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I knew at an early age that I wanted to make a career out of writing about games, and now I have. You'll find most of my stuff right here on HonestGamers, of course, but don't be surprised if my name pops up elsewhere. Living out my dream keeps me very busy, and I wouldn't have it any other way!

December 26, 2006

Okay, so TuneFreaks now has working forums. Let's move any discussion over to those forums. By now, most who are interested have accounts and permissions that will allow them to view the staff forums. If you've missed the boat so far, now's a good time to register and then let me know so I can update your permissions, if appropriate.


TuneFreaks progress continues
December 24, 2006

You all thought I'd forgotten about TuneFreaks, but I haven't. Last night and this morning I worked somewhere around 8 hours on the site, so that now album reviews can be submitted and approved by staff.

It's slow going but most of the big hurdles are now behind me. It's smaller tweaks that have to happen from here. Today, I may make more user account options so that I can easily change account privileges through the front end. Then everything should be ready to test as we head into the new year.

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Legend of Heroes going rare?
December 19, 2006

I decided that I would go ahead and purchase Legend of Heroes before it becomes difficult to find, since Namco Bandai just announced that it'll be publishing the third in the trilogy soon.

Stores around here used to have the game readily in stock but recently it has disappeared from shelves. "No worries," I thought to myself. "I'll just go online."

So I went online, and I tried They have it used, if you want to go that route. I didn't. I wanted it new, dang it! So I decided to try, which gathers together several merchants. No luck there. They didn't even have it listed. So I tried ebgames and gamestop, which now have the same approximate inventory. Nothing.

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More music...
December 18, 2006

Today I bought more music. One of them was "Pinkerton," by Weezer. You guys keep talking about it here, so I finally had to go ahead and get it.

I now have three Weezer albums, purchased in no particular order. First came their green one, then Meladroit, and now Pinkerton. I still need the blue one and their fifth one, as well. Then I'll have the whole set!

Best Buy never has the fifth one in stock, but they did surprise me today by carrying Sufjan Stevens. They had Illinois and, I presume, his newest. It was him running around in a field or something. I forget what it was called.

So anyway, I picked up "Pinkerton" and then I also got the newest George Strait CD, which I know interests none of you...


(Untitled Post)
November 19, 2006

Well, I finally have a Wii. I know most of you couldn't care less, but I'm pretty excited. I have seven games (not counting Wii Sports):

Excite Truck
The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
Rampage: Total Destruction
Rayman: Raving Rabbids
Red Steel
Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz
Trauma Center: Second Opinion

Of those seven, I've currently played two: Excite Truck and Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz. I have to say that so far, I prefer the former.

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Even more random ratings
October 21, 2006

Random ratings - 3/10
Eating - 7/10
Drinking - 11/10
Japanese cat girls - 7/10
Murder She Wrote - 7/10
Monk - 10/10
Boston Legal - 9/10
Terry Brooks - 8/10
Hairy armpits - 1/10
Fart jokes - 3/10
Chai lattes - 8/10
Raspberries - 10/10


TuneFreaks progresses...
October 14, 2006

I nuked TuneFreaks and planned to get a good start on the new design last night, but something went wrong. The FTP client wouldn't work, and it eventually required setting up an entirely new hosting account, then getting it associated with the domain. That took time on the host's end.

The good news is that I've finally got things working, including the FTP client, so I'm going to be in good shape to get something up probably by the end of today (though if that does indeed happen, it'll definitely be a rough design).

Anyway, I just thought I'd let you all know that the project is moving forward and things are finally back on track. Thanks for the interest so many of you have shown. Let's hope this goes well!

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