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Stuff I played in January. The Belated Edition
February 11, 2015

January started the same way December ended – with a small mountain of shoot-em-ups. It would be fair to suggest that the bug had bitten me, but it was assisted by the fact that people kept giving me games to review that fell within that genre. Hell, even as we speak Jason’s trying to get me to do another one. Curse you, Venter; I’m up eight reviews at time of writing this and you’re at one. Cover your own admittedly good review code!


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Review #300!
August 02, 2012


Silent Hill: The Room -- In Pictures!
June 26, 2012

Horror games -- good horror games -- go out of their way to make yu feel like you're a/ always being watched and b/ there is always something just behind you. It's supposed to make you feel uneasy at all times. Silent Hill: The Room knows that, but does not know how to employ a subtle touch. So:

..... yeah.

Year in Review 2011
January 08, 2012

Astonishia Story (January 1st) [PSP]
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So, it was Xmas again and my sister was heavily pregnant with her first child. This meant she could not travel very far and, in our immediate family, she lived the furthest away. Being the selfish child, she demanded we all go and spend Xmas with her, condemning me to three nights on the world's most uncomfortable couch. I didn't sleep much, so instead, I played the PSP a lot, which had been left sadly ignored throughout the majority of the previous year. Despite having access to Ys, I spent my time playing Astonishia Story instead, for reasons I still do not fully grasp.

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The writing's on the wall
December 09, 2011



April 27, 2011

Beyond Good & Evil HD

Really fly-through replay that I beat in two mammoth sitting. It's still brilliant


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Red Riding Hood -- A Film Review
April 15, 2011

If there’s ever been any doubt that Gary Oldman has the talent and the presence to carry projects single-handily, then Red Riding Hood is the film that puts an end to it.

Before he arrives, the film is mired in bad writing and bad performances that fails to seize the stunning artwork and presentation values Catherine Hardwicke’s revamped children’s classic realises. Being a straight male, I’ve not seen or had any interest in her previous work on the Twilight saga, but she proves here she has an eye for the cosmetics. There’s sweeping fly-by shots of snow-covered mountains and purposefully unfocused snaps of falling flakes contrasting against powerful colours that effortlessly overpower the lacking cast.

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