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Smite (PC) artwork

Smite (PC) review

"Another MOBA, doesn't do much to innovate the genre but still offers a solid niche."

Iíve considered it very difficult to review Smite in the same way I had a hard time reviewing Heroes of the Storm and as a result, I donít feel like itís one of my better pieces. There is something inherent to MOBAs that makes them simpler than other genres. There isnít as much to speak of in regard to mechanics or story, not in the same way that reviewers can go on all day about their experiences with Skyrim or Witcher.

Here I am anyway with a quick disclaimer; Comparisons will be unavoidable. Chiefly among them will be with Heroes of the Storm and League of Legends, per my only basis of experience.

On the MOBA spectrum, Smite is closer to LoL, except on a third person viewpoint (which is Smiteís unique niche in the MOBA market). It has all of the item building and shop buying that MOBAís have had since the genreís inception and does not do too much to reinvent the wheel, which is why this has been such a difficult game to review.

Iím not a veteran so mostly I stick to the recommended list of items and that does lead towards a few victories and thatís enough for me. Thereís an entire ďHero builderĒ mechanic somewhere in the menus where you can choose exactly what shows up in your shop during a match. Iím not pro enough to figure any of this out without a mentor walking me through it, so for now Iíll just give a quick rundown on what the game as to offer.

It has a fairly unique set of heroes, based around the Gods across several pantheons including Norse, Mayan, Greek, Japanese, and a few others. If you were ever a history geek, you will certainly nerd out to see this gameís visual representation of a variety gods. Each of them treated with a ďLoreĒ page to give a general description of who they are. Iím a fan of Norse mythology myself, so it was fun to see Hel, an oft overlooked character concept. Though I'm not fond of giving her multiple personality disorder for some reason.

It has your usual 3-lane map which, like most other MOBAs, take about 30 to 45 minutes to complete, maybe more if youíre evenly matched and the enemy just wonít let you kill that one tower you need.

Like LoL it has an ARAM; All Random All Middle, a one-laner. Also a one laner with a 3v3 mode where itís not random. It has a 5v5 Arena that takes place in one area, and is actually my favorite mode and is pretty much exclusively what I record for my YouTube channel because it seems to be the only mode I can actually claim victory in.

It has some other modes too, some two laners and a Brawl-esque mode from HOTS that has a bunch of random attributes on a weekly basis.

If this game had a problem, itís a flaw that has occasionally reared its ugly head as I expanded my skill-base and exploring other Gods after I purchased the 30$ god pack, which gives me access to everyone, even future releases.

I have discovered that several Gods, and potentially many more that Iíve yet to explore, have very similar kits. Of my few ďmainsĒ I notice most of them have a dive of sorts as well as a cone attack. Without fail, and most have a skillshot of some variety. To be fair, they all differ slightly. Medusaís dive attack will stop and hit an enemy hero, while Nemesisí dive actually goes through enemies while doing damage. Each of these differ with different status effects like bleeds or blinds but in essence; Most of the Gods Iíve played usually have a skillshot, a cone, and a dive. Without fail.

This can make the game fairly stagnant for some, and much like HOTS itís not a game I can really binge on. I play one or two matches and Iím basically done with it for the day, taking maybe 30-45 minutes out of my day. If I try to push myself on a game like this, it can get exhausting, just as LoL did.

In terms of community, I have little to say. Arena is a fairly casual mode and I donít see a lot of trash talk but I am occasionally irritated by the fact that all teams usually have one sub-par player bringing the whole team down. Iíve lost games and noticed the charts with everyone being in a 2:1 kill ratio while one guy has one kill and twelve deaths. Enemy teams are not immune to this, I even have it on recording with an enemy Thor making some strange decisions, isolating himself, and I just crit him into oblivion. He died every time he showed up.

Hey, the world takes all kinds.

The game is free to play and has weekly free Gods to try your hand at without spending a cent. Smite has an AI mode but it doesnít give you God mastery points for it, so it lacks a sense of progression if youíre a casual like me. On HOTS I play against AI exclusively but thatís not really an option here if I want to actually progress and show off my mastery.

Smite has a moderately robust competitive community that has tournaments and Esports teams so the niche is certainly there. Would I recommend it? Perhaps. Like any genre itís best to find one that works for you and your style. Smite is a bit above HOTS in terms of competitiveness and is closer to the LoL spectrum, so take that as you will.


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Community review by Zydrate (May 31, 2017)

Zydrate is most active on Steam and Tumblr.

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