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Wendell B

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Wendell B @pickhut07:08 PM
@pickhut Tried TCM for 20 minutes, and I could barely stand playing it. Then the game broke and relaunched my 3DS again. I'm actually fearing for the safety of my handheld...
Wendell B @pickhut03:08 PM
I'm actually thinking about writing about Tokyo Crash Mobs after reading up on some tidbits that would make for an interesting review (I hope), but this would require playing more of Tokyo Crash Mobs. Gah.
Wendell B @pickhutDec 13, 2014
I read that After Burner Climax is going to be delisted for the 360/PS3 on Dec. 24th, so there's ten-ish days to download it if any of you were thinking about it!
Wendell B @pickhutDec 12, 2014
@pickhut And now the game forced my 3DS to restart due to an unknown error, the first time that's ever happened. Man, this game sucks.
Wendell B @pickhutDec 12, 2014
Tokyo Crash Mobs: this... this game is legitimately making me upset. It's basically Ballistic with a weird, FMV-esque slant. I thought it would be weird in a funny way, but certain mechanics and jokes are just outright angering me due to their stupidity.
Wendell B @pickhutDec 09, 2014
@zippdementia Yup. Just found it funny how well the final unscripted seconds of the battle made the following cutscene all the more dramatic. Very enjoyable game.
Wendell B @pickhutDec 09, 2014
XCOM EU: Mannn, only one soldier survived the final mission, and I didn't even really like him. He didn't even do anything in the last section! My SHIV robot made the final, heroic shot when everything was going bad... and they left It behind! War sucks.
Wendell B @pickhutDec 06, 2014
@pickhut @zippdementia @JoeTheDestroyer @EmP I THINK, though. The PC version is apparently standalone expansion, while the console versions supposedly has it attached to the original game. I have no clue about the iPad version.
Wendell B @pickhutDec 06, 2014
@zippdementia @JoeTheDestroyer @EmP 1.96 GB, according to its itunes page. Get Enemy Within, though, if you're purchasing, since it's the same game with added content. I... completely forgot about this pretty much right after I bought Enemy Unknown. >_<
Wendell B @pickhutDec 06, 2014
@pickhut @EmP *alien. Stupid phone!
Wendell B @pickhutDec 06, 2014
@EmP Yeah, part of the fun I'm having with EU is seeing how far I can keep people alive. My current record is a guy surviving 30-some missions with around 50 alieb kills.
Wendell B @pickhutDec 05, 2014
XCOM EU: Easily lost my final experienced soldier to a 15-hit critical attack. Predictions: it's all uphill from here.
Wendell B @pickhutDec 05, 2014
@pickhut @overdrive I now currently just have one senior member in charge of a bunch of inexperienced soldiers. This should be interesting...
Wendell B @pickhutDec 05, 2014
@overdrive Yeah, I reloaded once early in the game when a similar thing happened when trying to rescue civilians for the first time. Since then, I just tried pressing forward regardless. As for now, I've decided to keep my post-massacred lineup. (cont.)
Wendell B @pickhutDec 05, 2014
XCOM EU: Well, after a dozen or so successful missions where no one on my team died, and literally right after I get my first psi soldiers, my entire squad is wiped out in the following mission. Must... resist urge... to reload game.
Wendell B @pickhutDec 03, 2014
@overdrive I swear the enemies are purposely going after my best skilled, best-equipped soldiers, because they die without fail 1 or 2 missions later. Amazingly, I still have this one guy who's survived 30+ missions and killed over 60 aliens. I jinxed it.
Wendell B @pickhutDec 01, 2014
@Suskie Oh. Oh, wow...
Wendell B @pickhutDec 01, 2014
XCOM EU: Man, I keep losing my best soldiers in the worst way possible. I recently lost an awesome sniper because I was trying to take cover after being poisoned. I took cover behind a car... that blew up after the turn was over. >_<
Wendell B @pickhutDec 01, 2014
@Suskie What game is that?
Wendell B @pickhutNov 30, 2014
Played XCOM Enemy Unknown for the first time last night for about six hours. Out of that entire play, the biggest "wtf" moment I had was finding out there are day stages four hours in. Embarrassingly, I found the satellite purchase option at the 6th hour.
Wendell B @pickhutNov 28, 2014
Too many things happening next month for me, so I can probably pump out one more review before year's end, then take a "break". Wonder what that game could be...
Wendell B @pickhutNov 24, 2014
I need to stop unintentionally try writing reviews around the weekends when my work schedule bounces around and sleep is nonexistent... Probably the main reason I stopped my Oniken review and close to stopping for another game.
Wendell B @pickhutNov 18, 2014
@Ben I've been trying to come up with a reason for over a year now for wanting a PS4/One, and I can barely count over five games that I would want to try...
Wendell B @pickhutNov 18, 2014
Maybe it's just me... but I don't understand the appeal of rebuying a game, at full price, that just came out a year prior and sold a billion dollars in its first few days, just because it now has slightly improved graphics and a first person mode.
Wendell B @pickhutNov 17, 2014
@JoeTheDestroyer Funny you should say that, because I added games to my wishlist for the first time last night! I got tired of trying to remembering games with unusual titles. xP
Wendell B @pickhutNov 14, 2014
Turbo Dismount: Cute, point-based crash game, but only a select few of the dev-made courses are worth replaying over and over again. You pretty much have to rely on fan-made maps.
Wendell B @pickhutNov 12, 2014
@joseph_valencia I only watch other people play it on YouTube. I think I would be more irritated than scared to play the game with its jump scares.
Wendell B @pickhutNov 12, 2014
I've played Oniken, and for some reason I can't complete a review for it. I know what I want to write, but for 7 days, all I can show for it are 2 paragraphs. For now, I'm just gonna play something else. It's a nice, Ninja Gaiden-style (NES) game, though.
Wendell B @pickhutNov 11, 2014
I love how Freddy 2 hasn't been out for more than a day, and it seems like people already expect everyone else to know how the AI functions, the names of the animatronics, and the "lore". I'm having Portal 1 flashbacks.
Wendell B @pickhutNov 05, 2014
@zippdementia I bet that guy can write an entire novel series based on his adventures in the game.
Wendell B @pickhutNov 03, 2014
@honestgamer Ha, they actually got ThunderBlade! I remember reading the interviews for the original 3D classics, and one of the guys kept saying he wanted to do ThunderBlade in nearly all of them.
Wendell B @pickhutNov 03, 2014
@joseph_valencia I can't believe the translator tried to do the voice, too...
Wendell B @pickhutNov 03, 2014
@JoeTheDestroyer Kirby games, Mystical Ninja, R-Type games, Super/Adventure Island games, Final Fight games, Vectorman, Shining Force games, Road Rash games, Lemmings, Lost Vikings. I'm just throwing out names I can think of. Quality will vary. xD
Wendell B @pickhutNov 02, 2014
Downloaded Valet Parking 1989 from the DSiWare library thinking I could get some mileage for a review. Turns out to be a very simple, overhead "don't touch the sides" management game. Even with the 80s theme, I doubt I could write a decent-sized review...
Wendell B @pickhutNov 01, 2014
@pickhut @joseph @Suskie don't want that taken away from them.
Wendell B @pickhutNov 01, 2014
@joseph_valencia @Suskie Can we move this to HG Mail discussion at least? As much as I want to say more, and I do feel hurt by certain comments, other users have voiced that they come here because it's a sanctuary of sorts for them. I just... (cont.)
Wendell B @pickhutNov 01, 2014
@Suskie I've read people compare it to Jet Set Radio on the basis of the grinding and such. Is the comparison justified or does Sunset Overdrive feel like its own thing?
Wendell B @pickhutOct 30, 2014
@Suskie @joseph_valencia Look, I'm not going to say anything else, because you're rightfully upset at information being exposed. I'm just gonna let you cool down.
Wendell B @pickhutOct 30, 2014
@Suskie I'm sorry that happened to you, Suskie. However, the pro-gg side doesn't support doxxing, it must be people acting on their own.
Wendell B @pickhutOct 30, 2014
@JoeTheDestroyer There's a lot of games I really enjoy, but if I ever reviewed them, I know they'll get a 5 or 6. As for one I actually reviewed, Kane & Lynch 1 comes to mind. The campaign has issues and the multi is limited, but the latter was still fun!
Wendell B @pickhutOct 27, 2014
@JoeTheDestroyer @joseph_valencia @EmP @Suskie If not for us, then do it for that Honest Envo guy, Zig.
Wendell B @pickhutOct 27, 2014
@Masters @Suskie I watched someone play the first 15-some minutes of the game on YouTube. Simple question: is the entire game as ridiculous as that opening escape sequence?
Wendell B @pickhutOct 24, 2014
@JoeTheDestroyer @overdrive I'm sorry, but you've just convinced me to play the DC version at some point in the future. I must experience the misery firsthand!
Wendell B @pickhutOct 24, 2014
@JoeTheDestroyer Was it that bad? It was a game I almost bought, numerous times, back when the DC was still kicking, but wildly polarizing opinions drove me away. Even when new copies were going for a dollar, I didn't pick it up. >_>
Wendell B @pickhutOct 23, 2014
So, I just went on Steam to do a quick search for something else, and I'm greeted on the front page by... Slave Zero. Now that's a plot twist.
Wendell B @pickhutOct 22, 2014
I'm currently browsing the DSiWare catalog for the first time, and wow, there's a lot of games here I'd like to try out. This definitely kicks the crap out of the WiiWare's library...
Wendell B @pickhutOct 21, 2014
Totally Forgot About File: Platinum Games developing a Legend of Korra game, and that it comes out this week. Might be the first time I'm not really interested in checking out a PG game... and this coming from a person who imported Anarchy Reigns.
Wendell B @pickhutOct 09, 2014
So, I read that Hatsune Miku performed on David Letterman's show. I thought someone was joking... until I saw the video: . Of all the guests to appear on his show, I never thought in a million years that this would be one...
Wendell B @pickhutOct 05, 2014
Has anyone here tried Shadow of Mordor? I'm not a LotR fan, but the way people are describing the game, how deep and varied the rivalries get, makes me want to check it out... if I had a next-gen console. I heard the PS3/360 ports have cutbacks.
Wendell B @pickhutOct 04, 2014
@pickhut @overdrive After watching some clips, seems like Sengoku 2 might be the "best" in the series. Haven't played it, so grain of salt, etc.

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