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Of Guards And Thieves (PC) artwork

Of Guards And Thieves (PC) review

"A chibi call of duty."

Of Guards and Thieves is a competitive multiplayer stealth game, and you don't really see a lot of those around. Plenty of cooperative stealth but rarely does a game put you against other players. In fact, the best comparison is the ďSpies vs MercsĒ mode on Splinter Cell: Blacklist. Basically, if you liked that mode but found it to be too severe on the Call of Duty spectrum of gaming, then I have news for you!

OGAT is the same idea but in a more indie/flash game type style. Makes sense, as many people who play it through Kongregate and arenít even aware itís on Steam.

The core mechanics are simple; The Guards tend to be better equipped with more health and assault weapons. The thieves have crossbows and silenced weapons, less health, but one major advantage; Night vision. They must navigate all the maps and turn off the lights while they steal a specific item that only they know about. The guards can find and patrol the multiple items but are not aware of which one it is, giving the less-equipped thieves a tactical advantage. Distraction is a major gameplay element here.

There are also other modes to mix this up, including a Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, Bomb Defusal, and more.

If I had to find a criticism, well... Thereís two. They both overlap slightly.

The first is that the playerbase is incredibly small, usually peaking at 200 people and going down to 40-60 in off hours. While this is a fine core for the main game mode, I have found it very difficult to explore other game modes such as Capture The Flag, or that extra large map where you explore and loot (and what ever happened to Slender?!) I pretty much see 0/10 on all servers unless itís private or just on a different gametype.

Due to the small base of players, thereís no matchmaking and games donít always autoshuffle so sometimes it can feel like a team is outclassing another. If it does shuffle, there may be a couple of particularly experienced players crushing everyone who just downloaded and are giving it a try. I'm not the worst player but I have on a few occasions found myself in an endless loop of failure because one enemy was just crushing it. I have some friends who can barely play it for more than twenty minutes at a time and itís a shame.

The flip side of this; There's no equipment or pay2win system here. If you play enough you can eventually learn the maps, figure out decent hiding patterns, and perform better yourself.
(Protip: Guards can turn off their flashlights and hide in bushes themselves, which is hard to see even with night vision). That kind of thing.

Regardless, Itís a great, small game with a fair amount of replayability. The matches are quick and bite-sized, and you can usually get several games in just twenty minutes or so.


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Community review by Zydrate (August 06, 2017)

Zydrate is most active on Steam and Tumblr.

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Nightfire posted August 13, 2017:

Yet another one of your Steam reviews. This one is a bit longer and verbose than your Poly Towns review, and I got a better, fuller picture of what the game is about here. Still, the original review was posted eight months ago, and you've come a long way with your writing since then. I found some punctuation errors and a few run on sentences here and there. Some edit passes might clean these old reviews up, if you have the time to go back and take a look at them.
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Zydrate posted August 13, 2017:

Yea, wasn't going for any awards on this one.
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Nightfire posted August 14, 2017:

Still, it made placement. That's not bad. :)

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