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Joseph Shaffer
Retro gamer, horror/b-movie fan, games critic, father. In other words, I don't sleep much.

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Joseph Shaffer @JoeTheDestroyer03:00 AM
I'm interested in checking out some of the maps the Steam community has made, though, and maybe even messing around with the level editor myself. Of course, I'll never have enough time to fully commit to making a full campaign or anything...
Joseph Shaffer @JoeTheDestroyer02:59 AM
and venom-spitting maggots. I also wouldn't mind seeing more games like this utilize traditional RPG elements rather than minimal or watered down facets. Here, there is no experience and you can only level up by purchasing upgrades.
Joseph Shaffer @JoeTheDestroyer02:57 AM
figured out there were checkpoints that pop up now and then. My only complaint so far is that the bestiary needs a little more diversity. I know it's still early on, but all I've encountered thus far is swarms of bats, (apparently) giant potato bugs...
Joseph Shaffer @JoeTheDestroyer02:56 AM
Hammerwatch- Restarted my game because I accidentally warped two floors ahead. I'm starting to get the hang of the game and learning to tread lightly, which is important because your lives are finite. For a while I didn't know how to save the game, but...
Joseph Shaffer @JoeTheDestroyer02:00 AM
@zippdementia @Masters @EmP @Ben "It was also refreshing not to have to sit through cutscenes and exposition. God, current games have to stop that." A-freakin'-men!
Joseph Shaffer @JoeTheDestroyerJul 22, 2014
@EmP @Masters @Ben Ha! I did the same thing during my playthrough. I kept saying, "WTF? How long until the next checkpoint?" It turned out that I had skipped a few steps.
Joseph Shaffer @JoeTheDestroyerJul 22, 2014
I just messed around a little bit with Hammerwatch. It's kinda like Gauntlet, but with a pretty good soundtrack.
Joseph Shaffer @JoeTheDestroyerJul 21, 2014
@EmP Some parts of that game can be pretty frustrating.
Joseph Shaffer @JoeTheDestroyerJul 21, 2014
Finished Fortune Summoners. The final boss was nothing special and pretty much felt like an ordinary boss, except that she could summon minions.
Joseph Shaffer @JoeTheDestroyerJul 21, 2014
Fortune Summoners- Gained access to the final dungeon, obtained the last of the Marks of Heroism, purchased Arche's ultimate weapon, and am now working on reaching the level cap with all three characters. It should all be over soon!
Joseph Shaffer @JoeTheDestroyerJul 20, 2014
dungeon remaining. I think it's called Labyrinth of Night or something like that. I also only have three more Marks of Heroism to find, which would put the final level cap at 23.
Joseph Shaffer @JoeTheDestroyerJul 20, 2014
Fortune Summoners- Completed the first dungeon of Day 11, which ended with me finally receiving magical abilities (read: projectile attacks and a double-jump) for the protagonist. I have yet to advance the story much beyond that, but I only have one...
Joseph Shaffer @JoeTheDestroyerJul 19, 2014
Fortune Summoners- Completed Day 10, which culminated in a pretty sweet boss battle against a humongous wyvern at the top of Weathervane Tower. I wasn't too impressed with this game early on, but I must say that it has grown on me.
Joseph Shaffer @JoeTheDestroyerJul 18, 2014
is also practically a death sentence, at least if the protagonist is affected anyway. She's strong enough that the other two don't stand a chance against her.
Joseph Shaffer @JoeTheDestroyerJul 18, 2014
Fortune Summoners- Partway through Weathervane Tower, which is kicking my rump. It's full of really strong harpies that can confuse the party and fully heal themselves. Never mind that fly around erratically and hard difficult to hit. Getting confused...
Joseph Shaffer @JoeTheDestroyerJul 18, 2014
@wolfqueen001 @honestgamer @EmP The second one is available on PS3, but I've heard it's the weaker of the two. It's pirate themed, though.
Joseph Shaffer @JoeTheDestroyerJul 18, 2014
Fortune Summoners- Completed Day 9, and saved a short ways into 10. According to a fortune teller, I haven't missed a single Mark of Heroism (hidden items that boost the level cap by one--there are twenty in all).
Joseph Shaffer @JoeTheDestroyerJul 17, 2014
@honestgamer @EmP I've got the first two on Steam, and I've bee meaning to play the first one for a long time. It always seemed like an RPG I'd enjoy.
Joseph Shaffer @JoeTheDestroyerJul 17, 2014
I have four games on Steam I want to try to get through after I complete Fortune Summoners: Hammerwatch, Risen (which I have already started), Gothic, and Geneforge 2. I feel it's time to scratch these titles off of my backlog!
Joseph Shaffer @JoeTheDestroyerJul 17, 2014
Fortune Summoners- Entered a graveyard on Day 9 to discover the source of some unearthly moaning. ....Aaaaaand this is where our heroes accidentally stumble upon the introductory scene from Phantasm.
Joseph Shaffer @JoeTheDestroyerJul 15, 2014
Fortune Summoners- Finally completed Day 8 and saved at the beginning of 9. from what I can tell, I'm close to the end. I seem to remember reading that the game is divided into 11 days, but I'm sure each of the last three will take a few hours each.
Joseph Shaffer @JoeTheDestroyerJul 14, 2014
Fortune Summoners- Wrapped up my grind session and advanced the story, which ended with me saving a girl from a giant, talking scorpion. I should be approaching the next major dungeon soon.
Joseph Shaffer @JoeTheDestroyerJul 13, 2014
I'm stuck in a situation right now where I can easily type up a rough draft, but I struggle to find time to edit it. I'm currently sitting on roughs for X-Men arcade and MirrorMoon EP.
Joseph Shaffer @JoeTheDestroyerJul 10, 2014
Grinding has been kind of slow going in Fortune Summoners, but I was able to get my hands on a brand new bastard sword last night. That's one item down, four more to go. Sigh...
Joseph Shaffer @JoeTheDestroyerJul 08, 2014
Fortune Summoners- Made it to Korat Village on Day 8, and discovered that I have to do a ton of grinding so I can afford new armor and an expensive (but worthwhile) new sword for Arche. Here we go again...
Joseph Shaffer @JoeTheDestroyerJul 08, 2014
@overdrive @Suskie @Never3ndr I'd say the chances of liking it are about 50-50 for me. I have had more than a few "Damn, Suskie was right" moments.
Joseph Shaffer @JoeTheDestroyerJul 08, 2014
Fortune Summoners- Partway through Day 8, wherein the game introduces the antagonist Dark Witch Selene. It's about freakin' time. Anyway, I defeated a sub-boss and have now amassed my first party of three characters.
Joseph Shaffer @JoeTheDestroyerJul 07, 2014
an anime, this would be one of the boring filler episodes that nearly everyone skips.
Joseph Shaffer @JoeTheDestroyerJul 07, 2014
Fortune Summoners- The candy wasn't a McGuffin. The only event that transpired that day was rushing to a far off city so I could trade a tart for some candy. There was one dungeon involved in the interim and that was it. If Fortune Summoners were...
Joseph Shaffer @JoeTheDestroyerJul 06, 2014
I'm guessing the candy is a McGuffin. I'll probably bump into something more serious along the way.
Joseph Shaffer @JoeTheDestroyerJul 06, 2014
Fortune Summoners- At the start of Day 7, and my first objective is to travel to a somewhat distant town so I can buy cheap candy. =/
Joseph Shaffer @JoeTheDestroyerJul 05, 2014
Fortune Summoners- Got the second wind crest and attempted to head home, only to be blindsided by a new story event. At any rate, I think I'm nearing the end of Day 6.
Joseph Shaffer @JoeTheDestroyerJul 04, 2014
Fortune Summoners- Day 6, trying to access the next dungeon and hopefully nab the second wind crest.
Joseph Shaffer @JoeTheDestroyerJul 02, 2014
Fortune Summoners- Completed Day 4, only to discover that it was just the prologue. That might explain a few things...
Joseph Shaffer @JoeTheDestroyerJul 01, 2014
I've been dragging ass on posting that Draw a Stickman review. I think I might get the lead out sometime this week, as it is my last week of leave.
Joseph Shaffer @JoeTheDestroyerJul 01, 2014
Fortune Summoners- Restarted this one. Currently on Day 3, grinding for cash so I can afford current equipment. So far, I've gotten my first piece of armor, and I need to hack and slash some more for a shiny new sword.
Joseph Shaffer @JoeTheDestroyerJun 30, 2014
I beat WARP. It would have been a great game were it not for the glitches. Not that it's unplayable or broken, but it does glitch more than a reasonable amount, especially during the final boss.
Joseph Shaffer @JoeTheDestroyerJun 29, 2014
@jerec @EmP It's fun for about thirty minutes. I think what did it for me was the lack of content.
Joseph Shaffer @JoeTheDestroyerJun 28, 2014
Also, I'd love to post some more positive reviews on here. It seems like my last few have been almost entirely negative-to-average, with only one above average sub (Rainbow Moon).
Joseph Shaffer @JoeTheDestroyerJun 28, 2014
I think FTL is going to become a long, off-and-on project for me, rather than a main emphasis. I love it, but it's not something I feel I can power through and stay devoted to without becoming burnt out. I do intend to beat it one day...
Joseph Shaffer @JoeTheDestroyerJun 28, 2014
WARP- I think I'm in the third area, if not close to it. I don't think the game is absolutely linear, as it seems like you can backtrack later on to snag any missed collectibles.
Joseph Shaffer @JoeTheDestroyerJun 28, 2014
@Germ @zippdementia Yeah, I did normal for a while and got as far as the fourth sector. On easy mode, I unlocked layout B for the first ship, plus unlocked the Engi ship.
Joseph Shaffer @JoeTheDestroyerJun 27, 2014
I hope to wrap up To the Moon before I go to bed. It's not a bad game, but I feel like it would have been better as an anime or something along those lines, rather than basically an interactive novel.
Joseph Shaffer @JoeTheDestroyerJun 26, 2014
WARP- Got the game working after some negotiation. For some reason, I didn't get a popup window showing me what the activation key was, as I usually do for Steam games. Anyway, I just made it to the second area.
Joseph Shaffer @JoeTheDestroyerJun 26, 2014
Risen- Dropped my friend off at an abandoned cottage, where death surely awaits her. Instead of venturing further inland, I decided to explore a cave she didn't want to go through, where I slaughtered some gnomes.
Joseph Shaffer @JoeTheDestroyerJun 26, 2014
FTL- Breached the first exit with a few dents and scrapes. Whew! You guys were right. This game is pretty addictive so far.
Joseph Shaffer @JoeTheDestroyerJun 26, 2014
To the Moon- Just got into John's memories, somewhere in Act 1.
Joseph Shaffer @JoeTheDestroyerJun 25, 2014
Phew. Sorted out. Thankfully.
Joseph Shaffer @JoeTheDestroyerJun 25, 2014
...and I'm currently chatting with an EA rep. The way the conversation is going doesn't instill much hope in me...
Joseph Shaffer @JoeTheDestroyerJun 25, 2014
Awesome. I'm attempting to load and finally play WARP, except that I need an activation key to play it. I no longer have the activation key (which was supposedly sent via email), so I'm trying to get a hold of someone at EA. FFS...

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