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Guide - Assassinís Creed: Odyssey for Beginners
October 14, 2018

Just some thoughts Iíve compiled over time that might help negate some of the confusion that might come alongside this fairly robust game. These are in no particular order, literally just as I thought of them.


Donít be afraid to hit up those ?ís on your map. Some may not feel relevant but even animal dens will get you resources, like boosts in leather. At a certain point I was less concerned with clearing every question mark that appeared on my map as I balanced time and reward ratios, which you figure out for yourself (as we all have different thresholds).

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Coming Soon: AC: Odyssey review
October 05, 2018

With such an expansive game, more open-world than ever, I'm gonna need to give it a few dozen hours before I can formulate a proper review. So here's a random bout of first impressions:

Feels a lot like Origins, with several improvements. The combat is a lot more active. In Origins, I never parried. I just dodged and then dove back in, almost exclusively with heavy attacks. Can't quite do that in Ody, light attacks are good for chains, heavy attacks stagger shields, and parrying is damn near required to find an opening against tougher enemies.

More open-world feel, but still level gated zones. Enemies level with you anyway, so this feels pointless.

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Review: Destiny 2 - Curse of Osiris
December 06, 2017

(HG exclusive paragraph: I did not request a whole new slot for this specifically and I have no images to accompany this. So it'll be on this blog. Mercury has an Egyptian aesthetic but it ends there despite Osiris' namesake. Mostly this is just for people who have already been playing Destiny 2.)

You can find my full review of Destiny 2 itself here, but this review will be largely story based, with some tidbits of new armor, weapons, and facts that are introduced. While thereís certainly content to be had, I gotta say; I didnít really like the story. There will be spoilers.

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First Impressions - Agents of Mayhem
November 30, 2017

Iíve lately not been doing proper Impressions post and instead opting for full blown reviews lately. It has improved my writing skills thanks to some general feedback from a few mates at Honest Gamers. Still, I think Iíll jump back in because my thoughts on Agents of Mayhem are not very complex, though neither is the game.

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Current Activities in Gaming #208
November 30, 2017

Well itís been a hot minute since Iíve done one of these. Few weeks, really. Destiny 2 was released but Iíve played more than just that since then, even posted a couple of galleries on my characterís level progress. All three are in their 288′s and 289′s (depending on PvE/PvP sets), with my warlock bringing up the rear at 286/287ish. I actually havenít played seriously in few days while watching The Punisher, playing AC: Origins and then The Steam Autumn sale hit so I got a few things there. Let me try to do a lightning round of my recent gaming ventures without getting too rambly.

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Current Activities in Gaming #207
November 02, 2017

So I ran into a neat thing literal minutes before Destiny 2′s servers unlocked for PC. I was playing Cities Skylines to kill some time and something fun happened. First Typhoon! And it was incredibly terrifying.

So let me set the story up.

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Current Activities in Gaming #206
October 21, 2017

Gonna talk about a few things here this time, will try to keep some of it brief but you people know how I ramble.

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