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Current Activities in Gaming #206
October 21, 2017

Gonna talk about a few things here this time, will try to keep some of it brief but you people know how I ramble.

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Current Activities in Gaming #205
October 14, 2017

Been having moderately nonstop fun on Shadow of War and eventually resolved to buy the expansion pass for the other 40$. I donít mind since Iím really into it, and have yet to buy any boxes outright. I even got 500 gold from some kind of community event (and all I had to do was defeat an Overlord, so I did). With it I bought a box that had some Ologs in it, and I was rewarded with the best guy;

Meet: Ar-Kaius!

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Current Activities in Gaming #204 + Addendum
October 10, 2017

I got Shadow of Warís silver edition on a 25% discount, so I have a slight upgrade from the standard for the same 60$. I donít think it includes the expansion pass yet so thatíll have to be something I worry about on a different payday. For now, it was worth the price just a couple hours in.

One of the things I was afraid of is that my previous experience with Shadow of Mordor would make me unkillable, which is what happened. SoM basically has no more replayability because I know how the orcs walk, talk, and how best to stealth kill them all into oblivion. If I canít stealth kill them, then theyíre probably vulnerable to headshots. Only the rare shield user gave me issues (and they continue to do so in War).

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Current Activities in Gaming #203
October 08, 2017

Note: Pretty hefty on Act 2 spoilers on this post, though I do try to be vague and not name names.

So I discovered playing as an Undead doesnít really change much except for neat dialog, like anything else in the tagging system. At worst, changing gear in the middle of a town might ensure some shenanigans (and by that I mean instant combat between you, several vendors and magisters) but I donít find myself changing gear all that often. Even with Fane, my go-to healer, I just double click to replace gear and he never spends a second Ďoutí of any equipment so Iím not sure why some steam user warned me of that. Why does anyone take anything off, ever?

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Current Activities in Gaming #202
October 08, 2017

Iíve sort of settled on a certain playstyle. Apparently physical damage is the sort of meta. I tried to make a balanced team of a couple casters, two rangers and two warrior types (modding allows for six person teams) and the game was a little tougher because my casters only ever hit magic armor while the other three or four physical damagers would take out enemies left and right. Meanwhile caster cooldowns are typically higher and they donít have much of an autoattack to fall back on once they cast all relevant spells.

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Current Activities in Gaming #201
September 30, 2017

Thereís a lot to say about Divinity 2 that it would almost deserve itís own CA series but after a couple bouts in Act 1 and maybe a half dozen rerolls, Iím quite Ďoverí the first hour or two of the game. I mostly just make a beeline for all my companions (I have a mod that allows a party of 6 instead of 4), nab that Hero tag from the Murderous Gheist sidequest, do the Arena and then typically just break into the dungeon after that, cleaning up all the boss fights as I go.

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Current Activities Masterpost
September 22, 2017

Hi, special text for HG-reading peoples. I think I started doubleposting my blog here, from Tumblr, in the 170's. My blog is over five years old now but I've only been here for a year and a... half? Give or take.

If you're curious to see how my life, writing style, and gaming career has evolved in these last few years I have actually compiled a masterpost including all 200 posts.

You can find it here.

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