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magicjuggler Welcome to my lair!

Title: It's been awhile. Shameless indie plug
Posted: April 03, 2008 (04:31 PM)
I've been busy with academics and life in general. In the meantime, when I had the chance I would enjoy Oblivion. That said, I have the sad feeling there's a game out there that has a way cooler combat system.

Mount&Blade by Taleworlds is a realistic medieval fantasy adventure game. There are no Ogres, dragons, or magic missiles. Combat is relatively lethal, and you only heal in non-combat situations. If a knight hits you with a couched lance, it's going to hurt. This game is lethal and I am quickly falling in love.

It has its flaws. There is no overarching storyline, a few pregenerated quests with the rest being random. Your character generally walks too slow in non-combat conditions and there lies the occasional clipping when your horse gets surrounded by multiple baddies. And finally, there's no way to retreat from enemies as your character's party doesn't get relocated in the overworld.

But for a game that is still in beta .93, it's amazingly fun. The ability to command warbands of troops who over time become powerful like you, and to have several heroes as subcommanders means the innate gameplay has the addictive "it" that makes a game good.
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