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Dying Light (PC) artwork

Dying Light (PC) review

"Takes a bland genre and elevates it with crisp mechanics and a flowing parkour system."

I was afraid of getting this because it seemed like "Yet Another Zombie [Thing]". Across my entire library, I only had one other zombie game. It's simply not a genre I care about because I generally find zombies to be fairly boring enemies to fight.

But after poking the reviews and seeing a lot of comments like "20 hours played, 15% of story complete. 10/10", this implied that there was more to the game that it seemed. Indeed, I took a chance and dropped the full 60$ on this and I turned out to be fairly surprised, and pleasantly so.

For me, what sets this apart is the ability to parkour around. This makes traversing the cityscape a lot more interesting and keeps this game from being a boring slog "Point A to Point B" with some zombie-smacking in between.

What I continue to love most about this game is how it's multi-genre'd. After a few hours of play, by day, you'll be a powerhouse with weapons that will be able to one-shot the standard zombies (If you aim properly). Daytime is scavenging/questing time.

But by night, it becomes a prolonged stealth mission. Double experience gain, a few quests that can ONLY be done at night, and enemies that will destroy you regardless of levels and weapon statistics, if you allow yourself to be 'alerted' for too long. Every night is absolutely intense and it's just great fun.

Add to the fact that once you encounter "Bolters", enemies that will literally flee at the sight of you, hunting them is like an assassination mission as you can only kill them by sneaking up behind them. You could shoot them, too, but have fun with its four Volatile buddies that like to hang out.

So what's keeping me on this game is the variance it offers. Traversing the land is fun, slaughtering zombies en masse is great, and sneaking around at night is an intense and great experience.

I've been recommending this to most of my friends.


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Community review by Zydrate (June 28, 2017)

Zydrate is most active on Steam and Tumblr.

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