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Title: Mortal Kombat shenanigans
Posted: April 19, 2011 (05:08 AM)

Second short of the Mortal Kombat as done in a "realistic" setting. It's sad when basically fan made stuff is better then what big studios could do with it, though why they like killing of Johnny Cage so much is beyond me. It's become a running joke in the series already.
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Type: Review
Game: Transformers: Fall of Cybertron (Miscellaneous)
Posted: September 20, 2012 (05:29 PM)
At first glance, most modern gamers will think that this title is a pure copy of the Gears of War games, due to the similar interface and gameplay. You control your robots through the familiar over-the-shoulder look, and guide them through the world of Cybertron, using walls for cover and destroying various enemies with a large arsenal of weapons.
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Type: Review
Game: LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes (Miscellaneous)
Posted: September 13, 2012 (06:51 PM)
Most fans know what to expect when Gotham is concerned. A pretty outside that covers up the seedy, criminal infested underground. Lego Batman takes a similar approach, but is not afraid to throw it's own spin on the title, so those that want a more serious title might remain disappointed.
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Type: Review
Game: Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City (PlayStation 3)
Posted: June 12, 2012 (02:04 PM)
You take control of the Umbrella's security team whose mission is to protect the famed T-Virus so it wouldn't get in the hands of the American military, and the main locations are those of the titular Raccoon City. As it befits the usual fare of Resident Evil, our "heroes" are all top notch specimens of the human race that are capable of destroying everything in their way without batting an eye.

Type: Review
Game: Legend of Grimrock (Miscellaneous)
Posted: April 19, 2012 (03:17 PM)
What Almost Human tried and succeeded to capture was the feeling of isolation. There are no other friendly faces around, and the only trace of former occupants to be found are hastily-scribbled letters that you can find from time to time.

Type: Review
Game: Warp (Miscellaneous)
Posted: March 27, 2012 (03:57 PM)
That second part makes Zero less of something that escaped out of a Cartoon Network special and more of a psychotic killer that will hold no remorse if it will end with him escaping captivity.
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Type: Review
Game: Syndicate (2012) (Miscellaneous)
Posted: March 05, 2012 (04:31 PM)
When all is said and done, one can' t feel but disappointed with Syndicate. It tried to do a lot of things, and for that congratulations are in order, but in most things it tries, it fails.

Type: Review
Game: Fallout: New Vegas (Miscellaneous)
Posted: December 29, 2011 (03:37 PM)
Fans of the Fallout series should not even read this, since they already have the Collector' s edition of the game, signed by the development team itself, with a complimentary brahmin figure sagely looking at them.
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Type: Review
Game: Thunder Force VI (PlayStation 2)
Posted: March 22, 2011 (03:28 PM)
So, the question for all Thunder Force fans concerns the game's difficulty, something that every shoot-them-up masochist thrives on. Will you bleed out of your eye-balls, curled into nothing more but a pathetic lump of flesh in the corner, knowing that you'll never, ever beat that damn boss on Level 3?

Type: Review
Game: The Witcher (Miscellaneous)
Posted: March 10, 2011 (01:05 PM)
The Witcher, based on a well known series of polish fantasy books by Andrzej Sapkowski, takes a more "realistic" route in portraying the continent of Temeria, and its denizens. Geralt, our platinum-haired hero is one of these witchers, a monster hunter with amazing combat prowess, insane reflexes, alchemical abilities and magical powers surpassing those of mortal men.

Type: Review
Game: Flashback (Miscellaneous)
Posted: January 08, 2011 (10:08 AM)
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Type: Review
Game: Al-Qadim: The Genie's Curse (Miscellaneous)
Posted: October 01, 2010 (04:08 PM)
In an age long lost, the standard appearance of a main character vastly differed then that of today. Today, we have protaganists that look more like they belong in a gothic fashion magazine then as a serious combatant, complete with girly long-haired and sunbed tans. But in 1994 the exact opposite applied: manly men with bronze-skinned bodies and muscles that would make Arnold in his prime weep, wearing naught more than a turban and loose-fitting silk trousers.
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Type: Review
Game: Phantasmagoria (Miscellaneous)
Posted: May 14, 2010 (05:26 PM)
Let me take you back to the past, the year 1996 to be more precise. At that time FMV games were all the rage, even if they took an absurd amount of space when compared to other games of the era. One in particular took space of biblical proportions, spanning over 7 CD's.

Type: Review
Game: Murder in the Abbey (Miscellaneous)
Posted: April 09, 2010 (08:23 PM)
In The Name of the Rose is a pretty famous novel written by Umberto Eco, but better known as "that movie in which the always-bearded Sean Connery is bossing Christian Slater around".
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Type: Review
Game: Ninja Blade (Miscellaneous)
Posted: February 28, 2010 (12:17 PM)
Every single one of us, in some stage of our lives, entertained the idea of becoming a ninja. Be it after watching one of the horrid movies that celebrated fictional martial arts, a book in which a person dressed in black pajamas tries to establish themselves as an arse-kicking machine of violent death. In today's example, we also find them in video games where they're often portrayed doing things that no mortal person ever should or could do.
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Type: Review
Game: Indigo Prophecy (PlayStation 2)
Posted: January 03, 2010 (02:30 PM)
Every once in a while there’s a game that’s destined to change things. Perhaps it’s the sort of game that heralds in a new engine, showcases a new standard of graphics, or brings in a unforeseen focus on story and settings. On the other side of the spectrum, there’s game so utterly bad they serve as a large sign to all future developers never, ever to design games in such a way. Often, these failures drown in pre-release hype, chosen to usher in a new age. At worst, a game that symbolizes the re...
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Type: Review
Game: Fading Shadows (PSP)
Posted: October 09, 2009 (05:04 PM)

Type: Review
Game: System Shock 2 (Miscellaneous)
Posted: September 10, 2009 (01:06 PM)
There’s an interesting theory that I learned about in sociology called «flock theory». Basically, if a high enough number of people report to an individual that Pearl Harbour is a masterpiece of cinematic history, even the most sane of individuals will eventually condemn common sense and hail Michael Bay as the new Orson Welles.
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Type: Review
Game: Dragoneer's Aria (PSP)
Posted: August 20, 2009 (07:29 PM)
Sometimes, the strength of people’s convictions amaze me. Not so long ago, one such person decided to make a stand against the manufactured pop music that floods our airwaves, and made her way to a public stage armed with only a bucket and a CD belonging to one of the cheesier offenders on her hit list. For the entire album’s duration -- the best part of an hour -- the woman bent over the bucket and expelled the contents of her stomach.

Type: Review
Game: DreamWeb (Miscellaneous)
Posted: June 10, 2009 (04:01 AM)
The cyberpunk genre is rarely as well presented as it should be, partially because most developers themselves haven’t the slightest idea how to present it in the first place. Sometimes, they’d opt for an overly-complex ‘hardcore’ approach, confusing newcomers with countless rules, ideas and staples of the niche genre, thinking that we should, as fans, already know what the hell they are talking about. Failing that, the other side of the coin that tries to weave a good futuristic story but fails ...
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Type: Review
Game: Dead Head Fred (PSP)
Posted: March 17, 2009 (10:38 AM)
Sometimes, when my life is overtaken by drudgery, I like to think about how it would be if video games were colours that you could mix together to get an entirely different hue. For instance, what kind of a shade would we get by combining Tomb Raider and Indiana Jones with a layer of Metal Gear Solid slapped on top of a canvas made from Splinter Cell? Would it be utter manliness set against ancient societies, Nazis, political intrigue and whips, or would it be a feste...

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