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About Me:

I knew at an early age that I wanted to make a career out of writing about games, and now I have. You'll find most of my stuff right here on HonestGamers, of course, but don't be surprised if my name pops up elsewhere. Living out my dream keeps me very busy, and I wouldn't have it any other way!

Why do I like Nintendo?
May 04, 2006

I feel it’s high time that I came right out and told you all why I love Nintendo. There are a lot of people that theorize about such things. They’re not talking about me, but just Nintendo fans in general. You know the description: Cheetos-loving fattie who lives with his parents. Age is never really mentioned because it’s assumed that if you love Nintendo, you’re either a juvenile at heart or in reality. Well, that’s not always true. As I see it, there are two sorts of Nintendo fans:

1) Kids who are creating memories for the first time
2) Older gamers who never got tired of having fun

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(Untitled Post)
April 20, 2006

Tonight I was at Best Buy and I played a few minutes of NBA Live 2006. I know it got mediocre reviews, but I really had a good time. The graphics were cool and I didn't have a hard time with the controls. I was able to figure out how to move the ball down the court pretty quickly, and I would've given serious consideration to buying it if they had any copies in the store. Sadly, they only had it on display, but no copies to sell. So I don't own the game and got season five of Frasier instead. Stupid Best Buy.


(Untitled Post)
April 14, 2006

I'm getting fat. My waist is now up to 34" and I probably weigh something like 155 or 160. When I was in high school, I weighed more like 145 and I had a 30" waist most of that time. So yeah, I'm getting fat.

I decided to do something about it, so I went down to our apartment complex weight room. There's not a whole lot of equipment there, just some of the usual stuff where you sit in a bench and push your arms together to life weights or whatever. There's also a Nordic skiier machine.

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Whoever said dog poop is bad is full of crap
April 13, 2006

I just found this article interesting, so I had to share:

And in an effort to make this entry more worthwhile, I shall now discuss random thoughts that have been going through my head. Namely, why can't people wait 3 seconds and live a safer life?

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Natalie Portman: that girl can rap!
March 06, 2006

You know you've always wanted to see Natalie Portman rap, and now you can:

Oh, yeah!


I got a PSP! (Again.)
February 23, 2006

So, tonight I picked up a PSP. It'll make things tight for awhile, but I'm happy to have one again. It's as exciting the second time around as it was the first. Maybe this time I'll actually get a game for it, though yet again I was able to afford the system (barely) and not any games. Deja vu, anyone?


Games I still want...
February 10, 2006

I still want quite a few games that have been released this generation, or that will be released by the time it ends. My former list, several posts down, has shortened considerably in the past few weeks, so here's a new one. Yeah, this entry is mostly for my use. Sue me!

Game Boy Advance

Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones
The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap
Lufia 3
Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga
Tales of Phantasia


Fire Emblem
Killer 7
The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
Mario Strikers
Mega Man X: Command Mission
Pikmin 2

Nintendo DS

Advance Wars: Dual Strike
Kirby: Canvas Curse
Mario & Luigi 2
Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney
Yoshi's Touch & Go

Playstation 2

Atelier Iris: Eternal Mana 2
Disgaea 2

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