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More Mouse Guard
September 12, 2009

The second adventure began about a week or two later. Storms have raged against the coast of mousedom and are moving inland. Fallan ran into an old friend, a mouse who had served alongside him in the war by the name of Patrick Delaney. Patrick's hometown was the port of Sumac but with the storms he couldn't easily return there. While at war's end, Fallan had been determined to join the guard in order to bring peace to mousedom, Patrick had tired of fighting and had taken up trade as a merchant, his dead father's business. Fallan often wondered if his friend had made the better choice of them.

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Mouse Guard
September 12, 2009

I've been playing Mouse Guard with some friends lately and we're having a really good time. Thought I'd log our adventures and share with y'all.

The story for us begins in Fall 1152, ignoring the cannon of the book. In our story a grain merchant sets out with a map of Lockhaven, a capital offense as no maps are allowed to be made of that main city. The day is a bright one and the grain merchant senses no danger in the natural sounds of the forest about him. The rustling in the bushes seems to be just the wind... until he is swallowed whole by a forest snake. He never saw it coming.

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Mytran Wars for the PSP
September 10, 2009

This is a review that I wrote about a month or two ago and then continued to work on occasionally until the embargo was lifted this week.

I would love any feedback on it, once it shows up on the site. Later this week(end) look for a Wolfenstein review!

Never judge a book by its cover... or even its first few pages
September 01, 2009

After playing more of Wolfenstein I must regrettably lower my original recommendation of the game. While it still retains a nice atmosphere and very smooth controls, overall it just feels dated. It doesn't do anything to push the envelope and is even content to let a few things (like graphics and enemy AI) slip back to the very post office.

But then, that's why we don't rush out and write reviews after first getting our hands on a product. Even Arkham Asylum, which remained good until the end but with which I have to agree with Lewis on... very mediocre final confrontation.

Of course, all of this will hopefully be coming out in two reviews over the next week or so.

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Two amazing games
August 27, 2009

I am dreadfully ill. Have been for nearly three weeks now. But now it's okay, because it's given me time to play two amazing games.

Been playing Batman Arkham Asylum, first of all. Good lord... True's review really says it all, though I hope I can find more to say because I plan on writing a review of it myself once I'm done working my way through it. It's surprisingly long and there's a lot to do, especially if you get caught up in the Riddler's puzzles and the challenge mode (I am proud to report that I rank number 12 in the world at challenge number 2).

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Some demo discussion
August 22, 2009

I've been playing a couple of demos quite a bit lately.

The first is Batman Arkham Asylum. Holy shit.

Okay, so this demo is about 5 minutes long (15 if you take your time and talk to everyone and explore everything there is to see). It's also extremely linear and shows possibly one of the most boring parts of the game: the tutorial-like opening.

So why have I played it 20 times already?

Part of the reason is that, despite everything I said above about linearity, each time I've played it it's been different. There's this one room with five or six guys that you have free reign to take down, as long as you aren't shot to hell, which means you don't want to be spotted.

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Silent Hill 2
August 19, 2009

Yahtzee's latest review was FINALLY on this game, explaining to audiences why he holds it up so much.

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