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Wendell B @pickhutApr 18, 2014
@JoeTheDestroyer @Suskie I do, too. Even though I rarely reply to others' progress posts (because I really have nothing to add), I still read them. I'm curious to see your views on Ground Zeroes.
Wendell B @pickhutApr 17, 2014
Game Progress - I'm slowly writing up my PowerSlave review for no good reason. Guess I just wanna take my time. I also purchased a cheap copy of GunGriffon II, which I wanted for awhile now. However, when it arrived, it was just the first GG game. D'oh...
Wendell B @pickhutApr 13, 2014
PowerSlave - Completed Kilmatt Colony, which is a dreadful experience because of all the one-hit kill laser traps littered everywhere. However, if you know how to bomb jump, you can skip 90% of the stage... I dunno why I didn't do this the first try.
Wendell B @pickhutApr 12, 2014
PowerSlave - Reached the Sunken Palace, an underwater dungeon. I managed to narrowly avoid drowning until I reached a room that begins locking up when you grab a door key. There's no unlock and no way of knowing this the first time... so yeah.
Wendell B @pickhutApr 11, 2014
Powerslave - Reached the Cave of Peril, and it definitely lives up to its name with all the platform jumping over pits, lava, and acid. Got a good ways into the map until a badly-timed jump sent me burning and back to the start of the cave.
Wendell B @pickhutApr 11, 2014
@honestgamer @Germ I only played the first 3D NG game back on Xbox myself. Still don't understand why people thought it was SUPER hard... I just did a lot of rolling and blocking >_>. Still a challenge, though. I have NG2 on 360, but I never played it.
Wendell B @pickhutApr 11, 2014
@pickhut there's a very hard to see corridor in the bottom corner of a water section. I like this game, but man, that map sucks.
Wendell B @pickhutApr 11, 2014
Powerslave progress - the Amun Mines has to be the most confusing map I've encountered in this game. I got stuck, wandered around, restarted the map, and wandered around again before giving in to watching a YT clip of the area. Turns out,
Wendell B @pickhutApr 10, 2014
@EmP Yeah. I actually got the game at the end of November, but it was put on the back burner during the holidays.
Wendell B @pickhutApr 10, 2014
So on EmP's recommendation... 5 months ago... I started a play of PowerSlave last night. Looks pretty for a Saturn game. Having to fight only cute red spiders and birds for the first hour was questionable, though. >_>
Wendell B @pickhutApr 07, 2014
Oof... my equipment for recording on my older consoles kinda bugged out on me, so I spent almost 3 hours recording and editing together a 3 minute video for an upcoming review of a game that doesn't deserve it. x_X
Wendell B @pickhutApr 04, 2014
@zippdementia Not much action on the main map? That's odd, I wonder if activity has died down since release. Though, usually, you'll find most of the players screwing around in the city and the small town in the desert. Everywhere else is rare.
Wendell B @pickhutApr 04, 2014
@Germ Oh man, I've been wanting to play Virtual Hydlide for decades. I almost bought a copy last week, but went for another Saturn game, instead. It's one of those games that looks absolutely bewildering when you see images and videos of it.
Wendell B @pickhutApr 01, 2014
@zippdementia Have you run into a tank player yet? If you see one randomly blowing up everything and everyone in their path, I recommend ignoring that general area or going to a new room if you don't want the hassle they bring.
Wendell B @pickhutMar 28, 2014
@Germ Yeah. Right now I'm fiddling with the last paragraphs. I'm concerned I'm dragging that segment out too much.
Wendell B @pickhutMar 27, 2014
My allergies have put me through hell these past few days, from a really bad sore throat to constant sneezing, but damn it, I'm gonna get this review done this week!
Wendell B @pickhutMar 24, 2014
@pickhut @Germ one of the two figures to a Landing Zone and instantly got a Mission Fail. Went to a different LZ and had no problems.
Wendell B @pickhutMar 24, 2014
@Germ I haven't encountered any glitches with the trophies/achievements that I'm aware of, but I have been hearing about the tapes issue. I have, however, got a weird glitch during the Eliminate the Renegade Threat mission when I was carrying (cont.)
Wendell B @pickhutMar 22, 2014
@Germ Yeah, it may not be a fantastic game, but it has play value to it, though maybe not the type people are expecting from a MGS title. I'm currently trying to find the patches, which has been a nuisance. Might just have to look online for the locations
Wendell B @pickhutMar 22, 2014
Just so Ben's post doesn't get lost in the shuffle, wanna remind that he has a Spelunky review complete and waiting for database addition.
Wendell B @pickhutMar 22, 2014
@pickhut embarrassing and shameful. And that's why I want to review the game now, to address these sort of "issues" those specific people have that are either borderline lies or flatout whining for the sake of whining.
Wendell B @pickhutMar 22, 2014
@pickhut Now that I've waken up from an accidental nap.. I wanna emphasize that, I think if you don't want to buy the game for $30, fine, I understand that. But then there are other reactions about the game from players that just come off downright(cont)
Wendell B @pickhutMar 21, 2014
I'm really contemplating reviewing Ground Zeroes, but I feel I might be a bit heavy-handed with my opinions on it versus other players' expectations of the game. Though, my real problem is that I need to get this other review out of the way first. xD
Wendell B @pickhutMar 19, 2014
@pickhut @Germ I guess if you still want to play it, I heard the digital download on Xbox 360 and PS3 is $20 compared to the retail's $30.
Wendell B @pickhutMar 19, 2014
@pickhut @Germ So if you want a genuine MGS experience (long game, constant dialogue, a plot), you're not getting it with Ground Zeroes. It really serves as a brief combination of an epilogue for Peace Walker and a prologue to The Phantom Pain.
Wendell B @pickhutMar 19, 2014
@Germ and that was with me messing around a little bit. You get some side missions to mess with, but not much. Most of the replay value comes from experimenting with sneaking or fighting your way around the base, and trying to S-Rank the missions. (cont.)
Wendell B @pickhutMar 19, 2014
@Germ That's a surprisingly difficult thing to answer, actually. I knew full well what I was getting into when I bought it, so I'm fine with it. It's true that it's a really short game, because I finished the main "story" in three hours, (cont.)
Wendell B @pickhutMar 18, 2014
Ground Zeroes Impressions - A Metal Gear title with more gameplay than plot. Kojima, are you okay?
Wendell B @pickhutMar 18, 2014
So today I finally remove my EDF2025 disc from the system since I first plopped it in on day 1. Figures a Kojima game would do that. That guy's absurd style of storytelling is like crack to me...
Wendell B @pickhutMar 18, 2014
@EmP I still really, really, really need to play that game. I'm amazed I've avoided any spoilers for the game for this long...
Wendell B @pickhutMar 17, 2014
My plans to do a review before this week's new releases has backfired on me. Because I'm still playing EDF2025. Agh!
Wendell B @pickhutMar 16, 2014
@JoeTheDestroyer @honestgamer That does sucks. Hope things work out.
Wendell B @pickhutMar 13, 2014
@holdthephone I've watched some clips, and from my observations, I have a hard time finding any distinguishable features other than giant mechs and your character's flexibility. Seems like an alright game, albeit one that looks like a CoD/Halo mesh.
Wendell B @pickhutMar 13, 2014
@zigfried I'm assuming you're playing the PS3 version, in which case: is the bottom of the disc covered in black?
Wendell B @pickhutMar 13, 2014
EDF2025 - After hitting a temporary weapon upgrade wall with my Air Raider, I managed to get one hell of a weapon called the ZEX Launcher. The turret is stupid strong and can usually plow through a dozen buildings just to hit its target.
Wendell B @pickhutMar 13, 2014
@EmP @overdrive Ya know, if I hadn't taken a brief look at Chatter and saw that picture before going to work, I wouldn't have a clue what this conversation was about. xD
Wendell B @pickhutMar 10, 2014
@Germ Now just add a minigame where you flip pizzas onto the top of houses, and this game will be gold.
Wendell B @pickhutMar 08, 2014
@JoeTheDestroyer @espiga I think I have a dailymotion account, but I don't remember my log-in info.. I have it written down... somewhere xD. I swore I hit the reply button with that post, too. Must've been more tired than I thought.
Wendell B @pickhutMar 08, 2014
Thankfully, none of my review-related videos have been taken down/blocked! Yet. Linking my reviews in the description box is something I thought about, but not really done, probably because these videos are unlisted. xD
Wendell B @pickhutMar 07, 2014
@honestgamer I liked that you showed off various aspects of the game in one video. I can't be arsed to do that with my videos; by the time I'm done writing the review, I just record an entire stage or a segment and move on to the next review. xD
Wendell B @pickhutMar 06, 2014
EDF2025 - First time having an excessive go with the Fencer class. He has a balance between strong and risky weapons, plus he moves slow which makes him a hazard with enemy crowds. Game ain't wrong in labeling him an advanced class...
Wendell B @pickhutMar 05, 2014
@pickhut *The Room Manager can set the Weapon Level volume to prevent other gamers from using their strongest weapons to plow through missions. I like it, but there are times when the volume is set way too low.
Wendell B @pickhutMar 05, 2014
EDF2025 - Finish up my review of the game or continue playing the game... choices. So, played some online last night with Air Diver. Managed to get some good upgrades, but couldn't use them because the weapon limit volume was to low in rooms visited. x_X
Wendell B @pickhutMar 02, 2014
@Suskie I haven't played Aria of Sorrow in ages, but I do remember the one thing I took away from it was that it seemed very standard. I didn't dislike it, but I am having trouble remembering anything memorable about it besides the Kamen Rider reference.
Wendell B @pickhutMar 01, 2014
EDF2025 - Messing with the Wing Diver class at the moment. Not only does she have the advantage of brief flight, but ridiculously useful weapons once you grind a little bit. Also, the in-game time clocks me in at 40 hours. Feels like less.
Wendell B @pickhutFeb 28, 2014
@JoeTheDestroyer @jerec Or review a Hello Kitty game. I'm still mystified why my Hello Kitty Cube Frenzy review has so many hits...
Wendell B @pickhutFeb 27, 2014
EDF2025-Wish I had fiddled with the soldier classes from the start, since Air Raider is turning into a favorite. You can plant trip-mines, move around laser beams from the sky with a pointer, and call in different vehicles. This guy is awesome in online.
Wendell B @pickhutFeb 24, 2014
Finally finished EDF2025's Mission Mode. 85 stages. And according to the stats I added up, I killed 7146 bugs in the process. I didn't think the count would be that high. >_>
Wendell B @pickhutFeb 24, 2014
EDF2025 - Thought I had Mission Mode just about wrapped up when I got into the 50s... I'm currently in the 70 stages. This game just keeps going, and I'm not saying that in a good way. >_>
Wendell B @pickhutFeb 24, 2014
Can't believe there's people out there that's honestly complaining about EDF2025's framerate taking a dive when 3 dozen or so giant insects clutter the screen. While there's explosions. And buildings crumbling. I mean, what were they expecting to happen?

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