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Sorry, but I haven't yet shared the information about myself that would typically display here. Check back later to see if that changes, or if I instead choose to remain an enigma.

The totally official, completely unbiased top 100 Nintendo Switch games
February 05, 2022

And by "totally official" I mean, "hey, I've played over 100 Switch games. I should rank them and say something pithy about each one." And yes, I really do play this many 2D sidescrollers (I count 47, almost half!)... Since this system has a bunch of old games on it, my only rule here is that I had to have never played it before 2017. So stuff like the Mario All Stars collection or all the Megaman games are out, but everything else is fair game (yes, even *checks list* number 45). And I'm doing it countdown style to force you to scroll past a bunch of games you never heard of to get to, well, some games you've heard of.

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Mega Man 9 rocks
September 24, 2008

So is anyone else playing the Game of the Century? Well, ok, maybe that's a little overboard, but GotY easily! Definitely worth the 10 bucks, and then some. Sure, I've only beaten 2 bosses so far (hey, I may be old school, but I still suck at videogames ), but I've at least seen all the levels, and I'm more than satisfied.

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Wait, what?
September 07, 2008

A new review?

[P.R. Speak] Any similarities in the tagline of this review to storms hanging around the Gulf is purely coincidental. There was no intention to make light of any weather related tragedies in this review.

Or whatever. But anywho, Fire Emblem. Read it. Ignore it. Take your pick.


February 17, 2008

So I finally got meself a Wii last week. And it only took 10 minutes of standing outside in the extraordinarily frigid whether... Of course, I don't have any games for it yet, but I guess that's what happens when the system is in such crazy shortage and Smash Bros comes out next month. I had to make sure I got it in time.

And, sad to say, I find myself liking Wii Sports much more than I thought I would. Don't get me wrong, I still wouldn't pay money for it. And I have no patience for most of it. But some of the games are pretty fun. And the wiimote works slightly better than I thought it would.

Anywho, Smash Bros (and Mercury Meltdown Revolution, which I plan on getting soon), here I come! Yay!


New review: Prince of Persia SoT (GC)
January 09, 2008


Only 9 days into the new year and I already have half as many reviews as I wrote last year. Could this be a sign of things to come? I'm thinking... no.

Wii: One year review from someone who hasn't played it
December 21, 2007

Before I begin, I must make it clear that I do not now nor ever owned a Wii. Or played one, for that matter. This isn't a knock on the Wii or anything; I'm not as much into videogames, or at least playing videogames, as my presence here might suggest (I didn't own a GC its first year either). But I realize people might not accept the opinions of someone in this position, even though for me personally I'm very good at recognizing what I like or dislike without playing it. But anyway, you can naturally take all my opinions with a grain of salt, or perhaps a few truckfulls of salt if you'd like.

When the philosophy behind the Wii, and particularly the wiimote, was unveiled, there were quite a few areas where I was most excited in its application.

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Prince of Persia: Metroid Edition
December 20, 2007

I've only played PoP: Sands of Time, but for those that have played the other two games, does anyone know if they're more, y'know, nonlinear? Maybe a big overworld like Metroid or Zelda or something? Because as cool as all the environmental puzzles are in this game (and don't get me wrong, they are very cool), the one-dimensional aspect kinda kills all the excitement. Gee, how do I get out of here? I wonder if I should follow that line of flagpoles? It's not like there's any other possible way to go.

Still a pretty neat game though.

Speaking of which, as surprising as this may sound, expect a review on the game soon. And by soon, I mean next year. But still, a new review by me! That hasn't happened in ages!


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