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Slaughter the World
May 10, 2010

Not sure if anyone here ever reads Looking for Group, which is quite funny, but they did this a few years back and I just remembered it existed:

Disney Parody=awesome


Holy Awesome, Badman!
May 09, 2010

What an awesome game. I was a bit worried at first because I had no idea what was going on, but then it all clicked and now it's an incredible experience. Review coming in a couple of days... I'm shooting for Tuesday, since Wednesdays I'm so busy that I don't exist.


Cameron Diaz's makeup artist
May 06, 2010

The makeup artist for Cameron Diaz drove up from LA to work on our film. You know what's funny... I don't think she's as good as the home-brew Portland artist we used for the last scenes. Still, it was pretty cool to meet her and hear "Diaz" stories. And it was nice that she wanted to work on our film. A lot of this business is political. Hard to tell from a resume how good someone might be.

Fairview Training Center Pictures
May 06, 2010

OK, we wrapped shooting today. Jump to the last few pages of the album to see the Shanghai Tunnels and The Center for the Feeble Minded. Crazy pics of those places and you'll get a feel for how the movie really looks!

Population 2 pictures

Me, at the abandoned insane asylum, taking a break from shooting to scout the weather:


Does anyone have a Wii? I need a moment of support.
May 04, 2010

Hey guys. So I got Metroid Prime Trilogy (a story and a half on its own, as the game is out of print and went that way ridiculously fast... no one bought it cause... I don't know... they are stupid?) and I'm setting up the Wii.

It's been so long since I last played a Wii that I can't recall if there's any sounds I should be (or shouldn't be) hearing. Can someone who has a wii run over this quick check list for me?

- fan is dead silent: this seems to jog with my memory, I don't recall the Wii having a loud fan. Anyone want to confirm this?

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Pictures from the film set (amazing photography)
May 03, 2010

I know I promised pictures and stories... stories are still coming, but below is a link to some pictures of the production!

It's been really crazy, in a good way. We laugh a lot and everyone gets along very well. The locations are incredible and the talent is absolutely untouchable.

The photographer is AH-MAZING! He's absolutely one of the best photographers in Portland. I'm sending his website, too, so you can check out his ridiculous work. Stunning photography and such a nice guy. He's volunteering his time to the project because he believes, like everyone working on this, that it's going somewhere big.

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Revitalizing a Wii
May 02, 2010

Well, I think I may break down and get a Wii game for the first time in two years. Most of you know that I got rid of my Wii when I left Eugene, which was a little over two years ago (actually, it's almost been three, now I think about it...). However, my sister has a Wii that she NEVER uses. It sits on a shelf, gathering dust.

Why, you ask, after all this time would I go back to the Wii?

Metroid. I fucking love Metroid. Every single game, except for the DS versions which give me headaches and make my fingers scream.

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