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About Me:

I knew at an early age that I wanted to make a career out of writing about games, and now I have. You'll find most of my stuff right here on HonestGamers, of course, but don't be surprised if my name pops up elsewhere. Living out my dream keeps me very busy, and I wouldn't have it any other way!

Change to how the site verifies age
April 20, 2009

There's been a slight change to the way that the site verifies age, in order to more closely comply with standard 'age gate' requirements that the ESRB and various other companies--mostly because of the ESRB--require.

Now when a new user signs up, he will be asked to specify his date of birth. Registration will not be able to proceed until this has happened. When the date of birth is specified, it is stored in the account for that person.

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Games to review and my plans for after...
April 19, 2009

I have around 5 or 6 games that I'm planning on reviewing in the near future, which is down from 8 or so that the number was at a few days back. I'm making--and plan to continue making--good progress.

What comes after that, though? Well, the site should continue to provide you with a nice selection of staff reviews, but the number that come from me personally might not be as high. That's because I'm trying to work myself into a position where I can increase the site's output by helping other people develop their craft and become dependable, skilled freelancers. The site is eventually going to fold if we try to rely on just a few writers--like the current handful of staff members--so I'm trying to think in the long term and to avoid letting any more of us get completely burnt out.

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Spam in my HG Mail? WTF?! Oh, and a video!
April 12, 2009

Today, I woke up and checked my HG Mail because there were four messages waiting. Four whole messages! I haven't had that many in... ever! Turns out three of them were spam--from different individuals, including a known user account--so I'm not sure what to think. Someone had to physically target me with spam by HG Mail, which seems like it would take a lot more effort than it's really worth.

In other news, here's a video:

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With the Sonic guide complete...
April 11, 2009

Now that I've completed work on the guide that I was writing for IGN for Sonic and the Black Knight, I'm free to resume work on HGWars. I still have other things I have to do--basically that means games to play and review--but it seemed like a good time to pour some hours into coding.

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HGWars open beta is alive. It's aliiiiiiiiiiive!
April 01, 2009

Imagine a hokey old monster movie scream right about now.

After weeks of preparation, HGWars has now entered the 'open beta' phase. That's probably a bit on the pretentious side when really all I'm discussing is a browser-based game, but there was a lot of work that went into this and a lot more will doubtless follow.

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Say goodbye to your HGWars characters!
March 31, 2009

It's time to wipe the tears from your eyes and say a meaningful "farewell" to your character in HGWars, because he's going away! Or she is, as the case may be.

I will be wiping all characters and battle records in the very near future, probably within the next hour and a half. Then the new round will begin and will last at least until this time on April 30, 2009. It may last longer or it may not, depending on how things are going.

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HGWars updates...
March 30, 2009

I've just finished doing a bunch more work on HGWars in anticipation of its April open beta launch. The list of updates and additions is as follows:

* The 'Gear' section is now filled out with a total of mroe than 100 items, many of them added over the course of the last 24 hours. It's unlikely that many (or any) more items will be added anytime in the near future.

* Job listings have been expanded. There are now a total of 18 jobs in the database, up from the 11 that existed less than 24 hours ago.

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