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FIFA 19's Unexpected Menu Problems
October 17, 2018

Iíve been playing a lot of Fifa 19 since it dropped a couple weeks ago. Iíve mostly enjoyed my time with it, and there are several gameplay tweaks that I find interesting, but, Iíve found myself increasingly transfixed by an aspect of the game that I highly doubt anyone at Electronic Arts spent much time considering on even the most rudimentary level: the menus.

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Maybe Every Game Should Come Out on Switch
July 17, 2018

Weíve only just passed the halfway point of the year, and there are plenty of highly-anticipated games still to be released, but itís hard to imagine any title becoming the mass market sensation that Fortnite has become. Itís a remarkable rise to prominence, considering the gameís extended development process that birthed a completely different type of game, and the slightly sketchy origin story of the battle royale mode that made PUBG Corporation briefly consider legal action against the company that gave them an engine. It was a certainly a brazen lane switch to go where the money was, but Fortnite has become its own monster in the months afterward. Without fail, thereís a new barely believable metric demonstrating the gameís rapid rise and financial success seemingly every week, exempli

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The 2018 World Cup Deserves Better Than EA Sports
July 05, 2018

There are few events that guarantee joy and excitement with more certainty than the World Cup. It doesnít matter that FIFA is run by an openly corrupt cabal of capitalist power mongers, or that the tournament will be in the hands of human rights abusers until at least 2030, or that the United States, thanks to a mix of arrogance, incompetence, and a lack of actual talent, managed not to qualify when all they had to do was beat a Trinidad and Tobago reserve team. (Iím not mad I swear.) Electronic Arts, as the preeminent seller of all non-basketball related sports games, has had the World Cup license since 1998, and they have used the occasion to add some substantial content in the past. Previous World Cup games have given players the opportunity to play through the qualification rounds from

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The Frozen Wilds is a Great Addition to Horizon: Zero Dawn
February 13, 2018

Horizon: Zero Dawn exists in a strange paradox. It was positioned to be one of biggest games of the year thanks to a series of impressive showcases at pre-release events. As a game from a first party studio for the best-selling console out, it didnít lack for promotional backing from Sony. Reviews praised the game almost unanimously. Yet it feels like the game became yesterdayís news way too quickly, its moment in the sun extinguished prematurely. The gameís arrival was immediately superseded a week later by Zelda: Breath of the Wild, a game that revived one of the mediumís oldest franchises and reset the standards for what to expect from open world games. That, along with the other two dozen great games released in 2017, took a lot of the air out of the room. Even accounting for the dizzy

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Well, That Was A Thing: On the 2016 Game Awards
December 02, 2016

Awards shows are always bloated, self-involved trash, but few shows inspire my body to recoil backward with white-hot intensity the way The Game Awards often do. There were a few pleasant moments: Geoff Keighley's speech to Hideo Kojima made me deeply uncomfortable, but it clearly came from a space of genuine affection. The speech from the dude that made That, Dragon Cancer was touching and represented the changing tableau of video games. But those moments were life rafts in a sea infested with unadulterated advertisements and corporate-sponsored sewage masquerading as jokes. Iíd say whoever signed off on the Sentient Razor From Hell should be shot into space and forced to listen to Duke Nukemís very timely jokes from the Bulletstorm remaster for the rest of eternity, but that would mean t

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Just Played Gone Home For The First Time
November 30, 2016

I remember being intensely annoyed by how highly the games press rated Gone Home when it first came out in 2013. I was twenty at the time, and I internalized the gameís widespread adulation as an attack on myself and what games meant to me. ďSo youíre telling me this game where you just walk around a house is a game of the year contender? Itís really capable of standing on equal footing with the likes of Grand Theft Auto 5, The Last of Us, Tearaway (shout-out to my Vita-heads out there) and Bioshock Infinite? Itís not even a Real Video Game! Thereís no way this is THAT good.Ē My discomfort with the game, and what it could mean for the direction of my favorite medium, made me reflexively lash out against the gameís success. The price point didnít help either. $20 for a game most enthusiasts

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Rocket League's Rumble Mode is Pure, Enjoyable Chaos
September 13, 2016

I love Rocket League. Ever since the game fell out of nowhere to become a massive hit last summer, it has taken a substantial role in my gaming life. I still play it almost every day. Iíve watched Youtube videos on how to get better at the game. Itís the only game thatís ever made me interested in watching professional players play it as an eSport. Rocket League has it hooks in me in a way games rarely do.

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