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Gaming Progress: Granne Gozzo is dead
November 22, 2015

I haven't had much progress this week because I spent more time writing and submitting reviews. I had three drop this week, two for RoG (The Park and Star Ocean: First Departure) and one here at HG (Dark Meadow: The Pact). For the most part, Risen 2, Jack Ketchum, and Ambrose Bierce soaked up my free time. I've plugged over 30 hours into it now, and I don't think I'm very close to the end. At this rate, it'll probably take me longer to complete than the first Risen did.

I'm still undecided how I feel about this game:

The story is merely adequate rather than engrossing or even slightly interesting...

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Gaming Progress & W-RPG Clearing
November 16, 2015

Let's get into it, shall we?

Gunstar Heroes (Genesis/PC via Steam)
Beaten. Were it not for the homing shot, I'm not sure how playable this game would've been. I can't imagine trying to take on hordes of foes whilst manually aiming at all of them. And geez, don't even get me started on fighting the bosses in the latter half of the game without some kind of homing device. In fact, the only reason I was able to withstand the boss rush present in the final stage was thanks to the combination of homing + laser (well, that and the first two battles are really nothing at all).

Risen 2: Dark Waters (PC)

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Gaming Progress (with no regress this time)
November 11, 2015

I've managed to crank out some progress. Time away from work and a mind that needs to be occupied are a deadly combo for gaming progress.

Rogue Legacy (PC)

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Random Gaming Progress (and regress, unfortunately)
November 07, 2015

Good thing: I've upgraded my computer to 64-bit Windows 10.

Smart thing: I used Steam to backup the games I was playing.

Bad thing: Long and short, the backup failed and I've lost about eight hours of progress that I put into Risen 2. Since then, I've restarted the game and saved in the prologue. I'll probably get back into it once I'm done with Rogue Legacy.


Rogue Legacy (PC)

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Windows 10: Yea or nay?
November 04, 2015

I'm considering making the switch to Windows 10, but I'm not sure if it's worth it. What do you guys think? Go through with it or keep Windows 8?


I think I've gotten Risen 2's combat system down
October 31, 2015

I recently picked Risen 2: Dark Waters back up after putting it on a back burner. What? Dark Souls and its sequel are more enthralling games. Mostly, this has to do with their combat systems, and the fact that they aren't stupidly designed like Risen 2's.

Okay, I'll admit that it is a bold move. The game eschews the original's battle system, which consists of blocking ad nauseam until an opening presents itself, whereupon you cut loose a flurry of combos until your opponent expires or recovers. Although this sounds like a trite system, it works for the Risen and leads to some pretty decent, simple fights.

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8 horror movies I consider the worst
October 31, 2015

Disclaimer: These are based on my opinion and are not official or canonical in anyway. It's not like I'm a professor of bad horror movies at some university or a major contributor to the genre, so it would be awfully arrogant of me to seriously call these "the worst."

The way I see it, there are three kinds of bad horror movies:

1) Good-Bad: Films that are so bad they're great. Rawhead Rex and Troll 2 are a prime examples of this.

2) "Cute" Bad: Horror movies everyone considers to be the worst and definitely are bad, but are don't hold a candle to the most abysmal entries. Pretty much any bad horror movie can go here. No, I don't feel Seed People and Contamination .7 are the worst horror movies around. You be trippin'.

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