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About Me:

I knew at an early age that I wanted to make a career out of writing about games, and now I have. You'll find most of my stuff right here on HonestGamers, of course, but don't be surprised if my name pops up elsewhere. Living out my dream keeps me very busy, and I wouldn't have it any other way!

Super Viagra
November 08, 2005

I've noticed just these past few days that I'm now getting spam for an exciting new product called Super Viagra. I don't know when this hit the market, but I don't recall hearing about it even as little as a week ago.

What makes it super, I wonder? Is it one retailer saying "Hey, I have viagra, but I've gotta think of some new buzzword so I can sell mine," or is there actually some medical group that decided the term was appropriate? I'm guessing it's the former.

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World domination is now within my grasp
November 01, 2005

Well, something I'd wanted to do for awhile now was make it so that staff members can write one review for a multi-platform game and have it show up on several game profile pages. It sucks that a site like IGN can generate one review, then spread it out amongst its channels and look more industrious than HonestGamers, which might well do the same amount of work or even more.

Well, that's fixed. Now when a site staff member submits a Playstaton 2 review (just as an example), he can say "Hey, this review also is perfectly accurate for the Xbox and GameCube versions of the game!"

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I have to play games today...
October 25, 2005

Yes, I have to play games today. They're not games I would've gone out to the store and bought with the intention of playing. Well, one of them is... but it's not out yet. So, instead of walking outside and staring at the way the sun speckles the lawn with golden rays of warmth, I get to cower in my cave with a Playstation 2 controller gripped tightly in sweaty hands as I cast glances at the refrigerator and wish I weren't too lazy to get up and grab myself a soda.

Pity me.


AP Stylebook
October 19, 2005

Today, I picked up a copy of the AP Stylebook from the local Barnes & Noble. I did this for a number of reasons, but mostly it was so that I can win arguments. Picture this scenario:

Jim: I think you are quite wrong, Scott. Clearly, the word 'come' is used improperly in that sentence.

Scott: Pestilence!

Jim: I have no idea what you just said, or what it has to do with anything, but this matter must be resolved. Look, here's Jason!

Jason: Yes, here I am, to save the day! And look, I've brought my copy of the AP Stylebook. Clearly, Scott is wrong.

Scott: Gubernatorial.

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Nintendo DS
October 18, 2005

Nintendo DS,
Oh yes, oh yes!
You give me such glee,
When you play with me.
I hit your screen,
I know it's mean,
But you play so coy,
Like some sort of toy.

Nintendo DS,
Oh yes, oh yes!
Your screens so largess,
Look like such a mess.
I wipe you with a cloth,
I'm certainly no sloth,
But you show my fingerprints,
Like so many dents.

Nintendo DS,
Oh yes, oh yes!
I shout at you at night,
I give my wife a fright.
I blow and blow,
So how do you know,
When I've done it just right,
And the game is won?

Nintendo DS, Nintendo DS...
Okay, now I'm done.


October 17, 2005

Run and jump
There's a
Run, jump, squish, stomp!
A Koopa!

Vibrant rainbows
Chasing clams
Peach is pretty in pink
Koopa, koopa, koopa!
It burns, fire from a
Sad, happy, bottomless pit



Random thoughts...
October 16, 2005

Do you ever find yourself just randomly thinking about some spot in a game you haven't played in awhile? I did this morning. Suddenly, out of nowhere, an image sprang to mind.

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