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Two Quick Reviews
June 05, 2009

First of all Final Fantasy Advent Children Complete. Alright, I'll be the first to admit that Advent Children was a disappointment. I had all these ideas for what they could've done better... then I found out that we were lacking 45 minutes of film for no good reason. Complete re-inserts this footage and... you know what? The movie is now awesome. You care about the characters, the translation is solid, the plot makes sense, the action is more dramatic, there's more death and blood and that... people who haven't played FF7 still won't care, but now at least fans of FF7 can be happy.

Oh, and it looks awesome on Blu-Ray. AND it has a very long video for FFXIII which is sweet. I can't wait for that game to come out. Better get me an HD TV fast.

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What? Metal Gear?!
June 02, 2009

Translation here

As long as it's better than MGS4, I suppose I can support this.


Torture of multiple kinds
June 02, 2009

I don't know how many of you have been following the torture stories concerning the treatment of Iraqi prisoners at US prisons, but it's certainly put a damper on my mood. I can't really say anything more meaningful than that right now. It's an act that goes beyond the meaning of words. My disgust and my sadness that people would treat others this way is overwhelming.

So instead I'll talk about another form of torture, Sacred 2.

I spent a lot of time writing and revising this review. I hope it works to show how uninspired this game is.

Big day tomorrow
May 29, 2009

Tomorrow I've got two things to post, my review of Sacred 2 and the results of my first ROTW (or do I wait for Sunday to post that?)

Today I got three games for free.

God of War II (PS2)
Tomb Raider Anniversay (PSP)
Mega Man X Redux (PSP)

I also picked up Call of Duty 4 last week FUCKING FINALLY and love it just as much as Half Life 2. I'm also borrowing Uncharted, and I finally ordered Metal Gear Acid 2.

When it rains, it rains gold.


Zipp's first ROTW
May 29, 2009

There will be candy, and jousts, and free hookers. It'll be great.


My Terminator Review gets Bashed!
May 24, 2009

Apparently I'm retarded.


Sacred 2
May 23, 2009

Well, I'm only a couple days in... but... I think I already know everything I'm going to say. It's an exceptionally large game, thought, so I'll probably give it another week or two of play time before reviewing, leaning more towards the 1 week rather than 2, unless something really drastic happens.

Some games give you everything up front. That's definitely Sacred 2. I'm not expecting any surprises.

But then again... who ever is?

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