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Left 4 Dead thoughts
December 10, 2008

Despite having very little experience with the game, it did leave an impression on me, one I've found hard to put into words. Today, though, I think I finally found those words.

Endless fun? No. A lot of fun? Yes.

There's a lot of things that keep Left 4 Dead from being the number one title that it could be, though I think the two I get most stuck on are the lack of tension and the lack of graphical quality.

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Working man
December 09, 2008

These days I'm actually working quite a bit. I'm a server at the Old Spaghetti factory, I take care of an autistic child, I work part time at a grochery store, I'm editing a documentary, and I'm producing a film.

Not to mention all the video game playing and reviews (of course, my favourite job).


No more whiskey...
December 06, 2008

... ever again.


Feeling behind...
December 04, 2008

You know, I haven't written a review in a couple weeks now, and I'm beginning to feel left behind. Especially with a new review popping up every day.

I'd better hurry up and finish Chrono Trigger and Valkyria Chronicles...


Chrono Trigger came today! (updated)
December 03, 2008

Through his infinite kindness, Jason has allowed me the privelege of reviewing the new Chrono Trigger for the DS!

I have to say, even from the little bit I've played, it's an amazing game. And I say that not only as a fan of the series, but also as a gamer in general.

From a general standpoint we have a game that's full of heart. The characters, while maybe lacking the depth of those from, say, Xenosaga (which didn't get great reviews, anyway), are enthusiastic and easy to sympathize and fall in love with.

The battle system is a strategic mix of tactical placement and fighting with the turn based system, and if set on active, is really invigorating.

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Someone on Twilight played DMC3... someone influential
December 01, 2008

Just check out the similarities between these two characters, Alice from Twilight and Lady from DMC3:

But YEAH, see what I mean? So the movie gets 2/5 stars from me, if only for giving me Lady eye-candy to oggle while some crappy non-plot development was going on in the background.

And actually, the more I compare her to Lady, the more freaked out (and aroused) I get. I mean, she REALLY looks like Lady. Considering that the book describes her as having short punk-rocker hair, I have to ask... did someone on the film (someone influential) play DMC3?


Blade of the Immortal and Poison Elves
December 01, 2008

I read yesterday that Drew Hayes died sometime last year. Drew Hayes was the creator of the innovative comic series Poison Elves, which was instrumental in the "indy" comic movement. Concerning an asshole nigh-immortal elf Lusiphur, the series started out strong, relying mostly on a mixture of Lusiphur's crass "fuck it all" attitude in the face of MUCH adversity and lots of naked she-elfs.

I didn't read much beyond the foundation, and sadly I hear that, though the middle was strong, before he died Drew had hit a sort've writer's block, and hadn't released a decent issue in a few years.

Sadder still is the fact that he was only 37 when he died, of health complications following pneumonia. Specifically a massive heart attack.

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