Breath of Fire: quest lines of torment
November 14, 2016

Breath of Fire's quest lines are over-complicated. I wrote this in one of my previous game progress quotes, if you remember:

I recruited Bo and now need to move the stone giant.

...but that requires a key, which is located in Karma tower.

...but entering the tower requires another event item, which you can get from the town Romero.

...but Romero is overrun with zombies, and you have to get rid of them with the cleanse water to nab the item.

...but that requires a special jar gained by talking to the right people at the right time in the right sequence.


Well, the hits just keep on coming. Currently, I need a ship. Oh, there's a rich man in the town of Auria who owns a vessel, but he'll only give it to me if I break into his safe and release his trapped daughter.

...but that requires the thief Karn to pick the locks, since the keys are apparently locked in the vault with the girl.

...but Karn isn't home, as he has traveled to the crypt.

...but the crypt is in the middle of a sweltering desert, and the only way to withstand the immense heat is to carry the icicle. An old man in Bleak has it.

...but he wants a gold bar in exchange for it.

...but they cost 65,000 zenny a pop, which is a ridiculous price at this point in the campaign. Thankfully, there are some small side quests you can do for 20,000 apiece.

...but you have to talk to every person in Auria to figure out who's offering money for basically nothing.

...and one of those side quests features a little light backtracking to a fairy circle, where you must convince a logger to stop chopping trees.

Also take into account that you have to pass through two three tunnels (I forgot about the one that leads you to the desert) to get through all of this, one of which you have to travel through twice. Did I also mention that the game has no dash button and a decently high encounter rate? Don't get me wrong, I dig the game for the most part, but man are those filler dungeons just dreadful.

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overdrive overdrive - November 14, 2016 (07:06 AM)
I think I mentioned this in my review, using the example of how, to enter Zog's castle, you have to first fix an elevator and then do something for a MYSTERIOUS MASKED MAN to get the special item that eradicates the life meter for one dragon boss of your choosing.

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