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Rob Hamilton @overdriveApr 22, 2014
@Ben @Suskie This is truer than any truth our world possesses.
Rob Hamilton @overdriveApr 20, 2014
Persona 3: Got through another night of grinding (11/23) and gained two levels, up to 72. Enemies starting to run now, so should make it to the next boss in my next session (L202 or so, I think).
Rob Hamilton @overdriveApr 19, 2014
And also beat the first real story battle of SNES Tactics Ogre.
Rob Hamilton @overdriveApr 19, 2014
After playing a lot of Trial Fusion, I picked up Dragon Quest IX and beat Garth Goyle in the rock town for another Fygg.
Rob Hamilton @overdriveApr 18, 2014
@Suskie Since nearly all my postings are either personal progress or comments on others' progress, I enjoy them. Getting to watch you move from hate to love/hate with Souls games has been entertaining.
Rob Hamilton @overdriveApr 18, 2014
I've just been playing more Trials Fusion. Wondering if getting an advance copy means my leaderboard score is messed up, because I'm way too low for how I rank on the actual course and my medal ranking is far better than anyone near me.
Rob Hamilton @overdriveApr 16, 2014
@EmP @honestgamer I kind of liked Ys III when I was either in college or just out of it. Tried playing it again a few years back and it was a lot more mediocre than I recalled. Like a dramatically lesser version of Adventure of Link.
Rob Hamilton @overdriveApr 14, 2014
Opened today with my reviewer-edition of Trials Fusion. Two hours later, I'd made it up to the hard course and figured that was a good stopping point to go to work. Damn job...I had another good hour or two before my thumb would have protested too loudly.
Rob Hamilton @overdriveApr 13, 2014
Made it to the end of Tales of Maj'Eyal. Where, for me the final boss was unbeatable because my magic resistance is less than immaculate. Also played Trials Evolution in anticipation of Trials Fusion. Gotta get my skill back to a respectable level.
Rob Hamilton @overdriveApr 11, 2014
I'm up to the final dungeon in Tales of Maj'Eyal. I also did about half a review for it today before deciding I should finish the afternoon doing work at work, so Monday doesn't completely suck!
Rob Hamilton @overdriveApr 09, 2014
In Maj'Eyal, I beat 3 of those final six dungeons. Damn, it's gotta be super-tough to beat the clock in Charred Scar. Must need to use movement infusions or rush-type attack skills like crazy to move multiple squares at once.
Rob Hamilton @overdriveApr 09, 2014
@honestgamer @JoeTheDestroyer I think the massive loads of mediocrity/crap on the GameBoy is most noticeable because of games like Link's Awakening, where we got to see what happens when someone actually cared about producing quality stuff on that system.
Rob Hamilton @overdriveApr 08, 2014
Finished the first two Orc prides in Maj'Eyal. About 6 more dungeons to go, or so, I think.
Rob Hamilton @overdriveApr 06, 2014
And also got back to the East in Tales of Maj'Eyal and am working through the first (of four) Orc prides.
Rob Hamilton @overdriveApr 06, 2014
Played a bit of Dragon Quest IX and got through the town of Dourbridge to the dungeon after it. Some mountain cave or something like that.
Rob Hamilton @overdriveApr 05, 2014
Finished all the optional bosses in first-continent dungeons in Tales of Maj'Eyal and started the quest to get back to the east to get through the rest of the game.
Rob Hamilton @overdriveApr 02, 2014
Now that it's time to use the computer to pay attention to baseball, I picked up someone else and in SMT IV, beat Medusa and made it to Ueno.
Rob Hamilton @overdriveApr 02, 2014
Reached the part of Tales of Maj'Eyal where you can go back west and fight new bosses in many of the old dungeons. And the designer zone Lost Land of Poosh is up, so I'm doing that, as well.
Rob Hamilton @overdriveApr 01, 2014
Oh, I've made it to the East for the first time in Tales of Maj'Eyal. A few more good sessions there and I'll be ready to review it and hopefully get back to the games I had been playing until this timesink came into my life.
Rob Hamilton @overdriveMar 26, 2014
In Tales of Maj'Eyal, I got through the Dreadfort. Nine levels of some good fighting with a fun boss fight. Now it's after the orcs, but I'm wiping out two more optional dungeons first.
Rob Hamilton @overdriveMar 26, 2014
@JoeTheDestroyer @honestgamer @zippdementia Lol, I took a break from all my RPGs to mess with...a roguelike that's larger and more in-depth than most of those bastards. I have no common sense...
Rob Hamilton @overdriveMar 25, 2014
Wound up doing a couple more dungeons before tackling Dreadfall in Tales of Maj'Eyal. Note: NEVER do the optional dark crypt that pops up randomly at L24. Just so horribly brutal...
Rob Hamilton @overdriveMar 24, 2014
Got up to where I go to Dreadfall in Tales of Maj'Eyal. The optional Tempest Peak boss is a real bastard with his constant barrage of lightning attacks.
Rob Hamilton @overdriveMar 24, 2014
@zippdementia @JoeTheDestroyer @honestgamer The amazing thing about Joe is that he plays as many games as I do at once. But he actually makes crazy progress through them, while I muddle like I'm gonna live until I'm 150 years old.
Rob Hamilton @overdriveMar 24, 2014
@overdrive And Strategy 2: Upon getting a teleportation rune, use it whenever in trouble with monsters. Didn't work in Damp Cave, due to it being a small room, but in a regular zone, it can get me away long enough to heal and reload arrows.
Rob Hamilton @overdriveMar 24, 2014
@overdrive Such as: Strategy #1: When going through a zone and seeing a tunnel to a place called "Damp Cave"; just ignore it. I died about 4 times (on the weak "you don't get achievements" difficulty) and the treasure wasn't much.
Rob Hamilton @overdriveMar 23, 2014
Moving through Tales of Maj'Eyal by virtue of playing it on its easiest difficulty so I can see the whole thing and possibly learn strategies.
Rob Hamilton @overdriveMar 20, 2014
@JoeTheDestroyer @Germ @honestgamer Yeah. Kung Fu Panda was solid. Nothing great, but pretty entertaining.
Rob Hamilton @overdriveMar 19, 2014
@overdrive Easy level means you take less damage. Unlimited lives means I don't have to worry about experimenting and how bad that can kill a person dead. That should carry me through things until the end and beyond.
Rob Hamilton @overdriveMar 19, 2014
@overdrive Had a good run my last go. Through 2/4 of the mandatory Tier 2 dungeons and killed the boss of the Sandworm Tunnels...but lost my last life while trying to wipe out the last of his mob. Should have teleported away and regrouped, but derped it.
Rob Hamilton @overdriveMar 19, 2014
To ensure I play something other than Tales of Maj'Eyal in 2014, I'm doing one more run on the easy difficulty level with unlimited lives so I can see the whole thing and not get murderized in the Tier 2 dungeons.
Rob Hamilton @overdriveMar 16, 2014
Did all the Tier 1 dungeons in Tales of Maj'Eyal again. Gotten good at surviving through all of them, but need to avoid mistakes causing me to lose valuable lives. Lost three, so only have one more spare (I think) until L14 (just reached 13).
Rob Hamilton @overdriveMar 12, 2014
@EmP This is a valuable service. Although the beard needs fleshed out a bit to truly hit hobo-range. That could be the facial hair of any proud LL Bean-wearing lumberjack type.
Rob Hamilton @overdriveMar 11, 2014
@overdrive Wound up losing my last life, but had a good run until then (and lost it trying out what I knew would be a rough fight), so hopefully as long as I don't get raped by alt zones or unfortunate layouts, that will help me down the road.
Rob Hamilton @overdriveMar 11, 2014
@overdrive Might try to start a game at the lower difficulty level to see how far I can go there. And then work my way through at normal difficulty after that. Just so I can see enough of the game to give a good review.
Rob Hamilton @overdriveMar 11, 2014
@overdrive In fact, I'd say the one weakness this game (and probably most of its ilk have, but since I actually LOVE this one...) has is that I'd imagine these early zones will get tiresome after a while, while I'm getting murderized by stuff later on.
Rob Hamilton @overdriveMar 10, 2014
Kept playing Tales of Maj'Eyal. Lost my second character, but got a bit further. I'd probably get even farther, but the game loves throwing me for a loop with alternate versions of zones with tougher bosses that I'm not ready for.
Rob Hamilton @overdriveMar 09, 2014
@overdrive And got the new one caught up to where I was. And now picking a different place to explore instead of The Maze. Only 1 life left, I think. Damn vaults in Kor'pul can be brutal.
Rob Hamilton @overdriveMar 09, 2014
In Tales of Maj'Eval, tragedy happened when my L12 archer died in The Maze. So, I'm redoing things with that character and at L7 now.
Rob Hamilton @overdriveMar 08, 2014
Been playing a lot of Tales of Maj'Eyal the last two days. Kept my archer alive up to L8, although I can't have any more extra lives for a while. A skeleton mage vault in Kor'Pul messed me up badly twice.
Rob Hamilton @overdriveMar 08, 2014
@Ben @Suskie Something important. Such as "there are many better games out there that'd be a better use of your time!!!!!" At least that's my opinion.
Rob Hamilton @overdriveMar 07, 2014
@Ben For a long time, I've found my main persona to be Scathach. Great strength combined with hit-all ice and wind spells works on nearly everything in the 5th block, I've noticed.
Rob Hamilton @overdriveMar 06, 2014
@overdrive Pretty fun game so far. Better than the last few rogue-likes I've endured. Did the very first area and, after I figured out how to do stuff, I'm enjoying things a lot.
Rob Hamilton @overdriveMar 06, 2014
Decided to hop on the Steam bandwagon (although my laptop isn't much of a gaming machine as far as RAM goes). Bought Tales of Maj'Eyal to start things off, since it's on sale for a bit under $5 and, from what I've read, seems to be a decent rogue-like.
Rob Hamilton @overdriveMar 06, 2014
@Ben That is a possibility. I do notice that after clearing a block of the tower, I keep grinding until most enemies run from me on the map. But, in SMT games, if you want the elite demons/persona, you about have to. I know Shiva is L82, for example.
Rob Hamilton @overdriveMar 05, 2014
@overdrive And also did the work in Link's Awakening to get to the door of the Face Shrine before deciding to call it a night.
Rob Hamilton @overdriveMar 05, 2014
@overdrive Then did another night in Tartarus in Persona 3 and then handled the whole class trip to Kyoto part. Up to L70 now. Should be getting to the next tower boss soon, since I was one floor below it before everyone got tired.
Rob Hamilton @overdriveMar 05, 2014
In Red Dead Redemption, I did the first Landon Ricketts mission and also the gang hideout quest at Mercer's Fort. Also ran around Mexico a bit and found there's a place you can get a bounty just for visiting. Must be where the president is, from the name.
Rob Hamilton @overdriveMar 05, 2014
@joseph_valencia @honestgamer @JoeTheDestroyer There's a demographic of reviewer/critic who get off on looking for insignificant things to enter "moral outrage" mode over, so I can't say I'm surprised.
Rob Hamilton @overdriveMar 03, 2014
@overdrive And made it through the Mountain Pass to Troy in Heracles no Eikou III. Have to do some backtracking, though, as I got a new character who'll have to visit temples and stuff.

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