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Rob Hamilton
My name is Rob. The pleasure is yours.

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Rob Hamilton @overdriveNov 20, 2014
@overdrive The real question will be: So, you're buying all these games. Uh, exactly where will they fit in with that huge pile of unplayed games in your excessive backlog? Dude?
Rob Hamilton @overdriveNov 20, 2014
Holiday shopping has started. Bought myself Mass Effect Trilogy, Ocarina of Time 3D and Darksiders II. More to come as I think of more titles I want (well besides the first Darksiders -- f-ing Gamestop didn't have it with the actual casing).
Rob Hamilton @overdriveNov 17, 2014
When I visited a friend on Saturday, we messed around with Darksiders II. Looks like I'll probably be adding that series to my Backlog of Infinite Proportions in the near future.
Rob Hamilton @overdriveNov 13, 2014
@joseph_valencia Lol, I remember. At first, I'm like "Wait, the final boss is just Esturk's palette being recycled?!? What a rip-off!!" And then I found I was wrong and spent the next few minutes frantically trying to keep ahead of his damage.
Rob Hamilton @overdriveNov 12, 2014
@espiga Yeah. 7 forms isn't it, going from Estark II to something completely more terrifying. Except for a middle form or two that's impotent (while breaking off the old limbs, but before the new ones start growing). Loved, loved, loved that fight!
Rob Hamilton @overdriveNov 12, 2014
@Genj @Ben Yeah, but most people aren't me (380 total Skyrim hours and counting!). When it comes to large, open-worldish RPG-types, I can get a bit obsessive.
Rob Hamilton @overdriveNov 10, 2014
I'm currently getting closer to the end of Skyrim, as I've done most everything except part/most of some factions, the main quest, Dragonborn and Dawnguard. Of main-Skyrim clearable dungeons, only 25-30 haven't been explored, so I've been most places.
Rob Hamilton @overdriveNov 05, 2014
@honestgamer I'd probably put it above the GBC Oracle games, but below any others I've played (which, admittedly, is very little post-Majora as I didn't have a more modern Nintendo system until late last year.
Rob Hamilton @overdriveNov 05, 2014
@honestgamer You know, of all the Zeldas I've played, that one ranks near the bottom. I love Zelda dungeons, so only getting about half the norm, but adding a ton of fetch quests and "be here at this time" townspeople-helping missions just wasn't for me.
Rob Hamilton @overdriveNov 04, 2014
@JoeTheDestroyer @honestgamer @Germ @espiga @EmP You mean...a HUMAN CENTIPEDE dating sim.
Rob Hamilton @overdriveNov 03, 2014
@joseph_valencia @JoeTheDestroyer Live a Live is neat. Actually, a lot of what's on Joe's list involves games I'd like to get to in the next decade or so. Sooner in the case of at least Lufia II. Been too long since I played that.
Rob Hamilton @overdriveOct 29, 2014
@wolfqueen001 @joseph_valencia @JoeTheDestroyer A new, REAL Elder Scrolls game would be the sort of thing that would single-handedly inspire me to go current-gen.
Rob Hamilton @overdriveOct 26, 2014
@espiga Neat thing was they were slogs in different ways. Cave to Rhone was just brutally tricky, while the end was straightforward, but the enemies were so deadly you HAD to run back to the save point after every mini-boss or risk losing progress.
Rob Hamilton @overdriveOct 24, 2014
@pickhut @JoeTheDestroyer From looking on Wiki, it said that DC version was panned for poor frame rate and game-breaking bugs, so it apparently was a sucky port of the game.
Rob Hamilton @overdriveOct 23, 2014
@Masters @joseph_valencia Meh, to me, torture porn is horror for halfwits. Where they don't know how to scare you, but they figure that watching someone's intestines getting pulled out with pliers will make you squirm, so let's run with it! Pass on that.
Rob Hamilton @overdriveOct 22, 2014
@overdrive When I beat it, I might give the first Grotto boss another go, as I figure Equinoxx (or whatever its oh-so-witty pun-name is) is roughly comparable to Headmaster guy.
Rob Hamilton @overdriveOct 22, 2014
@overdrive Well, I guess getting the sixth Fygg in Dragon Quest IX was noteworthy, too. Easy boss fight. Now I just want to explore all the regions around Swinedimples before fighting that boss, as it was a tough one about 3-4 levels ago.
Rob Hamilton @overdriveOct 22, 2014
Played a few things last night. Highlight was Xenoblade Chronicles, where I made it through Tephra Cave despite having a poor win-loss record against that place's Unique monsters. And now...the Mechons have arrived!
Rob Hamilton @overdriveOct 22, 2014
@JoeTheDestroyer Apparently, being a Rice Lord isn't all that it's cracked up to be when you're getting slaughtered by a water boy too lazy to even do THAT job.
Rob Hamilton @overdriveOct 21, 2014
@EmP Oh yeah, that's where I'm at with a couple things I'm playing. Like Xenoblade Chronicles, which is a superior version of FF XII, and so far, the most fun I've had with a JRPG in an eternity or two.
Rob Hamilton @overdriveOct 21, 2014
@joseph @Ben And that's (the "fun hobby" part) the same for most, I'd think, which makes a certain few peoples' open contempt for that mindset as bizarrely hilarious. Such as the "CoD dudebro" labeling of people who aren't about the srz bizness aspects.
Rob Hamilton @overdriveOct 21, 2014
@joseph @Ben to auto-ignore any criticism of them while arbitrarily appointing themselves as the crusaders of all that is good. For me, gaming is a fun hobby that's become somewhat more than a hobby with all the writing/reviews I've done (next)
Rob Hamilton @overdriveOct 21, 2014
@joseph_valencia @Ben I think the most annoying aftereffect of the whole GG thing (other than seeing D-level teabilly celeb types jumping on it because of derpy politics) is that the misogynists are such assholes, it allows those journalists (next)
Rob Hamilton @overdriveOct 19, 2014
@joseph_valencia @honestgamer DQ7 for the 3DS is something I've wanted at least since I bought my 3DS.
Rob Hamilton @overdriveOct 17, 2014
@espiga With all the Assassin's Creed chatter going on now, it's nice seeing someone playing a series I find worthwhile! Since I've played I-IV (NES), I&II, V-VI (SFC) and VIII (PS2) and am playing IX (DS). I do need to buy VII, though. Missing that one.
Rob Hamilton @overdriveOct 15, 2014
@honestgamer I suppose it's a bit better than my: "If you're not a psycho life-threatener, but do feel some game journalists are overly-pretentious douches who care more about their agendas than games, stop giving them hits and come here FOR LIFE!" idea.
Rob Hamilton @overdriveOct 14, 2014
@Suskie Considering I'm reasonably new to Steam, what are "cards" and how do they get sold for SteamMoney? And yes, I sound like an old ass who can't figure out how to program whatever new piece of technology plays movies nowadays.
Rob Hamilton @overdriveOct 10, 2014
Finished a review today. Also am playing a lot of Skyrim, Xenoblade Chronicles, Etrian: Millenium Girl, Dragon Quest IX and Burning Heroes. In other words, a lot of long RPGs all at once, which is totally...uh...what I always am doing...
Rob Hamilton @overdriveOct 04, 2014
@pickhut The arcade/NeoGeo original or the godawful Super Famicom port? The original was weird for me. Action was meh, but I loved the rapid-fire scenery changes from "real world" to "wacky dream-like world".
Rob Hamilton @overdriveOct 01, 2014
In good news, Xenoblade Chronicles is getting less expensive. Picked it up for only $45 today, which is a good amount less than I've seen it selling for previously.
Rob Hamilton @overdriveOct 01, 2014
Looks like in my Skyrim replay, the Companion's Guild will be the first one completed, as I just have its final dungeon to do and I'm working through that area of the world right now. Seems I remember things going that way the first time I played it.
Rob Hamilton @overdriveSep 28, 2014
If there's one thing about the sheer repetitiveness of Burning Heroes that's really getting to me, it's having to do this one Floating Path dungeon four times over the first four scenarios. At least I didn't get lost this time, but it still sucked.
Rob Hamilton @overdriveSep 17, 2014
In recent days, I've played a lot of games for a little while. And finished Hana Taaka Daka?! That's been interesting to review. A good game with some neat shmup-y stuff not in most games of the sort. But also flawed in ways.
Rob Hamilton @overdriveSep 01, 2014
I played a few different games today: Skyrim, Amazing Princess Sarah, Burning Heroes, Terranigma, Heracles no Eikou III all got a little while.
Rob Hamilton @overdriveAug 31, 2014
@overdrive Also did a bit more with Burning Heroes' second character and started PC Engine shooter Hana Taaka Daka!. Which so far is decent, but undeserving of such excited punctuation.
Rob Hamilton @overdriveAug 31, 2014
@overdrive Trying to play Skyrim was ended by the game getting crash-happy, so I did Colossus, Idol Springs and Hurrica in Spyro 2. Good fun.
Rob Hamilton @overdriveAug 31, 2014
Finally finished the Dark Castle in Amazing Princess Sarah. Difficulty is really ramping up now and the beginning of Inferno Castle doesn't promise to be easier.
Rob Hamilton @overdriveAug 31, 2014
@EmP I try to avoid going any further than the smokescreen on that shitshow. I'm just the dude in the corner playing games, writing about them from time to time and not giving any shits about whatever culture is attached to them.
Rob Hamilton @overdriveAug 30, 2014
@wolfqueen001 @EmP @pickhut Leslie, if you just use what Emp said in the attempted html tags, it's basically been the monster that's taken over my twitter feed, with big wars over prejudice against women in the gaming industry going on nonstop.
Rob Hamilton @overdriveAug 29, 2014
@zippdementia I agree, as you'll see in my review. There were some of the better-written and touching RPG moments in that game. That came sporadically in the midst of a whole heap of superfluous time-wasting meh-ness.
Rob Hamilton @overdriveAug 29, 2014
@EmP X-Com is good stuff. A couple months ago, I played through a few months with a friend. Thing that sucked was it was time for me to leave by the time we really got out scheduling and scheming down to a science.
Rob Hamilton @overdriveAug 28, 2014
But that's over with. Had its good to great moments, but just too tedious. To unwind, I put Spyro 2 in for about 15 minutes in the first world and had a good time. Owned it for probably 15+ years and never finished it; have to do something about that.
Rob Hamilton @overdriveAug 28, 2014
I finally finished Persona 3 (except for The Answer, but I have to admit, it takes a certain amount of sadism to finish off a 34750347-part final boss fight with a marathon boss that's invulnerable for about 40% of the fight.
Rob Hamilton @overdriveAug 28, 2014
@wolfqueen001 @zippdementia Heh, probably. I was looking through Steam for Mac RPGs and saw the name and thought someone here reviewed one of them, so I read the review and bought all three, so yeah, you get credit (or blame, depending on how things go).
Rob Hamilton @overdriveAug 27, 2014
@zippdementia I know. I made the mistake of opening the game by spending points on Shield. And then realized I'd rather be good with a bow. Every time I play, I can only think: THREE WASTED SKILL POINTS! SHOOT ME!
Rob Hamilton @overdriveAug 26, 2014
@zippdementia It's like, "Hmm, go to the cellar of the blacksmith's house in the ruined village to get something...whoops! RUN AWAY!" and then repeat the RUN AWAY part for the next 15 things I try, as well. One day, I'll make real progress, I hope.
Rob Hamilton @overdriveAug 26, 2014
@zippdementia Followed by, "After killing the slime-critter here, I just had to retreat and spend a night at the inn. Keep on keepin' on, I guess!"
Rob Hamilton @overdriveAug 26, 2014
@zippdementia Yeah. In a way, it's like a puzzle where you have to figure out how to survive by the method of "I went to this area and a 'Thug' butchered me, so I should try a different direction, I guess".
Rob Hamilton @overdriveAug 25, 2014
@overdrive And also did two more checkpoints in Amazing Princess Sara's Dark Castle. And then got to a long climb via jumping from block to block. After a while, a ghost that behaves just like a SMB Boo gets involved. And then things get a bit tense.
Rob Hamilton @overdriveAug 25, 2014
Sped through most of January in Persona 3. Just have a couple days and then the final fights. Hopefully it goes smoothly (I have about 10 homiculouses, so that's in my favor) because I can't take anymore.

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