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Game Progress 7/11
July 11, 2016

I've played a lot since my last progress blog, so I think it's better if I only mention more recent titles. I don't feel like recalling five months worth of gameplay.

Child of Light (PS4)
I've gotten further, having now hit a point where it absolutely schools me. I dreaded having to farm occuli, but it seems that's what I have to do now. I recently recruited an anthropomorphic mouse, whose name I have forgotten.

Thoughts thus far: It's a breath of fresh air in regards to turn-based RPGs. Its poetic dialogue is kind of silly, but it fits the game's more lighthearted approach. It's also fairly challenging, but you know how difficulty goes in RPGs. Given enough fighting and character crafting, anything can become easy.

Shin Megami Tense: Persona (PSP)

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Wasted has been kicking my teeth in.
June 21, 2016

My most recent review assignment is Wasted, a Fallout parody from Mr. Podunkian (published by Adult Swim) that combines first-person shooter and roguelite elements. That means lots of shooting, lots of perks and perma-death.

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Brief thoughts on SMT: Persona PSP's SEBEC storyline
June 10, 2016

I just finished Persona's main quest line, which involves battling the SEBEC company. Honestly, it was a bit of a slog.

1) I never really felt the level of wonder I should have. I mean, the entourage voyages into an alternate universe and somehow that's not interesting. Maybe it's the translation, but the characters seemed nonplussed about their intedimensional travel.

2) The story didn't pick up until it was nearly halfway through, when it revealed the truth about Maki. Then it kind of got interesting, plus you felt a little more for her as a character. It also explains why the story up to this point was so mundane. All Maki wanted was a simple life outside of her hospital room.

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Salt and Sanctuary has a couple of ridiculous/awesome weapons
May 27, 2016

I gravitate toward greatswords in RPGs. I don't know what's so alluring about them. Sure, they're strong, but they're slow and almost a liability. Of course, I acquired one in Salt and Sanctuary, upgraded it to level 4 and transmuted it into an even stronger greatsword using a boss' remains. Still, I desired something more punishing. So I was doing some research a couple of nights ago and I stumbled upon the term "greatscissor." I did a little reading up on this weapon sub-type (they're still considered greatswords, but they're a specific kind of greatsword) and discovered one pair of clippers that are ideal for two-handed strength builds: The Jaws of Death.

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Mid-game opinion: Salt and Sanctuary
May 25, 2016

I'm playing through the indie A-RPG Salt and Sanctuary for an upcoming review. For those who don't know about it, it's a 2D blend of From Software's Souls games and Metroid. It copies the former all but to a T, utilizing just about every element and feature found in the last few Dark Souls entries. The games both have a ridiculous number of similarities.

I know, straight ripoffs can come off as lazy. Just look at The Wonderful End of the World (an indie Katamari ape). However, I think Ska Studios' devotion to recreating the Souls experience in 2D is not only spot on, but commendable. I mean, even tiny details like scaling, stamina costs and balance are done perfectly like the game's source material.

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How two games I played recently handle pop culture references.
May 21, 2016

It only features a few subtle references.

Example: If you fall into the molten fire in the foundry, you'll quickly die and sink. The last we see of our hero is one of this hands jutting from the immolated soup, giving us one last thumbs up. Yep, it's a well-played head nod to Terminator 2: Judgment Day.

Why this references works:
It's subtle and unexpected, plus it fits with DOOM's violent theme.

Zombeer (PC):
Spams the living crap out of random pop culture references, as if the developers were desperately seeking approval.

Example: While crawling around in the ventilation ducts on the roof, you come across a Skyrim-ish dragon. The creature speaks in a peculiar language and flies away, never to be seen again.

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Game Progress 5/15
May 15, 2016

Since my last post, I've completed a fair number of games. I figured I'd just give quick highlights on these before moving on:

  • Vessel (PC)- Powered my way through the last stage and took out the final boss. I also completed the final puzzle, though I decided to look up a walkthrough at that point because I was ready to be done with the game. It turned out to be simpler than I first realized.
  • Insanity's Blade (PC)- Tore through the game's short campaign in a couple of sittings. I probably would've been done with it sooner, but time constraints prevented a swift finishing. I eventually went back and nabbed the remaining secret weapons while I was at it, pushing my completion percentage to 100.

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