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I may give The Void a second chance
March 17, 2011

Apparently there's a patch you can download that adds two new difficulty levels: easy and normal.

Wait, what?

Normal difficulty is one you have to add to the game? Madness! It's like the developers were admitting the game was way too hard (read: unfair/unbalanced). I'm not sure how normal will change the game, but I'll be holding off on a review until I can get my hands on said patch. I don't expect the gameplay to become much more substantial, but at least I might be able to see the sights and enjoy that enough.

My 50th review commeth...
March 05, 2011

I'm doing Final Fantasy. Some might be appalled when I say it didn't age well.

The Void makes me want to set myself on fire
February 26, 2011

Ever seen that game, The Void, on Steam, waiting for your download? It's a nasty little first-person adventure game that's basically like Clive Barker took a shit on Okami. My main problem with it is the difficulty.

Yeah, a gaming masochist complaining about difficulty.

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I finally finished Red Dead Revolver
February 13, 2011

Review forthcoming. My opinion has not changed--save your money and don't waste energy trying to track this one down for a cheap price. You're better off either getting Red Dead Redemption (only saying this based on what others have told me) or Max Payne. Revolver and Payne are quite similar, except Payne doesn't suck.

Dear god, I've seen further into the dark realm...
February 07, 2011

EmP brought up an interesting fact about Hydlide: there are several other games in that series (yes, there's an actual series) in two other generations. While I haven't gotten to the other generations yet, I did download an MSX emulator and played Hydlide 2 and 3.

Yes, I downloaded an MSX emulator just to play two likely awful games.

I will say, though, that they're not as bad as the original.

In Hydlide 2:
-There are actual townsfolk you can talk to and buy items from.
-You can create your character and customize their starting stats.
-You don't have to hold down the attack button and bump into enemies. Simply pushing button 1 switches you between "defend" and "attack" modes. You still have to bump into enemies, though.

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Now and Later
January 31, 2011

Rough weekend, what with my wife having been in the hospital. Things are good though, they're discharging her today. I just hope my job will allow me to have a few extra hours off so I can get her home safely.

I've also decided upon some of my next reviews. Expect to see a resub/slight rewrite of my GF review of Eternal Sonata (X360) and a brand spankin' new rev for Super Meat Boy (PC).


I'm persistent, and maybe that's my downfall.
January 21, 2011

I've been suffering through Red Dead Revolver for the last couple weeks. I'm finding it quite tedious, repetitive, and sometimes even ridiculous and sloppy. It's stable and playable, but holy shit is it boring. I'm at a point where I want to just stop playing the game, but the voices in my head want me to keep playing and finish it, then possibly write a review for it.

What I'm mainly curious about is how connected this one is to Redemption. Is there a whole lot that carries over from Revolver to Redemption?


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