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Writing I've been up to
March 26, 2012

I decided to join on the Apollo 18 20th anniversary tribute which was posted to the text adventure forums back in December. I probably took too many games--the organizer wanted them all to be claimed by January 1 or so and so I stepped in with some ideas by January 15th, worrying nobody was going to take things. So I feel bad having taken so much, and I didn't really go after reciprocal testing, but I have to say this: it was a ton of FUN when I had the time, and despite being rather sick for 10 days, the 3-month buffer was enough.

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Review, in case it doesn't get into the database...
March 19, 2012

LR for WonderSwan

I wasn't aware of the WonderSwan until I went searching for new versions of Lode Runner (LR.) It was a last resort. You see, so many ports of Lode Runner contain the same levels from the original. Maybe they throw in a story with animals to rescue or something, but it that couldn't disguise the exact same levels made by kids pulled off the street long ago back in 1980. Which is annoying to see after I've poked my way through several Japanese menus. Yeah, first world problems, rom downloads aren't perfectly legal, and so on. But when so many Lode Runner games come with level editors (also part of the original) that the developers themselves never seem to use, it's hard to believe much care went into these products.

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So what apps do you-all use to write?
January 28, 2012

I've tried other text editors but can't believe I didn't discover Notepad++ until recently. I really like NoteTab Standard for organizing things that need chapters, but Notepad++ is great for typing one-off stuff like reviews I don't need/want to take too many notes on--it even tracks the # of bytes a file is, and so forth, which is nice when I don't want to bloat a piece of writing too much.

I'd actually heard of Notepad++ before but assumed it was too much like Notepad for some reason. But it's not. After trying a pile of other text editors geared towards HTML coding and such (which I bet some people here might find useful) it took me about fifteen minutes to realize that I'd found something I wanted and probably should've done so years ago.

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I forgot to write a review last year
January 10, 2012

I'd planned to write one. But I didn't. Still, I've been going through my writing notes. I have lots of other things to do, but sometimes I get hung up on something I always wanted to do and figure I might as well just have done with it.

Quite bluntly if I'm more interested in what people have to say about other games than they are about this, I can't blame them. I'm glad to be able to express something and to have that forum for it, even if I don't have nearly as much to say on this as I used to. And I'm glad to see several reviews already out there competing for RotW. And to see old names I know and new names I don't.

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Not a game, but the sort of game puzzle I like
December 28, 2010

I don't know if anyone else read any of the Brown Paper Schoolbooks series. It's held up well--I read my favorites in the library a few months ago and still enjoyed them. Lots of good titles, like I Hate Mathematics and I am not a Short Adult!

The content inside lived up to the titles, too. (Yes, yes, remember to tip your waitress, but don't push her over.) There was one puzzle that I remembered off-and-on, but it seemed so unsolvable at the time. It was this:

The "product" of a word is as follows: let A=1, B=2, ..., Z=26. Multiply all the values together. Duplicates count twice, so BEE=2*5*5=50, not 2*5.

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Getting retro with...a movie.
December 10, 2010

Somehow an online conversation got to the discussion of the Towers of Hanoi puzzle. Tower, towers. We discussed other annoying introductory computer science puzzles. The one that always had me baffled was Nim, well, until I learned mathematical induction, anyway.

And any rite of passage from the bad old days included the film Sorting out Sorting. I had the dubious privilege of watching this twice. I remember being baffled by heap sort, but it seems simple now.

It's about the closest thing computer science has to Reefer Madness.


Lose Your Own Adventure
November 13, 2010

Someone was bound to do it, and this looks like a pretty good spoof. The problem is, it can be too easy, so you might get slaphappy satire...

Man, I remember when these books were $2 apiece. Yeah, inflation blah blah. But the pictures and story ideas look really promising. I like the "Saving Oswald" picture especially.


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