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Felix_Arabia yo.

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Type: Review
Game: Image Fight (Miscellaneous)
Posted: February 08, 2009 (05:45 PM)
Used to be a time when shooters graced the arcades, and companies like Irem sat at the top of their craft, producing one solid space-faring saga after another. You donít have to look beyond their beloved R-Type series to see what I mean. That was a franchise built out of love, yet conveyed with loathing. Methodical, precise, difficult Ė the series still conjures memories of challenging episodes and unmitigated ardor. But perhaps youíd be surprised to learn that Irem didnít limit itsel...

Type: Review
Game: Image Fight (NES)
Posted: February 08, 2009 (05:45 PM)
Image Fight on the NES is absolutely horrible. Or at least thatís what youíre going to believe. This review wonít convince you otherwise. Itís not that my writing wonít move you to think the opposite, but the screenshots will strive to keep you in the dark. The pictures tell the real story, not the words. Please donít like this game.

Type: Review
Game: Image Fight (TurboGrafx-16)
Posted: February 08, 2009 (05:41 PM)
More than two years after its initial release, Image Fight stood defiant on the PC Engine as one of the finest shooters the system had to offer. It had graced the arcades, sold its soul to the devil to appear on the NES, and even graced the likes of a couple of obscure Japanese computers. But now it was on the PC Engine where it deserved to be. A hardcore shooter on a system known for its hardcore shooters. This is how things should have been from the start.
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