Dark Souls progress: 8/16/15 part 2
August 16, 2015

[...continued from previous post]


Okay, I avoided the bearded clam reference, but I will say:

"Ceaseless Discharge, huh? Sounds like a personal problem."

As you can tell, I decided to make my way back to Quelaag's Domain and investigate the Demon Ruins. I found the gold banded armor set and roused the aforementioned boss to wake. We fought, I died. I tried again, I died. I tried again, I died. I tried again, I- there's gotta be some better way to go about this!

The thing with the Discharge is that he has immense tentacles that can hit you no matter where you stand. I think you might be able to dodge them, but in doing so you put yourself out range for a strike, especially if you're a tank (i.e. me). There's a much easier way than worrying overmuch about distances anyway... I found a narrow crevice of sorts that I could crawl into. There's a place you can stand in the "corridor" where you're just within the creature's strike and aggro range, and you can easily step out of range and dodge the attack. Afterward, you can lay into his inert tentacle until he takes it away. The trick is to learn where the aggro range is and recognize his facial expression just before he launches an assault. I did this and managed to kill the monster without having to use the flask much.

So he collapsed into the lava, solidified it, and granted me access to the next portion of the Ruins.


Pressing onward, I engaged a bunch of mini-Tauros Demons and got my hands on some goodies behind them. Of course, I died a few times thanks to some patches of lava, but I eventually advanced onward. The mini-Capra Demons were nothing. A single jump attack was enough to fell them, so most of this segment was a breeze. It didn't get tough until after I found the bonfire and began to bump into giant milipedes. At one point, I headed towards a treasure chest and found myself surrounded by a handful of them. Their acid does major damage to your equipment, and my shield ended up breaking (my sword and armor came close, too). Thankfully, "broken" doesn't mean "gone for good" in the world of Dark Souls, and I was able to restore everything to full effect with a few thousand souls.

I came upon a misty threshold, entered, and fought the Asylum Demon recolored yet again Demon Firesage. As with the previous versions of this boss, this encounter wasn't much of a task. Sure, he occasionally got some good, cheap shots in, but only few attempts was all I needed to win. The main thing about him is he seemed a bit speedier than his brothers. I couldn't get behind him as easily, plus he had one attack I never could dodge.


No, this isn't three demons fused ass-to-mouth. It's a massive hellspawn with a centipede for an arm and another for its tail. Seriously, it's pretty metal.

Unfortunately, the fight is not. There isn't much to talk about before the fight because it's a straightforward, uncontested run from the Firesage to the Centipede Demon. The scuffle begins with the creature elongating its arm at you, quickly enough that getting a shot in is nearly impossible, especially if you're a tank. When he gets in closely enough, it's Ornstein and Smough all over again. The camera freaks out, I try to slip out of the corner, and typically wind up dead. This carried for me on until I noticed a summon sign. "It better not be..." Yeah, it was Solaire again. This just too Ornstein and Smough for my liking....

Although it took a couple additional attempts, the plan worked out. Crazy Solaire ran onto the lava to meet the demon. He got some good shots in and brought the creature's HP down below half. Sometimes the demon would get close enough that I could contribute to its downfall. After Solaire expired, I'd attempt to finish the fight. This carried on about three times, with the third attempt ending in the Centipede Demon's demise.

Currently, I'm sitting at the bonfire before Lost Izalith. I have to fight some Bounding Demons and I don't want to. I must, though. I must...

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Suskie Suskie - August 17, 2015 (12:44 AM)
You can actually just beat Ceaseless Discharge by drawing him back to the boss door and then slashing his hand when he loses his balance. I always do him immediately after Quelaag because you don't have to actually fight him directly.
JoeTheDestroyer JoeTheDestroyer - August 17, 2015 (02:58 AM)
Huh, I didn't realize that. Good to know for future reference. Thanks!

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