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Title: Football
Posted: September 11, 2011 (08:37 PM)
During the summer I didn't think I'd be able to say this, but football (of the American variety) is back. And just in time too because the past week has been extremely painful to be a Red Sox fan as they slowly implode in on themselves. So here are my predictions/commentary on some teams.

Steelers & Ravens - The Ravens really beat the Steelers bad. The media seems to be championing the Ravens predicting that they'll take the division. If today's game was any indication, then maybe they're on to something. Regardless I'm sure you'll see both teams in the playoffs, but I don't think this is going to be Flacco's year. Especially when he'll likely have to go through the Patriots and/or Jets to get to the Super Bowl.

Colts - If you're a football fan, you've likely heard about Peyton Manning's impending neck surgery that will likely make him miss the season. This pretty much effectively tanks the Colts and makes them a non-threat.

Eagles - I don't pay as much attention to the NFC, but the Eagles are an interesting team to follow. Not only is Michael Vick extremely talented, but there's all the hype about the 'Dream Team' they've created. I think this team is only going to get better as the season progresses.

Packers - The Packers want to be the next Patriots but they're forgetting that the Patriots are still the Patriots. They looked good in their opener, and I think it's very possible they'll be back at the Super Bowl if not repeat a win.

Jets - Honestly pretty surprised with how tonight's game is going. 17-7 in the 3rd with the Cowboys winning. I don't know if Dallas has good defense or their offense just sucks. I figured the Jets would be even better this year, but hey whenever the Jets lose, that's a good day.

Giants - This will be the year Tom Coughlin gets fired, but hey Eli Manning will have a better season than his brother at least.

Patriots - Tom Brady will do his best being Tom Brady and that will win a lot of games. Wes Welker & co will do their best catching some balls and that will win games to. Chad Ochocinco will be living with a fan or something. At some point Randy Moss will make a shocking announcement that he is coming out of retirement to play football with his buddy Tom. The Patriots will have an undefeated season and beat the Eagles/Packers 100-0 in the Super Bowl (700-0 if Bill Belichick suits up and plays left tackle). Jokes about the Patriots being the Boston team to go the longest without a title will be deferred to the Red Sox.

On a side note, I'm starting a new job tomorrow, but that's misleading to say because I've been doing per diem work for the same position at the same hospital (same floor and unit too) since July. The only difference is now I have a guaranteed 40 hour work week and I'll have my own caseload instead of covering for other therapists, which in some ways is easier and some ways harder. I'm kinda surprised I found full time this quickly in this economy but that's healthcare I suppose.
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Type: Review
Game: Crime Crackers (PlayStation)
Posted: October 02, 2010 (12:05 PM)
If there is one thing the classic FPS title Doom did not need it was a bunch of numbers, but evidently someone in Japan thought differently. Import-only PlayStation launch title Crime Crackers is essentially a ‘Doom RPG’ full of first-person shooting, mazes, keys, and a bunch of stats. It sounds like a mildly interesting combination except it’s been ruined by poor level design and gimped shooting mechanics.

Type: Review
Game: Shadow Hearts (PlayStation 2)
Posted: August 20, 2010 (05:40 PM)
On a train heading through China, Alice Elliot finds herself in custody of the Japanese military who intend to deliver the girl with mysterious powers to their homeland. Unfortunately a dapper English gent named Roger Bacon has other plans. He effortlessly summons hideous demons to devour the heads of the soldiers who meet their grisly demise without a fight. Bacon would have soon kidnapped Alice had it not been for a brash young man Yuri and his natural talents as a Harmonixer – one who transfo...

Type: Review
Game: Bullet Witch (Xbox 360)
Posted: August 08, 2010 (05:20 PM)
In Atari’s Cavia’s third-person shooter Bullet Witch, the dead roam the Earth spreading anarchy and wrecking havoc on the living. Only the sexy, leather-clad witch-babe Alicia stands to exorcise the minions of SATAN with her boomstick. She is aided by a fearless military commando Maxwell Cougar and an eerie disembodied voice clearly inspired by the talking hand from Vampire Hunter D. Oh, and it is afraid of helicopters. Alicia’s goal is pretty simple: kill some...

Type: Review
Game: Too Human (Xbox 360)
Posted: July 30, 2010 (03:06 PM)
When I first read about Too Human, I was intrigued by the concept of a cyberpunk RPG about humans becoming more machine than man. But at the time I was 13 years old and it was going to be an 8 disc Playstation game. It took nearly a decade with many delays, but Too Human eventually was released as an Xbox 360 hack & slash dungeon crawler. Except now it’s about Norse mythology in the distant future. And it’s not very good. It’s astounding that a vision held on to for so long could c...

Type: Review
Game: Onechanbara: Bikini Samurai Squad (Xbox 360)
Posted: July 23, 2010 (06:25 PM)
I’m not exactly sure what did it, but I had huge doubts about Onechanbara right from the start. Maybe it was the opening cinema where our buxom hero Aya showers, lavishing the player with her glistening lower back tattoo while dripping with steamy water, or perhaps it was the fact I was playing a game subtitled Bikini Samurai Squad. Nevertheless, I didn’t expect a brawler about scantily clad women chopping up zombies to be as fun as it turned out to be.
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Type: Review
Game: Jet Grind Radio (Dreamcast)
Posted: July 15, 2010 (05:58 PM)
Speak with someone who owned a Dreamcast in 1999 or 2000 and they’ll likely recall fond memories of a fantastic library tailored to the “hardcore” gaming crowd. But gamers who never adopted the console usually aren’t hunting it down on eBay. The fact is many of its best games ranging from high-profile titles like Sonic Adventure and Crazy Taxi to niche import releases like Guilty Gear X and Ikaruga have been ported to more successful consoles. There are, however, a f...

Type: Review
Game: Dead Rising (Xbox 360)
Posted: July 08, 2010 (09:03 PM)
Frank West is a photojournalist, but I think he played a bit of football in college. I say this because in Dead Rising Frank bludgeons, maims, shoots, and burns more zombies than any Redfield has. Sensing a juicy story, Frank heads to a small Colorado town recently closed off by the military. Upon arrival, he discovers the source of the quarantine: zombies, zombies, and more zombies. Fortunately Frank has taken a page from a George Romero’s script and found refuge at the local shopping ma...
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Type: Review
Game: Panzer Dragoon Saga (Saturn)
Posted: July 02, 2010 (12:25 AM)
I don’t know the name of this world, but it’s a bleak, somber wasteland hoping to get by on scraps left behind by a dead people. An advanced civilization known as The Ancients originally spanned the globe until it was destroyed by an unknown cataclysm years ago. Sparse nomadic tribes of humans band together in order to fend off vicious mutants that roam the lifeless hillsides and dead seas. An emerging civilization – The Empire – grows stronger by salvaging The Ancients’ God-like technology.

Type: Review
Game: Brutal Legend (Xbox 360)
Posted: January 16, 2010 (10:29 PM)
Eddie Riggs is the world’s greatest roadie working for the worst heavy metal band. Following a stage accident, Eddie inadvertently summons the beastly fire god Ormagöden and is transported to a fantasy world of METAL. Brütal Legend’s opening segments are exhilarating. Eddie awakens in a temple surrounded by demonic monks ominously chanting unholy prayers. Taking a nearby gigantic axe, you then start cleaving enemies in two while the doomy riffs of Black Sabbath echo through the room. Mi...

Type: Review
Game: The Bouncer (PlayStation 2)
Posted: June 26, 2008 (03:21 PM)
On the back of DreamFactory’s The Bouncer (developed by makers of such fine software as Tobal No. 1 and Ehrgeiz), the tagline “Play the Action Movie” is prominently displayed. When I unloaded a whole six dollars on this game, I didn’t realize that it literally felt like playing some forgettable popcorn flick with the occasional 30 seconds of brawling. Alas, I was tricked by the vaguely homoerotic cover art adored with the main character Sion Barzahd. I mean, Japan has...

Type: Review
Game: Drakengard 2 (PlayStation 2)
Posted: July 14, 2007 (08:46 PM)
Drakengard 2 will piss off Drakengard fans. It’s your standard bad sequel, but it goes further than that. Developers Cavia actually took steps in the right direction and then blew it. With the tweaked mechanics of the flawed yet beloved original game, Drakengard 2 should have been a worthy sequel and one kick ass brawler. Instead, Cavia implemented other “improvements” in hopes of adding variety and eliminating repetition. The resulting game is an awkward mix of brawling, to...
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Type: Review
Game: God Hand (PlayStation 2)
Posted: January 15, 2007 (10:17 PM)
I knew God Hand was special shortly into the game. After smacking around hordes of goons armed with sledgehammers, two by fours and spiked clubs, I found myself in the most unusual of situations. My character had entered a colorful hidden carnival in the middle of a dusty spaghetti western town. A stage could be seen in the distance showcasing dancing brawlers. A voice was then heard.
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