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First Impressions - Haven
April 21, 2016

My trip through Haven has been interesting so far. Iíve not been obsessively tracking every tiny change throughout the year or so Iíve been aware of its existence, but Iíve watched enough to see how itís outgrown its stock RPGMaker roots and captured its own identity. You could, if you so desire, head on to Youtube to find years-old Letís Plays of the game and watch people plough through the prologue and some of the first chapter. Everything youíd see is now obsolete.

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Exploring [Dragonís] Dogma Ė Part One. Of probably one.
January 27, 2016

I donít know why I asked for a review code of Dragonís Dogma. No, seriously; I have no idea. I suppose I didnít really think it would drop Ė the request was made on release date and itís a Capcom game, who have a bit of a history of not wanting to supply a lot of code. But that was cool; the release date came and went and I had two other games to plug away at, anyway. That was more than enough work without a fifty-hour odd game adding to that. A week past, I reviewed said games in an attempt not to let bloody Venter take an early marathon lead by reviewing more in a couple of weeks than he did for eleven months of 2015 when suddenly Ė

Jason Venter Ė Here is your review code for Dragonís Dogma.

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Overly Verbose Super Song Intro Challenge Extravaganza
January 18, 2016

There's a thing a bunch of friends (which I do have, thankyouverymuch) and I do every year around New Years where we take a bunch of song intros and then make the wording overly verbose and just a bit pretentious. We make a drinking game out of because of course we do, we're English. This year I managed to save mine in a mysterious word document that I recently discovered and figured I'd see if the collective minds of HonestGamers could riddle them out. No one's got all ten yet. Some are very easy, but all are of well known songs you should have at least heard of.

As follows:

[1] Independent Women - Destiny's Child

attachments to a male counterpart.

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Year in Review 2015
December 31, 2015

FTL Ė [PC] Ė January 4th

The review that would have completed Alphamarathon 2014 had I not decided to never get past the initial draft stage and concentrate instead on getting stinking drunk and then being hungover for the last week of the year. Alas! Iíll have to console myself with just my winnerís medal.

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Gaming Progress - working around the dead PC
December 04, 2015

My PC died. Again. The first time it crapped out earlier in the year wasnít a big deal as it gave me an excuse to replay Longest Journey on the battered laptop, and then dust off the 360 and smash through Dreamfall again. It was all a plan to help me out with Dreamfall Chapters that was insisting that I remember small details from games Iíd beat a decade previous which I was cool with because I love those two games. Only now do I realise that with the PC dead, Iíll probably have to start Chapters from the start all over again. Crap.

Dreamfall Chapters: Book One - Reborn (PC) image

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Q & A - The Skyshine Edition
September 28, 2015

Maybe you missed it because you've been too busy nestling among Nintendo's family friendly releases or you've already surrendered to the new wave of "press X to win" games showing up in increasing numbers on modern platforms, but Skyshine's BEDLAM was released recently. I really liked it, and recently had the chance to ask some questions bout the game's direction, the consumer backlash it suffered on launch and the subtle difference between mutant brutes with corrosive spit and zealot cyborg snipers sporting anti-matter launchers.

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One Sentence Reviews v2 - 32X Edition
September 19, 2015

::After Burner::

The best version of this game I have yet to play.

::Corpse Killer::

Why the hell did Digital Pictures release this awful game three bloody times?

::Cosmic Carnage::

Updated a generic female sprite from the original Japanese release so that she was, instead, constantly on fire for exactly no reason.


The most expensive bad time you can have this side of buying a Nottingham Forest season ticket.


Definite OD fodder -- still miles better than the SNES port.

:: FIFA '96 ::

Stuck between the cart and CD version; the football game no one asked for or wanted.


Still (arguably) the best hummingbird based puzzle/shooter hybrid on the 32X.

::Primal Rage::

An entire arcade board version behind the SNES port

::San Goku Shi IV::

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