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Game Progress 5/15
May 15, 2016

Since my last post, I've completed a fair number of games. I figured I'd just give quick highlights on these before moving on:

  • Vessel (PC)- Powered my way through the last stage and took out the final boss. I also completed the final puzzle, though I decided to look up a walkthrough at that point because I was ready to be done with the game. It turned out to be simpler than I first realized.
  • Insanity's Blade (PC)- Tore through the game's short campaign in a couple of sittings. I probably would've been done with it sooner, but time constraints prevented a swift finishing. I eventually went back and nabbed the remaining secret weapons while I was at it, pushing my completion percentage to 100.

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It seems I've hit another middlin' slump
May 04, 2016

I've written three reviews over the last week or so, and all of them are getting that mediocre 3/5 rating from me:

The Howler
Operation C
NyxQuest: Kindred Spirits

If there's one thing I can't stand, it's trying write a review for an average game that doesn't come off as a bare write-up. Over the weekend, I hoped to quell this issue by playing through Kraven Manor, as I had heard it was an actually well done first-person horror game. Honestly, I'm not entirely impressed with it. Its antagonists are creepy, but its puzzles are ho-hum. So it's official, then. I've hit a middling slump. Hopefully, my next review will break the cycle.

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Recent Horror Viewings 4/8
April 08, 2016

Last Shift (2014)

A rookie police officer spends her first shift babysitting her precinct's old location for its "last shift." While there, the spirit of a cult leader and a couple of his followers torment her with disturbing imagery.

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Slain! rant
April 03, 2016

I just finished Slain! on PC. I don't like the game, but you'll be able to read more on that when I publish my review.

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Game Progress 4/2
April 02, 2016

I've been very productive since my last progress post. In particular, I've been trying to polish off Vessel, since I've been at that game off and on for a few months now (my Steam library shows that I've put 6 hours into it). I finally got through the factory stage and I'm about a third of the way through the orchard. That place allows you to harvest and use fruit juices instead of just water, which can attract certain automatons (who will throw switches and such along the way, thereby unlocking doors).

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Electronic Super Joy gets off on your suffering
March 19, 2016

I'm finishing up my review for Electronic Super Joy and something just occurred to me. Whenever you secure a checkpoint, the game gives off an orgasmic moan (like, "OHH YEAH!" or "OOH LA LA!"). Any time you die, you return to the checkpoint and another groan plays. So basically, this game is getting off on your deaths. It's almost literally screwing you.

Game Progress 3/15
March 15, 2016

Since my last update, I played completely through two PC games: UnderDread and Nihilumbra.

The former is a first-person horror-adventure, and not a good one at that. It's also a repackaged mobile port that used to be connected to Slender Man (Slender Man Origins 2 Saga), but had to ditch all relation to said character because they did not have his creator's blessing. As it turns out, Slender Man is not a public domain monster.

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