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Current Activities in Gaming #196
August 14, 2017

BDO-Roleplaying edition! I havenít done much but I really need to rant a bit.

I consider myself fairly open minded when it comes to a character concept level. That wasnít really the issue here though. The character concept in question wasÖ fine, for what little I know about Black Desert lore.

They were one of the elven classes, they were a couple hundred years old, and were expelled from their noble family because it was either them or a lady lover they had. I donít know what this universeís stance on homosexuality is but I can understand if other universes have a conservative edge to it. I guess it depends on how conservative Korea itself is, I guess?

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Current Activities in Gaming #195
August 03, 2017

With the loss of my main computer, my gaming activity has been consistent but limited. On my own motherís laptop Iíve installed Hand of Fate, Darkest Dungeon, CS:GO and a couple others, but those are the only three of note. This little thing is fairly impressive, because it also runs a couple of MMOís including Rift, which is not an ugly game by any means. I tried to get BDO installed but hit a ďmissing file privilegesĒ thing on Steam and got tired of googling it and getting half-answers and no solutions.

It also runs Diablo 3 at max settings, and I managed to get carried through the whole Season journey so I have the stuff that matters; Portrait, banner, pet, whatever it gives, I have. Maybe when I get my computer fixed I might press on and get a couple of the portrait upgrades.

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Technical Issues
July 26, 2017

So for the last week or so, I've largely been on my family's laptop.

A week ago my computer died. Initially thought to be my power supply, my grandmother purchased me a new one (which I have to pay back). I took it to Geek Squad or whatever they renamed themselves because I didn't see a single logo but instead some kind of generic "helper center" type sign. They thankfully didn't charge me for their diagnostic because it turns out it wasn't the power supply but the motherboard that fried. Did some research and THAT, in itself, is going to run me in the 250$ range. My brother has said he'll help by throwing me some money but either way it's going to be two to three weeks before I'm back on my own computer.

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Current Activities in Gaming #194
July 07, 2017

Iíve largely been between PUBG, Final Fantasy X, and Iím thinking of dipping my toes back in Shadow of Mordor for the sake of the sequel that Iíll talk about in a bit.

PUBG is a game Iím terrified of queuing solo, even though I did rather well. Or well enough in the couple of games I did, only for the fact that it takes a long time for me to actually find anyone. When I did, I got headshot so I didnít make any kills, just 83 coins which is better than average for me. So I mostly just play with my gaming community.

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Current Activities in Gaming #193
June 23, 2017

Hereís my current haul;

Not Shown: Watch_Dogs 2. Bought it the day after this screenshot. Currently installing.

I have no particular order.

L4D2; Played it in my Xbox days if memory serves, or at least the first one. Had good times, hard to pass up for 2$. Some people in my gaming community play it so I might install it if someone tried to get some groups going. Otherwise, might be in grey-text limbo for a while.

Quake 2 is only there so that I can one day do a few-episode Letís Play of it so I can talk about how Quake, Unreal, Morrowind and Starcraft shaped my life back in those 90′s.

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Current Activities in Gaming #192
June 14, 2017

Thanks to getting paid weekly at this new job of mine in conjunction with them giving me a lot more hours (4 hour shifts are a thing of my past), I have a bit more weekly play money than I expected.

In my last job I was getting anywhere from 220 to 400 (On holiday weeks mostly). -160 for general food and rent and what was left was my play money. But on a weekly basis, the food and rent is lower but I still get around ~250 per week. Take away about ~90 and thatís what I have to play with per week. This means I can typically get game related stuff on a more reliable basis under pretty much the same amount of funding I had before. This is cool.

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Current Activities in Gaming #191
June 08, 2017

Now that I have a job, Iíve been getting games on my own again. Hereís a quick rundown of some new games Iíve acquired and some first impressions, if applicable.

Titanfall 2: Basically Call of Duty but with more jumping. The same infuriating hitboxes where I will constantly get enemies down to 10-30% health (And I know this because I can see their bar) and just die pretty much every time. Iíve gotten some cool plays but theyíre few and far between and all my titans are made out of fucking toilet paper.

I might write a review of it eventually but itís very much Titanfall 1 with some new wallpaper. Single Player is good and really has the ďweirdnessĒ feel that older shooters used to have. I enjoyed parkouring through this modular-home-processing factory.

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