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The Last Round Up
January 09, 2011

Ignore the melodramatic title. I felt obligated to do it. But see, it's fitting, because I also felt obligated to give my "year in review" before I check out.

This year was a drop from the last, with only 20 reviews getting submitted (I think last year was 39). Here's my anecdotes for 'em.

Hopefully this helps out everyone who wants to vote for me in Jerec's contest ^_^

Shattered Memories
More like, Shattered Expectations. This was the review where I taught myself how to use pictures. I'd used them before, sparsely, but this was the one where I sat down and figured it out.

No, I'm not an HTML guy.

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I'm a little late to this, like a couple years late...
January 07, 2011

... but PS3 has completely dropped the backwards compatibility for PS2 games? That sucks. And I wonder what it bodes for the PS4. Because the reason that they dropped it, from what I've read of the press statements, was the expense of modeling the PS2 chip.


I figured this would be the place to ask
December 25, 2010

Why is it that Mass Effect 2 is being released on the PS3 but not Mass Effect 1? Does anyone know the answer?

In other news, I hear they are giving serious updates to the PS3 version (yay).


Farewell, for a time.
December 15, 2010

Well, it's finally happened. The demands of my growing film career as well as the demands of my final year of Graduate School are coming together to usurp all of my time. Then, too, I want to get my novel finished and published sometime before I hit 30.

Those things, combined with the fact that my "money = none" and therefore the prospects of my playing any new games any time soon are slim means that I must finally lay down my freelancing pen (keyboard?) and take an unspecified amount of time away from the community to focus on other areas of my life (I've done the same thing at Gameroni).

I feel like my time here has taught me a lot and given me a chance to try out some journalistic skills that I might otherwise have not been able to develop.

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Every time, another reason not to play computer games
December 14, 2010

Today Steam glitched out my copy of Left 4 Dead and I had to erase a bunch of files, change some lines of text in the encoder, and download new files. It's a pain in the ass playing computer games.


Today I learned...
December 12, 2010

... that Final Fantasy XIII is not a game you can stop for a year and then pick up again easily. I have no idea what I'm doing here. I'll have to start over.

If nothing else, this confirms how unique the battle system is and how precise the customization of the characters, their weapons, and jobs. I mean, I've picked up Final Fantasy Tactics and Persona 3 after a year away and got right back into it.

On the plus side, I have a feeling I'll enjoy the game more this second time around, because I'm not expecting anything from it.

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Enslaved Odyssey to the West
December 05, 2010

So... uh... was that really the ending?


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