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My thoughts on Brutal Legend
May 12, 2015

I recently forced myself through Brutal Legend. No, I didn't beat the game. I made it to the penultimate stage, grew tired of the tacked on RTS segments, and decided to call it a day. I've also decided that I'm not writing a proper review of the title for one reason: I'm tired of penning crits of middling games. Instead, I've opted to upchuck my random thoughts on the title here, in no particular order except that the positive comments come first. Then I shall slap on a non-numerical summary rating thingie and call it good.

---The Positive---

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Gaming Progress X
April 13, 2015

I have once again found myself in that awkward position where I have a bunch of reviews to write and a few games to play. I've been dying to play some stuff, but for some reason I've had an unhealthy obsession with Puzzle & Dragons. I aim to quell that.

Anyway, when this next wave is done, I should have new reviews for:

WWF Raw (32X)
Wizorb (PC)
Botanicula (PC)
Wasteland Angel (PC)
Dolphin (Atari 2600)

Plus I've started a new game by request that I intend to review:


Albedo: Eyes from Outer Space (PC)

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Horror Ramblings: The Apparition and Blood Glacier
April 06, 2015

Time for some mini-reviews.

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Gaming Progress 9
April 04, 2015

I'm going to break my habit and make this one as brief as possible:

Assassin's Creed II (Xbox 360)- About to wrap up contracts and then finish the memory I'm currently on. An autosave glitch killed my progress. I decided to begin playing Brutal Legend instead.

Brutal Legend (Xbox 360)- I chopped up tons of druids, ran a handful of them over, and then finished off the first boss. So far the game has potential, but it has yet to really wow me. Despite my love for heavy metal, I'm not digging the vibe yet. I will say, though, that cutting up foes while Black Sabbath's Symptom of the Universe blared in the background was pretty sweet.

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Well, so much for completing Assassin's Creed II...
April 02, 2015

I just got hit with a game-breaking glitch that deletes your save file. My completion was something like 46% and I had put about twenty hours into the game. As you can imagine, I've lost any desire to play it. I'm not giving up on it entirely, but I'm not going to start a new file any time soon.


I've decided to take an indefinite break from October reviews
April 02, 2015

It was a difficult decision, but it's one I think I'll be pleased with in the long run. I've decided not to do a buttload of reviews for both websites every year for several reasons.

1. Doing so has been consuming way too much of my time. This is further detailed in the subsequent reasons.

2. I have two kids, one of which sleeps very well and the other isn't sleeping so well these days, mainly because he's teething. Because of that, I'm not only getting little sleep, but I have to devote most of my free time to getting him comfortable. This is a temporary reason. Also, once both kids start going to school, I'll have a little more free time on my hands. I intend to continue working evenings at that point, which means I'll have time both before and after work.

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Polishing off some reviews
April 01, 2015

For about the last two weeks I've been attempting to put my WWF Raw (32X) review to rest, as well as touch up my rough drafts for Space Panic and Zaxxon (both for Colecovision). Around the same time, I also decided to start sending myself to bed a little bit earlier so I can catch up on lost sleep.

Also, my younger son decided to start teething, which means little sleep for him.

...which means "so much for trying to catch up on sleep" for me.

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