Invalid characterset or character set not supported Entertainment HG Blogs - JoeTheDestroyer Content includes recent blog posts by JoeTheDestroyer that are available at HG Blogs. This Is It Please insert Life disc 2 Sun, 31 Mar 2024 22:19:44 PDT You win this time, but I'll be back! Taking a short break Mon, 29 Jan 2024 08:08:16 PST Games I've Been Playing in 2024 More Mega Man, another horror adventure, and a tour of some tropical islands (Not StarTropics, sadly...). Mon, 15 Jan 2024 21:04:31 PST Games I Played This Year That Kicked Ass: 2023 List A look back at this years time sinks... Sat, 30 Dec 2023 03:30:50 PST How is AlphaMurderthon coming along? Murderously! Wed, 01 Nov 2023 11:29:01 PDT