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Game Progress 12/29
December 29, 2016

Pokemon Go (Android)
376 Magikarp candies. A nest migration took place and now my Magikarp hunting ground is gone. On the plus side, I did manage to hatch three new babies: Cleffa, Pichu and Elekid. I have three 10 km eggs now incubating, so hopefully I'll get something good (crossing my fingers and hoping for Aerodactyl or Hitmonchan).

Bulu Monster (Android)
Still grinding in Forest South. Most of my monsters are ready for the next area.

lone in the Dark 3 (PC)
Started the game and I'm about 1/3 of the way through it. I just used an old school camera to kill a two-headed monster. That part was actually kind of creepy.

nima: Ark of Sinners (Wii)
Finished it. I wrote a rough draft for a review that should hopefully turn up on this site soon.

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Game Progress 12/25
December 25, 2016

Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius (Android)
Welp, I woke White Witch Fina, but didn't advance the campaign much. I also discovered an esper I missed, namely Shiva. I'm currently trying to finish up her level so I can acquire her before completing the current story mission.

Pokemon Go (Android)
350 Magikarp candies. I received a buttload of them the other day, having hatched an egg that gave me 10 candies, plus I caught two Magikarps at Grant Park right afterward. I also raked in enough Poliwag candies to evolve my Poliwhirl into Poliwrath, plus I hatched my first Gen 2 Pokemon, Igglybuff. The Christmas event is starting, and I look forward to getting free one-time use incubators and an increased possibility of nabbing the other Gen 2 babies.

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Game Progress 12/20
December 20, 2016

Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius (Android)
Little to report. I woke Exdeath and leveled him up decently. Right now, I'm working on waking White Witch Fina. I'm short holy and sacred crystals, though, and farming them has been a pain in the rump. The best method I've found is to access the Chamber of Creation and play the pro level, which costs a steep 20 stamina. I'm currently at 33 stamina, so I only get one play per full meter.

Pokemon Go (Android)

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Game Progress 12/15
December 15, 2016

Afterfall: Insanity (PC)
Imagine if Resident Evil 4 had a child with Fallout, and that spawn had an identity crisis and thought it was part of the FEAR series. Toss in bad voice acting, unbalanced weapons, characters that are difficult to give a damn about and boring combat. That's Afterfall. I played through the whole game and was apathetic towards every minute of it.

8-Bit Commando (PC)
Played most of the way through it, thought it was pretty meh and decided to rage quit after a frustrating motorcycle level. It's just not worth the time and stress enduring tough stages in middling games. Besides, the game's pretty much off-brand Contra.

Pokemon Go (Android)

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Game Progress 12/4
December 04, 2016

Breath of Fire (SNES)
Just finished yet again. I shall be rewriting my old GameFAQs review for this site, but I'll publisgh it as a user. Where before I rated it 7/10 (equivalent to 4/5 here), I shall be dropping the rating slightly. I think 3/5 is more appropriate, as the game doesn't stack up to what's currently available in the RPG genre. This isn't to say that Breath of Fire is terrible, but its campaign is so ordinary and tame that it's difficult to extend a full recommendation.

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Breath of Fire: quest lines of torment
November 14, 2016

Breath of Fire's quest lines are over-complicated. I wrote this in one of my previous game progress quotes, if you remember:

I recruited Bo and now need to move the stone giant.

...but that requires a key, which is located in Karma tower.

...but entering the tower requires another event item, which you can get from the town Romero.

...but Romero is overrun with zombies, and you have to get rid of them with the cleanse water to nab the item.

...but that requires a special jar gained by talking to the right people at the right time in the right sequence.


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(Not Quite) Game Progress 10/30
October 30, 2016

I returned from my trip today. While in Seattle, I didn't do a lot of gaming because I didn't have time. When I did have free time, I spent it either reading or watching movies, since I have backlogs of books and movies to go through as well.

Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius (Android)
I made it to the second continent, where the character Fina decided to chase a chocobo into the woods. I was going to battle my way through the forest to complete that part of the story, but decided to complete some side quests firsts. While doing a dungeon crawl mission, I picked off the last of the coeurls and sergeants to complete those quests, plus I found a missing citizen and defeated the optional boss Hell Rider. I have yet to cash these quests in, though.

Pokemon GO (Android)

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