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Re: My Updated Games I Want to Review before I Die List
January 02, 2012

I originally posted this several years ago when I first became active here, and after EmP started the Alpha Marathon thing. There are so many games here I don't really have a hope of reviewing them all, but I like to update the list as I go on (and often add new items...), just to see my progress. I'm primarily re-posting it again because I don't feel like having to go back to my old post and doing it there, plus I want to use this to sort of motivate myself to write more.

These are all games I want to review / have reviewed either for kicks or because someone recommended it. Recommendations are always welcome.


Kid Icarus
Resident Evil: Revelation


Contra 4
Dragon Quest VI: Realms of Revelation
Fossil Fighters

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So I think I know why HG's so dead....
October 03, 2011

Everyone moved to Realm of Gaming. Or elsewhere. Even Jason seems to have given up on it!

Of course, Jason could also just be receiving money for his contributions at RoG, but I didn't think RoG is in any more of a position to pay its staff than Jason is. But, well, I could be wrong about this. I just found it interesting.

You can also find Louis Bedigan there as as well. And probably a few others. True's a main player on that site, and Espiga contributes now and then.

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WQ's Year in Review - because everyone has to do it
January 10, 2011

I told myself that in 2010, I wanted to write at least ten reviews, which would have been a lot better (for me) than the seven I'd barely managed to eek out the previous year. I succeeded, writing twelve, and also managed a few other personal achievements as well. Three reviews counted for staff, and I actually managed to do considerably better than usual in a couple tourneys. Overall, not a bad year.

The summaries that follow are probably a bit too self-reflective for my tastes, but oh well.

Plants vs. Zombies - February 28
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HO HO HO!! Merry Christmas!
December 25, 2010

Santa Wolf has decided to give everyone Christmas presents this year because the spirit of the holiday has filled her soul wtih love and joy.

However, because she is part wolf, you'll have to forgive her if she gives someone an inappropriate gift. I assure you she was well intentioned.

You get ME! =D Haha. Just kidding. You deal with me enough as is. Check your HGmail for a surprise, though. =P

A few things come to mind for you. You could receive a bottle of your favorite beer, a Philosoraptor T-Shirt and/or something that relates to accounting that I'm not clever enough to think of right now. The choice is yours. =P


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Memories of Mallorca: Formentor
October 24, 2010

I haven't done one of these in a while, so here goes. Hope you all appreciate it.

Formentor was probably the most touristy place I ever visited on the island. I think, from what I saw, there were more Brits and Germans there than there were Spanish. Seriously. I think the only Spaniards there were the ones doing the vending.

Considering just how touristy the place is, I had to wonder whether this was where EmP wound up on his vacation. Though, I didn't see anything about a crazy golf course, so probably not. haha.

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This semester...
September 11, 2010

So far, this semester is looking like it'll be a bit of a "break" from what I've been doing. Which is good, because if I ever have to do anything as strenuous and exhausting as last year, I'll shoot myself, I swear. I do have some concerns, as I always do, but they'll probably work themselves out... as they always do.

I'm actually less concerned with getting straight As this semester (*shockgaspawesurprise*), and am more concerned with just getting the work done. I also want to try and start job-searching, though, the problem with that has to do with my schedule, as you'll see in a moment.

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I (still) need a tech wizard
August 13, 2010

Ok, if any of you saw the message where I awkwardly tried explaining the Rollercoaster Tycoon situation, I spoke with my brother and what I had thought was an issue wasn't really the issue I was thinking. Rather, he had installed the expansion and it had wiped all our progress in the process. That's a glitch I had read about some time ago, so I can find a way how to fix it.

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