but I'm doing it anyway. Honestgamers is still where I am most read. When I last posted here I was going on about writing and so on. I haven't stopped, naturally, but I have shifted focus.

I am working with an editor now. Pretty crazy, right? You guys get to hear it first. So, it's actually awesome and I'm learning a lot. It doesn't feel right to get into details, but I can talk about other things that have happened in my life.

Well...I had a slew of health issues and haven't been functional for a while. Lately I fractured my ankle, so I'm healing from that as well. Wait, wasn't I supposed to be talking about good things that have happened?

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Other things I like to do...
July 13, 2019

After bashing my head against Bubsy: Paws of Fury on Fire for about a week, I plunked out my review draft, which I have submitted has a staff review... and promptly dove head first into Michelle Obama's Becoming.

Truthfully I did require some prompting, not that I wasn't interested, but my usual genre haunts have been in the spectulative fiction/fantasy section, not history and biographies. I have a tendency of not trusting third party authors, but in a nutshell, Becoming is an uplifting tale of the American Dream manifest as the founders intended. It is truly beautiful, and a solid expression of the American patriotic ideal.

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Just an update on stuff.
June 07, 2019

I know I've been quiet for a while - well, overtime will do that to a fella. At the upholstery shop where I work we've been swamped because there just aren't that many shops around that do what we do. That's a good thing for us, but not so awesome when we've got several installs to pull off in just a couple of weeks.

My body doesn't like that very much, even if my bank account does. Meanwhile, I was able to complete - and submit - a review for Starlink: Battle for Atlas. (Spoiler warning: It was really good.) I picked up the Deluxe Edition of that and Mario+Rabbids Kingdom Battles for the sort of discounts I've been wanting to see on the eShop for a long time. I have to admit, though, it's kinda disillusioning finally getting what I want in that respect.

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Much Ado About Forgotlings
May 22, 2019

Before we begin, be advised that this post entirely concerns the story content of Forgotton Anne. If you wish to preserve your gameplay innocence, here's your chance to duck out. You have been warned.

So here we are, with a beautiful game that no one seems interested in playing. "Beautiful" may be something of a stretch, since the art design is just above the level of a school project. For some reason the art lacks the polish one would expect from a game sheparded by industry leader, Square-Enix. Unfortunately for us, this reflects almost every aspect of the game.

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Star Trek Discovery...
May 12, 2019

So I just got through the second season of Star Trek: Discovery. Sigh. Well, how to begin? I'm not thrilled about it, but I'm something of a Babylon 5 snob, if that provides any sort of context.

And no, "context is NOT king".

The writing gets on my nerves with its inconsistencies, recycled logic, poor structure and rehashed concepts. It's best ideas were introduced in the first season and left twitching on the floor like the bloody leg caught caught in the door.

Apparently it was necessary to drag Star Trek weeping and wailing into Game of Thrones territory as evidence of relevance. It worked in the sense that the show is getting a third season. I don't think that's a function of good writing, not that ST:D ... STD ... will someone please stop it?

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Super Mario Bros 3 via Nintendo Switch Online
May 04, 2019

Super Mario Bros 3 (Nintendo Switch Online)

If there was going to be a game to make sense of Mario’s role as a plumber-become-princess-rescuer, Super Mario Bros 3 wasn’t about to streamline anything. Not that we were asking questions as kids, anyway. We were quite content with our plump assortment of pixels hopping about in the search for the spike-shelled Big Bad himself, Bowser. Nintendo had a winner on its hands, and as cheesy as associated media may have been, I think they knew it well before launch.

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