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Game Progress 2/5
February 05, 2016

It's been a hectic week and only Clicker Heroes has kept me sane. I'm currently chopping up the boss in zone 200, trying to build up some cash so I can either advance or afford Dread Knight. You see, I hit a slump earlier this week where the cost of the next hero, Dread Knight, was astronomical in proportion to the amount of cash I was making. She costs around 10,000 "undecillion" gold (basically "ten-duodecillion" or 10,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 gold), and at a time when my cash amounted in the octillions. Hiring new heroes and activating their passive skills was, up to this point, the key to boosting your DPS. Since I couldn't afford the knight, I decided to level up my other heroes to see if there would be any significant increase in DPS. Prior to

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Game Progress 1/24
January 24, 2016

I wish I could say I spent this week wiping out various entries from my backlog. Sadly, I invested most of my free time into either falling asleep or tweaking my now-live Brutal: Above the Claw review. Most of the games I played this week weren't even on my backlog, technically.

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13 Wasted Rentals: Hours I'll Never Get Back
January 22, 2016

It's cool seeing everyone's top tens and favorite games of the 2015, especially when some of the titles I love make someone else's list. I would whip up such a lineup for myself, but I think everyone else already has those subjects covered well enough. I'd rather voyage in the opposite direction and discuss games that were less satisfying...

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Game Progress 1/15
January 15, 2016

Progress has been slow lately thanks to Brutal: Above the Claw. The review I prepared for it was one of the most difficult to write because the game is very uninspiring. Then again, that's generic fighting games for you. They're almost as bad as average puzzle games when it comes to reviewing them.

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Game Progress from Hell--32X Fighting Game Edition
January 09, 2016

Can it be? Is it true? Has Joe really begun work on a Brutal: Above the Claw review? Yes, I have.

Before I go much further, I'll give you the tl;dr on what I thought about the game: it's a bold concept, but it sucks. It starts you off with a huge disadvantage where move sets are concerned, only gives you three continues, and expects you to claw your way to the top. Your character starts the campaign off without any special moves and has to learn them as you advance. The first special you obtain is a useless taunt. A frickin' taunt! Meanwhile, the computer schools you even on the easiest difficulty setting. I know this was the developer's attempt to shake up the versus fighting genre, but their bid didn't pay off.

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Gaming Progress and Upcoming Reviews
January 03, 2016

Progress has been made! I've beaten my first game of 2016, and we're only a few days in. I feel something on the order of accomplished. Plus, I've got some new material coming out of over the next few days, so double yay there.

Valdis Story: Abyssal City (PC)
Beat it. I didn't do everything this time around, but I do intend to replay it eventually, especially with multiple characters to check out.

7Days (PC)
Started this freeware piece on Desura. It's the good kind of different so far. A bit spooky and somewhat dreamlike. I'm currently at the beginning of the second day.

Tap Titans (Android)

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Joe Presents: Random Thoughts on the Games I Reviewed This Year
December 31, 2015

Road Not Taken (PC)
"I think there's a reason this road isn't taken." (the reason is repetition)

Gothic (PC)
"I hate this game! I love this game. I'm mildly irritated by this game. But I enjoy it. No wait, I'm apathetic to it.


Gamera: Daikaiju Kuchuu Kessen (Game Boy)
"This is why not every genre should have a turn-based oounterpart."

Aquattack (Colecovision)
"Not sure if I suck or this game is just very hard to control. No wait, this game sucks!"

Bermuda Triangle (Atari 2600) image

Bermuda Triangle (Atari 2600)
"Well whaddya know... A game for 2600 that I haven't played that actually rocks. And it's a shmup, no less!"

1942 (NES)

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