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About Me:

Sorry, but I haven't yet shared the information about myself that would typically display here. Check back later to see if that changes, or if I instead choose to remain an enigma.

This amount of fandom impresses me
July 05, 2012

For anyone who doesn't get it, watch the opening to Tales of the Abyss:

Max Payne 3
May 18, 2012

I started reviewing it tonight. If I had off tomorrow, I would just push myself to finish, but I've got to run an orientation for students that goes from 8am-4pm, so I'm headed to bed. I want to have this done by Sunday night.

The short version is that I'm giving it an 8/10, with potential for that to be a 9/10 before I'm done. It really is a fantastic game and an incredibly addictive multiplayer experience. My only problem comes from the overabundance of cutscenes (a disturbing trend in modern gaming) which too often breaks the flow of the amazing action.

Zombies Run
May 04, 2012

It's months later, I know, but I'm finally setting the first words to paper in a review of this unique running game. I don't want to spill my opinion too soon, but it's one of the more conflicted opinions I've had about a "game." And yes, those quotes are intentional.

Twisted Metal came today
February 14, 2012

So hopefully I'll get some time to clock some hours and get a review out there before the bounty on it closes.

I can post pictures of asian ladies too
October 30, 2011

I can post pictures of asian ladies too.

John Cracker
October 17, 2011

So all of my reviews say "reviewed by John Cracker" and "Original Score for this review was lost."



World of Warcraft... what is needed to play?
October 07, 2011

I know that some MMORPGS have packs that become useless if you buy them after a certain date (read: Final Fantasy online). Is World of Warcraft the same story or does the World of Warcraft Battlechest (really cheap now on Amazon) give you everything you need?

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