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Sorry, but I haven't yet shared the information about myself that would typically display here. Check back later to see if that changes, or if I instead choose to remain an enigma.

Beyond human
September 24, 2011

Link to pic


Question about Demon's Soul
September 08, 2011

Is it worth it to pick it up, now that the servers are going offline? Or should an interested player just wait for Dark Souls? Opinionize me.


Deus Ex, collectors
August 23, 2011

Great deal on this, cause I preordered through Amazon. 40 dollars, for the full collector's version. About to play it tonight and then I think at some point during the next month or two it will take me to finish, I'll drop a review.

Yeah, my review-time has gone down (up? It's gotten longer) because I'm incredibly busy these days. I know I've always said that, but now I've added a live-in (and living) girlfriend to the mix, as well as a second job. Also, our film has taken off (even though it's not out yet) and it looks like at some point in the next year I'll be filming in Romania, for a project budgeted at 5 million (and a paycheck over 100k for myself). Not confirmed on all that, yet, but work has begun nonetheless, adding to the ever growing list of responsibilities.

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Totally Worth it
June 26, 2011

Infamous is totally worth some hacks taking all of my personal info. And it was definitely worth the other PSN users losing their info.

Just saying.


My god it's a sin
June 09, 2011

I'm playing Metal Gear Solid 4 for the second time and actually enjoying it. A lot.

The change of heart is due to many reasons. One, I'm playing it for the first time on an HDTV which makes a huge difference in terms of immersion (which is one reason I didn't mention graphics in my original review). It also helps the gameplay, because it's damn near impossible, on an SDTV, to tell what's going on with all the tiny symbols and little HUDS that pop up all over the place.

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If anyone actually enjoyed Brink and plans on playing more...
June 06, 2011

... I have a free access code for the DLC "Psycho Pack." First come, first serve... let me know if you want it and I'll PM you the code.

GT's top 10 anticipated games
June 02, 2011

Video here

I've kind've dropped out of the gaming world lately, going back to playing old favorites in my limited spare time. That said, I'm not surprised that I'm not super excited for many of these titles. A few comments...

- Uncharted 3 looks a lot like Uncharted 2. It sort've seems like the same thing you'd get renting National Treasure 2. You know what to expect; if you like that, you'll enjoy yourself, but there's not much there to keep one excited at this point.

- Tomb Raider actually has me hoping. I know... it's like hoping your cousin will give up cocaine, but there's a faint glimmer there.

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