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I write about video games and horror-related items. Also, I wear a hat.

Joe Rates: Monsters season 1, part 1
March 02, 2019

I used to watch a show with my dad in the late '80s: Monsters. It was a horror anthology series that lasted three seasons, and was a successor to another such program called Tales from the Darkside. Obviously, Monsters focused more on antagonistic creatures than Tales did, from garden variety beasts like zombies or vampires to more imaginative critters (e.g. a bed that eats people, anthropomorphic bees, a "cancer vampire," etc.).

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Game Progress 2/24/19
February 24, 2019

Knocking stuff out of the way, one game at a time...

Dust: An Elysian Tail (PC)
Done. Finished, Over. Finally.

It's such a good game, too. It's a shame another one hasn't come out yet. Review coming soon.

Endorlight (PC)
A delisted roguelite platformer on Steam. It's a very simple game, actually. Every level you drop to the bottom of the screen and look for a door, avoiding hazards along the way. It's more difficult than it sounds, but it's not very interesting or entertaining at all. I'll probably play this for a few hours. If I don't finish it after a while, I'll probably give it a review and move on.

Red Goddess: Inner World (PC)

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Playing through the negatives of my Steam library
February 16, 2019

I've begun a sort of project where I search for all the Steam games in my library that are marked negative in terms of overall reviews, as well as anything that's been delisted (e.g. Endorlight, Fist of Jesus, etc.). If a game doesn't have a consensus, then I look at what few marks it does have and judge where to go from there. Of course, this means I'll be playing a lot of rubbish horror games, but what else is new? So far, I've managed to tackle a few titles.

Roarr! The Adventures of Rampage Rex
Status: beaten
Genres: Casual, party, brawler, co-op

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Game Progress: 2/7/19
February 07, 2019

I've had some time to game, but with my recent change in diet and activity, it's been decreasing. I've been falling asleep earlier and staying asleep, but that means I won't be burning the midnight oil quite as often to get through particularly long projects. Nonetheless, I've still made progress in:

Iconoclasts (PC)
I'm not sure where exactly I am, but I was in an underwater base that got attacked by the Concern. I thus entered a Sonic-ish water stage, where you had to swim past obstacles and find pockets of air occasionally or drown. I want to say I got through this scene and made it to another inhabited area, but my memory of that last session is a bit sketchy.

Knights of Pen and Paper +1 (PC)

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I finished Cosmic Star Heroine. Be proud of me.
January 30, 2019

Out of the three Zeboyd titles I've played, this was my least favorite. I like it, don't get me wrong, but it's nothing grand.

+Great soundtrack.
+It has a great combat system that involves equipping characters with abilities rather than using the standard Fight/Item/Magic commands. Most abilities can only be used once, though some are limitless. You can restore those abilities by having a character use their recharge command. A small number of abilities, though, can only be used once per battle (such as a res ability one character has).
+Cthulhu makes a cameo as a super boss.
+Suikoden-like recruitmen system for secondary characters. These are guys you don't use in battle, but grant you passive bonuses when you have them set to your party.

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Game Progress, 1/24/19
January 24, 2019

It's a new day, and I've installed a ton of junk on my computer that I'll probably end up uninstalling. Hey, whatever. I feel like I've hit a new era in my war against the backlog, because I've finally completed the Gothic franchise. That, Mass Effect and Dragon Age seemed to be the most daunting gaming collections I had on there (other than Tales, which I don't count because they're mostly standalone games anyway), so I feel like I've made some real progress there.

Arcania: Gothic 4 (PC)

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Game Progress, 1/15/19
January 15, 2019

Cold Fear (Xbox)
As you can tell by this post's summary, Cold Fear is done. The final boss is pretty ridiculous, until you figure out how to deal with him without taking much damage. The main thing is learning to dodge his charge attack, which requires you to run toward him and then veer to the left at just the right moment. After that, I had some trouble getting the QTE intended to finish him off to work. However, during my successful run against him, I only took one hit and finished the beast off with about ninety percent of my health.

Iconoclasts (PC)

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