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I write about video games and horror-related items. Also, I wear a hat.

It's time...
September 21, 2015

As you may have noticed, I change avatars about seasonally. I've decided to choose one that will last a long time. I recently adopted the Godzilla/Sailor Moon mashup as a placeholder until I settle on a longer lasting image.

After some consideration, it came down to three avatars: Randall Flagg, Mad Hatter, and Firebrand. It was a difficult choice because they're all pretty awesome villains (or antihero, in Firebrand's case). The winner, which I've selected, shall appear shortly after I publish this blog.


HG-27 and RoG-27
September 19, 2015

Occasionally, I find myself without anything to review. When this occurs, I look to old school titles I wish to revisit and review those. I decided, since canceling the Halloween reviews this year, that I would like to undertake a pretty big project without any commitment. If I finish it, awesome. If I don't (and I most likely won't), no sweat. I would, however, like to see how far I can get. So, for both of the websites that host my reviews, I thought I'd do a review for each letter of the alphabet for six different platforms/categories. Total, that would be 324 reviews. Yeah, like I said, it's not likely to be completed and I'm okay with that. Here's what I've finished so far.


Atari 2600 Edition:

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Dark Souls II Progress: 9/17/15
September 17, 2015

Have you ever experienced that odd transitional stage in a game with flexible linearity? You know, where wander around and search a few areas before making any major headway? That sums up my last week or so with Dark Souls II. I beefed up, sharpened my Uchigatana, and pretty much plowed through anything that didn't look friendly.

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Dark Souls II Progress: 9/8/15
September 08, 2015

I'm amazed I didn't write this sooner. I've put a fair amount of work into Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin, mostly after coming home from work. It's pretty much the only time, save for a few sessions here and there on days off, that I'm able to sit down and play these days.

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Non-Dark Souls II Gaming Progress: 9/6/15
September 06, 2015

Yeah, I'm still playing and mostly enjoying Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin, but I do occasionally need a break from that...

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Gaming Progress + RPG Clearing: 8/30/15
August 30, 2015


I reached a point where I realized I only had a few things left to do, and I should do them and move on to the next project.

Priority number one was upgrading the Estus Flask as much as I could. I discovered that there were two generic Firekeeper Souls that I missed, one in Duke's Archive and the other in New Londo Ruins. I nabbed both and beefed up the flask. I also recalled killing Gwyndolin, which makes the Firekeeper of Anor Londo hostile. I returned there and she attacked, but I subdued her and took her soul, bumping my flask to a +5. From there, it was boss hunting time.

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Dark Souls progress: 8/27/15
August 28, 2015

There were lots of deaths the last two nights, both from me and from the bosses...


Exploration bore enough fruits and I'd had more of Royal Wood's axeholes than I can stand. I decided it was time to advance to the boss of the Royal Wood and put a stop to his bossiness. So I made my way across a few bridges, activated a shortcut, and pushed right through the fog.

...and got killed several times.

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