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May 02, 2015

Sony recently announced the UK launch of their streaming service, PlayStation Now. I'm not sure how successful this service has been in the US, but I can't see it getting much support over here.

$20 a month to play a limited list of PS3 games (and not even at the highest quality - 1080p is not supported). You can rent them for a smaller price, but this is clearly ridiculous. Rent a PS3 game for 9 days for $15 and then you're unable to play it after the rental period is up?! These prices will probably be converted straight into for the UK too, so we'll be no doubt be paying 20 a month.

I could perhaps understand paying for a streaming service that included new PS4 games as well, but this type of payment model for PS3, PS2 or PS1 games just screams rip-off.

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March 29, 2015

I'm currently in Old Yharnam. Thoughts so far:

- I've not played the Souls games but combat reminds me a little of Otogi, another old From Software game. I like how Bloodborne encourages speed and aggression. Dodging and parrying to outwit enemies is fun.
- I'm still using the saw cleaver because I like both weapon forms and it's easy to use.
- The game looks incredible. The only slight problem is that there are fairly noticeable frame rate issues.
- Yharnam is an excellent setting and I like how everything is connected. I wish there was a map though.
- I have no idea what the story is about really but the whole sense of mystery is very compelling

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