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About Me:

I knew at an early age that I wanted to make a career out of writing about games, and now I have. You'll find most of my stuff right here on HonestGamers, of course, but don't be surprised if my name pops up elsewhere. Living out my dream keeps me very busy, and I wouldn't have it any other way!

Expanding our audience one directory at a time
February 10, 2010

Well, work continues to spread awareness of the HonestGamers site. I just got word today that we're finally listed on the AllTop directory, under its Gaming session. The big secret about directories is that even if we don't get a lot of hits from traffic on a specific directory, those directories are edited by hand and thus a link means a lot more to sites like Google as they evaluate the value of our content.

You can now find links on the Alltop site to our latest staff reviews, updated courtesy of the RSS feed that I put into place sometime back. There are a few other RSS aggregation sites that are now posting the same stuff, meaning that when we post interesting new content, more people than ever will see it.

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A Color-Based Personality Test That Works? No way? Yes way!
February 08, 2010

I just took an online color test that was supposed to determine my personality. When I got to the end of the test, which took about a minute to complete and involved nothing more than picking favored colors from a few charts, I was stunned by the psychological report that displayed. It summed me and my interests up to an astounding degree.

I'd be interested in seeing how some of you feel after taking the test. You can find it here:

By the way, here's a listing of the jobs that this test told me would probably be a good fit for me based on nothing more than the colors that I chose:

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Trauma Team is looking pretty interesting...
January 28, 2010

This won't appear obviously on the front page, so I'm linking it here:

The above leads to my impressions of Trauma Team following a second Atlus demonstration for the press. The Forensics mode was demonstrated and I have to say... it's looking pretty sweet. If you were interested in past Trauma Center games or in the Phoenix Wright games, you would do well to read up on all of my coverage of this newest game (and to watch some of the videos).

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G.I. Joe rocks and my hand does not.
January 10, 2010

My wife finally watched G.I. Joe on Blu-Ray tonight, which I had bought some time ago. Watching most of it with her from about 20 minutes in or so, I was reminded of how entertaining a spectacle it is. I'm definitely still looking forward to the sequel.

Typing this up, I'm reminded that my right hand hurts when I type. So if you don't see me posting a lot or on AIM much for the next few days, that's probably why. That or I hate you. One of the two. :-D


More coding...
January 08, 2010

Because I apparently hate myself, I went ahead and spent the last 10 or so hours doing almost nothing but coding. It was mind-numbing work, predictably, but I'm reasonably happy with the results.

With only a few minor changes to the site's appearance overall, I've managed to tweak code on many of the main site's most important pages so that they now pass W3 certification if a validator is run on them. This ensures that the pages are held to a higher standard, and that they'll more likely display across a wide variety of browsers. The changes may also have the important effect of giving a minor boost on some search engines, which some suggest factor such things into their placement algorithms.

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PSP: The Revival
January 06, 2010

Well, I got my battery from the Marketplace seller this morning, so shipping was suitably fast. It came without a charge, but I stuck it in the unit and let it charge for a couple of hours or so and now things are running great. I had to set my clock and date again, which has been a regular occurrence lately, but I suspect that now that will change. The battery that I got is of course the right voltage, but from what I've heard the charge will last longer because the mAH rating on the battery is closer to optimal. So... disaster affordably averted. I am tentatively pleased but reserve the right to start griping if things unexpectedly go wrong in the near future.

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Any iPod users care to lend a hand?
January 06, 2010

I've downloaded a game for my iPod Touch and it shows up just fine on my computer, but I can't seem to get it moved over to my iPod. Or if I have somehow moved it over, I just can't tell how to access it. Actually, there are two games waiting for me to play them. This is kind of silly. Even my mother-in-law plays games on her iPod. I'm starting to feel stupid.


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