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Jeremy Davis
Hi. Want to talk about video games?

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Jeremy Davis @GermNov 10, 2014
@overdrive I've played a little Skyrim these past couple weeks. Never touched the DLC, but I've been playing with some mods. Some are quite good. I also used console to max illusion spells and play a different way. Fun stuff.
Jeremy Davis @GermNov 04, 2014
@honestgamer @JoeTheDestroyer @espiga @EmP I'm okay with my interest in that particular game being struck from the record! lol
Jeremy Davis @GermOct 07, 2014
@JoeTheDestroyer @EmP @honestgamer Thanks guys! Although my internship is officially over, I still owe Jason a number of reviews. Afterwards, I hope to still hang around, write the odd retro review and hang out. You dudes are awesome!
Jeremy Davis @GermSep 19, 2014
My 3 year old daughter watched me playing Tomb Raider III today and started pushing around furniture grunting in imitation of Lara moving blocks. My Dad plays TR as well. Three generations.
Jeremy Davis @GermSep 11, 2014
OH GOD I love the random box it gave me this gem AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA For the sake of being family friendly that won't be my social media post but...WOW.
Jeremy Davis @GermSep 05, 2014
@EmP "The stifled, sexual aggression in Metal Gear Solid" #writeakotakuarticle :)
Jeremy Davis @GermSep 02, 2014
@honestgamer love it! I like to go through old reviews here. This makes it easier
Jeremy Davis @GermAug 31, 2014
@EmP @honestgamer My HG tab is my oasis. I relax here before switching back to Twitter.
Jeremy Davis @GermAug 30, 2014
Here's a dumb question: What exactly was HG Wars? It sounds pretty cool.
Jeremy Davis @GermAug 13, 2014
@Suskie @honestgamer Timed exclusive confirmed:
Jeremy Davis @GermAug 12, 2014
@honestgamer Maybe timed, maybe not. A PC release seems inevitable, at least.
Jeremy Davis @GermAug 12, 2014
Good thing I despised the Tomb Raider reboot, or I would be upset about the sequel going Xbone only.
Jeremy Davis @GermAug 01, 2014
@zippdementia I main Linux Mint right now, and I was pleasantly surprised by the number of Steam games playable. Played through Long Live the Queen and a lot of FTL. Also bought a 2007 Mac from a flea market for $150 and it was the same thing. Yay choice!
Jeremy Davis @GermJul 28, 2014
@zippdementia @zippdementia @JoeTheDestroyer @EmP Glad to see I touched off a bit of discussion. I stand by the idea that it works without nostalgia goggles on. I play the PS1 Tomb Raiders, and I know only my memories make them good. Not so with MGS.
Jeremy Davis @GermJul 26, 2014
@JoeTheDestroyer Yeah, I've heard/read people saying it doesn't hold up today, and I completely disagree. Holds up better than most PS1 games and is still completely enjoyable.
Jeremy Davis @GermJul 25, 2014
Very surprised to see so many negative reviews for the original MGS:
Jeremy Davis @GermJul 13, 2014
@honestgamer love these sales, my second disc of LoD has been lost forever. Nice to get a digital copy
Jeremy Davis @GermJul 02, 2014
Somehow, I got really into Long Live the Queen. I know there isn't a whole lot to it but I'm having fun.
Jeremy Davis @GermJun 28, 2014
@zippdementia @JoeTheDestroyer actually all I've been doing is normal. Maybe that's why I've only unlocked one other ship. I'll give easy a try now
Jeremy Davis @GermJun 27, 2014
Amusing little review for the original Gran Turismo I stumbled upon:
Jeremy Davis @GermJun 27, 2014
@JoeTheDestroyer I just got into FTL as well! It's pretty great
Jeremy Davis @GermJun 25, 2014
There's a part of me that really wants an N-Gage. I can't explain why.
Jeremy Davis @GermJun 20, 2014
@Suskie @jerec Do it!
Jeremy Davis @GermJun 19, 2014
Amused to see the disparity in scores for Chrono Cross here on HG:
Jeremy Davis @GermMay 14, 2014
I started a thread about the recent Xbox One announcements:
Jeremy Davis @GermMay 12, 2014
Hey everybody! I made a thread on the Next-Gen Gaming forum to start discussion of Nintendo's recently announced figurine platform:
Jeremy Davis @GermMay 03, 2014
Wife picked up a guitar controller and about 6 Rock Band games for $2 at a yard sale today (PS3). It was another $1 for the drum set too, and she didn't get it.
Jeremy Davis @GermApr 30, 2014
@overdrive I thought the Last of Us was an overrated but very decent game. The worst parts though, are definitely in the beginning.
Jeremy Davis @GermApr 25, 2014
I've been mostly playing Starlight: Inception, but I started Braid and Tokyo Jungle. TJ is AMAZINGLY fun. Braid is beautiful, but I don't really love it. I have a lot of thoughts about Starlight that I'll save for my review.
Jeremy Davis @GermApr 22, 2014
Anyone else notice that a ton of stuff that wasn't compatible with Vita before now is? Downloading Gran Turismo PSP right now. Some are saying it's every PSP/PS1 game now? Is that right? Can't find any official info
Jeremy Davis @GermApr 19, 2014
Did anyone else take advantage of the PSN flash sale? I got the Crash Bandicoots, the Spyros, Red Faction 1&2, Braid, Everyday Shooter, Tokyo Jungle, and Super Stardust HD for $.99/each. That's crazy. Retro City Rampage is also $.99, I recommend it.
Jeremy Davis @GermApr 17, 2014
@honestgamer yeah, I meant it as an addendum to what I said before about me being bad at reviewing my favorite games
Jeremy Davis @GermApr 17, 2014
with a few of those friends recently and we had a blast, just like we used to with MAT. It's just this little compilation disc for an outdated console, but that game has as much sentimental value to me as any other game I've ever played.
Jeremy Davis @GermApr 17, 2014
Even @honestgamer 's reasonable 6/10 review that said little I would actually disagree with had me shaking my head. The whole package just really really clicked with me and my group of friends at the time. I went to an arcade and played Smash TV all night
Jeremy Davis @GermApr 17, 2014
Midway Arcade Treasures for PS2 is an example of a game I could never write a review for. Some of the most fun I've ever had was playing it with friends in High School, all the games, the in jokes we made about it, etc. 10/10, impossible to be objective
Jeremy Davis @GermApr 14, 2014
@zigfried @honestgamer @pickhut I tend to prefer Vita versions if they exist so I can quickly stop and start up again rapidly. I have a two year old daughter running around that often needs immediate attention! I'll keep an eye out for either version. Thx
Jeremy Davis @GermApr 11, 2014
@honestgamer first instinct was that one, but Vita version is a further enhanced version of that with decent reviews so I'm up in the air. DO you have experience with that one? Any reason to steer clear and go PS3?
Jeremy Davis @GermApr 11, 2014
Yaiba is (unfortunately) the only Ninja Gaiden game I've played. Anyone got recommendation for the best PS3/Vita NG game?
Jeremy Davis @GermApr 10, 2014
@Ben I would be the most nervous about reviewing a game I really loved. Worried it would devolve into prose poetry or a story about fond memories playing it instead of a real look at its quality. That's just a personal foible of mine, others do a fine job
Jeremy Davis @GermApr 07, 2014
@JoeTheDestroyer @honestgamer I've started and stopped Touch My Katamari about 12 times now...and I'm on level three
Jeremy Davis @GermApr 07, 2014
@honestgamer @JoeTheDestroyer I was just surprised since there were four reviews, and I tend to run into a lot of people who REALLY love that game. Thought there was at least a 25% chance of a 9+!
Jeremy Davis @GermApr 07, 2014
There is no HG review of Kinetica?!? Someone rectify this before I have to:
Jeremy Davis @GermApr 07, 2014
Surprised to see only 7s and 8s for Katamari Damacy on HG:
Jeremy Davis @GermApr 04, 2014
The retro game store sold the copy of Virtual Hydlide I have been eyeing. This review had me so excited too:
Jeremy Davis @GermApr 02, 2014
Just got an email that Starlight Inception, the only game I ever backed on Kickstarter, will be out April 22. I'm really looking forward to it. Until Sony puts the Colony Wars games on PSN for Vita, it will have to do.
Jeremy Davis @GermMar 31, 2014
@JoeTheDestroyer @Suskie love the differing reviews for Cloudbuilt today guys. Very fun to read one after the other
Jeremy Davis @GermMar 27, 2014
@pickhut is that your Ground Zeroes review? I'm really looking forward to it
Jeremy Davis @GermMar 27, 2014
@honestgamer I go physical if the option exists, but I can't say I really mind download only titles. If only Sony would drop the memory card prices a little further.
Jeremy Davis @GermMar 27, 2014
Jumping into Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z tonight. Keeping an open mind.
Jeremy Davis @GermMar 26, 2014
I've wanted to get into Neptunia for a while now, the Vita remake may be just the thing to make me finally play

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