Invalid characterset or character set not supported Salt and Sanctuary has a couple of ridiculous/awesome weapons

Salt and Sanctuary has a couple of ridiculous/awesome weapons
May 27, 2016

I gravitate toward greatswords in RPGs. I don't know what's so alluring about them. Sure, they're strong, but they're slow and almost a liability. Of course, I acquired one in Salt and Sanctuary, upgraded it to level 4 and transmuted it into an even stronger greatsword using a boss' remains. Still, I desired something more punishing. So I was doing some research a couple of nights ago and I stumbled upon the term "greatscissor." I did a little reading up on this weapon sub-type (they're still considered greatswords, but they're a specific kind of greatsword) and discovered one pair of clippers that are ideal for two-handed strength builds: The Jaws of Death.

Although these puppies only have a B rating in terms of strength scaling, they're capable of dishing out more damage than any other solely strength-based greatsword because of their two-handed heavy attacks, wherein your character begins snipping anything in front of him for a crazy amount of damage. Unlike your standard greatsword attack, the snip is somewhat fast and doesn't cost a ton of stamina. In other words, you can spam this strike and cleave off hefty chunks of a boss' HP.

The only drawback is that your opponent has to be all but stock still, plus you leave yourself susceptible to damage when you use the attack. Although the strike is quicker than your average heavy greatsword blow, it's not lightning quick. Still, I put this technique to use against some of the game's tank bosses and watched as they fell into bloody pieces around me. I also beat the game with this one, and even kicked the final boss' divine ass all over the lowermost chamber of The Still Palace.

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Genj Genj - May 29, 2016 (02:50 PM)
I started S&S Friday and just Transmuted these and it was a huge upgrade from the basic greatsword. It seems like they're generally regarded as being borderline broken.
JoeTheDestroyer JoeTheDestroyer - May 29, 2016 (05:18 PM)
Indeed. It's speculated that the developer with likely either nerf Jaws of death or make it more difficult to obtain.

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