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putting an emulator on my PS3 (help?)
December 23, 2008

Anyone know how to do it? I could probably google it and find out, but I trust you folks more than random people online, so figured I'd ask for directions here first.

Even if you know a good site that tells how to do it.

Shadow Hearts gets a lot of love
December 19, 2008

Am I the only one on HG that thought that game sucked?

The characters were one dimensional outside of the two main heores, the battle system was slow and boring, the monsters were repetitive, there were WAY too many battles, the leveling got old fast, and you could get stuck with a bad ending because you missed a task about mid way through. There were also levels you had to catch on a first run, or you'd miss em. Even the sound and graphics were poor.

The two areas that the game stood out for me was in story, which was suitably dark, though it had little relevance to itself and the characters weren't emotionally engaging, and in atmosphere, which it did nicely, no complaints.

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Brutal Legend
December 17, 2008

The next game by brilliant (and socially maladjusted) game designer Tim Schaffer, creator of Day of the Tentacle and Psychonauts:

I suspect this will be like most of Tim Schafer's games:

Great setting, characters, dialouge, and personality, with some well-intentioned but repetitive or otherwise broken gameplay.

I love the "Heavy Metal" theme, I'm adoring some of the character design, and I'll probably get the game for the hell of it, but for Tim to really impress me this time around, he'll have to do a few things:

a) some semblance of non-linear gameplay. Grim Fandango and Psychonauts were great games, but you really only ever want to play them once. No replay or exploration value due to high linearity.

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What makes a good review?
December 16, 2008

A very large question, I know.

I've been thinking about it a lot, recently.

One thing I've come to conclude is that, in the case of reviews, shorter IS better. The 800 word range seems to be perfect for a video game. I've been looking over my old reviews, and the longer ones definitely lack the energy of the shorter ones.

It seems to be a "no-brainer." A dry review that's short doesn't outlive its welcome, while an entertaining one leaves you wanting more (a concept we seem to have forgotten in America... not sure about other countries).

Thus, I've been trying to write shorter reviews. I managed to cut my Chrono Trigger DS review down from 1200 to 800, and I'm fairly proud of that.


Two new reviews coming
December 15, 2008

Posted the drafts for both Chrono Trigger DS and Everyday Shooter.

Keep an eye out, they should pop up on the site soon.

My Review of HOME
December 13, 2008

How best to describe HOME? Itís not a game, though it has games in it. I guess itís best described as an online 3D interactive forum, where you communicate real time via customizable avatars. People familiar with Second Life will recognize the concept, though at this point in time HOME is neither as grand in scale, nor as buggy in execution, as Second Life, and as of yet hasnít become a receptacle for underage porn.

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Reviews are a-coming
December 12, 2008

I think it's been a month since my last review. Well, this weekend should put an end to that.

Coming up tomorrow will be a review of HOME, the exclusive metaverse being offered for PS3 users.

Saturday shall see the posting of the Chrono Trigger DS review (or at least, its draft... has to make it out of the production forum before it hits site).

And... actually, nope... that's all I got. But still! It's a bit of a recovery, right? I'm STILL playing Valkyria Chronicles, albeit slowly in between other games and work. But hopefully I've have a review ready for that sometime before the new year. One can only hope.

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