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About Me:

I knew at an early age that I wanted to make a career out of writing about games, and now I have. You'll find most of my stuff right here on HonestGamers, of course, but don't be surprised if my name pops up elsewhere. Living out my dream keeps me very busy, and I wouldn't have it any other way!

The phantom posts issue appears to be fixed.
December 14, 2009

I seem to have fixed the issue that was prompting phantom posts to appear.

The issue was resolved by modifying the mysql query that determines how many posts should be counted as replies to a given post. Previously, a root_id would be assigned to a post only if it was a reply to an original post, which didn't need the root_id named because its root_id was obvious. Revising the site, I set things up so that edited posts now reference a root_id, which meant that the post was now being tagged as a reply even though there was no obvious indication of that when I gave things a casual look.

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With all of that mostly squared away...
December 12, 2009

So, a week's worth of solid coding has resulted in some changes that I really like. Hopefully, you do also. Now that I've done that, what's next?

The answer is "Not a lot." I have been pushing aside some freelance work that I have on my plate, plus I have a lot of hours scheduled at my day job in the days immediately ahead of me, so there won't be time for me to work on the site for a bit except in the form of the occasional tweaks. My assignment will keep me mostly busy throughout the remainder of the year.

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So, why the URL change?
December 10, 2009

You've seen all of the hard work that I've been doing lately on the site (or maybe not), and you may be wondering why I thought this was so important that I chose to spend all of my spare time working on it for the last 5 days or so. The answer? SEO.

According to stats, around 69% of traffic to the site comes from search engines, with most of that coming from Google and Yahoo! (we get some from Bing, too). If we average around 2000 unique daily visitors, that works out to around 1400 visits a day that are owed to Google, while most of the rest come from either GameRankings, a few forums or people just tying the address into their window. So, the goal here is to turn 1400 into something more like... maybe several times that, in time.

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Musings following sleep depirvation
November 29, 2009

I'm curious about something. Suppose for a second that going forward, games will no longer have either innovation or refinement. They'll have one for the rest of time, but not the other.

In the first case, you wouldn't see any new genres but you would see ambitious attempts to push current genres to new heights of excellence. You would see old ideas combined in some interesting ways, probably with better production values than in the past, but that would be it.

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No Russian - My Reaction
November 12, 2009

After reading my Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 review, Lewis asked what I as a person thought about the "No Russian" mission. If you haven't played through the game, you should stop reading at this point. In my review, I describe the nature of the mission early in the game and discuss much of what provides its shock value. You can read that if you're curious about a good overview, but I tried to avoid the most significant spoilers. Here, I will do no such thing. You have been warned.

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
November 10, 2009

Wow, Modern Warfare 2 is intense! I just finished the single-player campaign, with my time weighing in at just under 7 hours, and I have to say that Infinity Ward really has managed to bring the intensity. The first Modern Warfare had its moments, but not like you'll find here. Whether or not that makes for a better game this time around is of course a matter of opinion. I expect that people will debate it for a long time to come.

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Quickie Preview - Kenka Bancho: Badass Rumble
October 21, 2009

If you're interested in Atlus games, check out my quickie preview for Kenka Bancho: Badass Rumble, which Atlus demonstrated for me awhile back. It took me awhile to find time to write this up, but I'm pretty happy with the result:

I'm not convinced that the game will be some sort of marvel like Demon's Souls was. The two aren't really in the same league. But this new game should be good for brawler fans. Not much of anyone else, really, but that's okay. Brawler fans need love too and this looks like it could fit the bill.

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