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The best of Nudity in Film
March 10, 2009

My next set of articles, starting with Big blue penis

Read and stay tuned for the next piece.


Watchmen (should we be careful what we wish for?)
March 10, 2009

My review:

Unique and mostly forgettable.


Old Sega Ad
March 10, 2009

Are you ready for this?


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Crisis Core
March 07, 2009

I like everything I see so far.

Playing on hard might not have been the greatest idea, as I can't beat the first mission :P

You know, it wouldn't be a problem except for one little thing...


Jesus f-ing Christ, each cutscene vislike five minutes long! That does it. Any game that has unskippable cutscenes gets an automatic 2 point reduction.


Man on Wire
March 06, 2009

My full review here:

Man on Wire

Anyone else seen it?

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Killzone 2 pre(re)view
March 05, 2009

So far, so good. Killzone 2 will definitely find favour with FPS fans, as it has with me. It mixes the best of halo and gears of war with smooth graphics and decent level design.

It could've stood to have thrown in a bit more of Half-Life's immersion, though. I'm extremely excited to try out the multi-player, where such things as immersion won't matter.

Right now we're looking at a solid 9/10 here. The game slips up a bit on the single player campaign thus far, just failing to achieve that "I can't stop playing" line that Half Life hits, and falling more somewhere in the Resistance 1 line of "It's hard to stop playing."


Zipp's gonna get paid to write reviews and articles, and it's all because of HG
March 02, 2009

I just got hired by to write reviews.

Thanks to Honest Gamers for this, because it was my portfolio here that caused them to hire me.


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