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I figure it can't hurt...
April 24, 2009

So, there's an independent film called "The Hunt for Gollum" that is (obviously, I would hope) based on the characters in Tolkien's masterful trilogy, "The Lord of the Rings."

An independent filmmaker felt inspired by Tolkien's notes to produce a screenplay--which has since become a 40-some-minute film--about Aragorn's search for Gollum to find what he knows. The project is in no way endorsed by Tolkien's estate, or by Peter Jackson or any other number of people who have made money from the license over the years. However, it seems pretty cool.

Perhaps the best part is that the whole deal will be available for viewing online, at no cost whatsoever to people like you. The trailer is available here:

If you're into "The Lord of the Rings," like me, then I think you'll be pleasantly surprised by the potential quality of the project. The trailer certainly doesn't look like the film was put together on a shoestring budget. It looks avery fine indeed, a testament to the many people who took it upon themselves to treat this project seriously.

"The Lord of the Rings" has a lot of fans, I guess is what I'm saying, but most of their efforts would resemble cosplay and this film more closely resembles the work of a certain Mr. Jackson. Perhaps enough that it'll land them in hot water, since the actors clearly were chosen as much for their resemblence to the actors from the film trilogy as they were for their resemblence to Tolkien's descriptions.

In any event, I decree the trailer linked above to be "worth watching" and I'll probably get around to watching the full thing, too. Since, you know, it's free and all...

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sashanan sashanan - April 24, 2009 (02:21 AM)
Interest piqued. Thanks for sharing.
bloomer bloomer - April 24, 2009 (06:24 AM)
There are a lot of these fan films being mounted these days.

This ambitious-looking Indiana Jones one has been 'coming' for several years now:

I guess it is the fact that the internet makes it easier to reach an audience that is responsible for the relative boom of fan films.

On the other hand - they haven't been too inspiring on the whole.
Lewis Lewis - April 25, 2009 (03:38 AM)
That looks frighteningly terrific. I can't believe it's an indie film.

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